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October 8, 2012

Steven asks…

What hotel should I stay at in Las Vegas the venetian or other?

I need to go to Las Vegas in December for a conference held at the venetian hotel. My main concern is the price of the hotel. I would like some recommendations on other places to stay close by or if I should just stay at the venetian.

Administrator answers:

Well your conference may get a special rate. So before you worry about it too much, just see what the actually is. Also, rates can be very low in december, as long as its not between xmas and new years.

But if you are interested in other hotels in the area that are cheaper. Look into Ballys, The Flamingo or Harrahs. The Riviera is a little up the road, but its very cheap also.

Joseph asks…

Cheapest way to book a holiday in Las Vegas and New York next May 2013?

Im looking to visit Las Vegas for approx 5 days, then go on to New York for approx 5 days next May 2013. Is it cheaper to book it all separately or does anybody know of any good travel agents who would help me?

Administrator answers:

I would suggest you contact Southwest Airlines who flies to both cities and has a partnership with Vegas Hotel Casinos

Mark asks…

Is there any path to drive to Las Vegas from Miami that does not involve driving on a mountain?

I am driving to Las Vegas and I heard driving on mountains are pretty scary (especially when you are towing a car as I will be doing). Is there a way to go around the mountains? Or if not, is there a mountainous path that is not very steep? Please help.

Administrator answers:

Having driven every single mile of I-10 and I-40 and I-75 and I-55
I can tell you that you are much safer on I-40 then you are running across the rat-lands of 1-10 between San Antonio and Tuscon
I would route it
I-75 N>I-10 W >I-55N >I-40 W to AZ exit 48 -get gas-
US 93 N about 4 miles
AZ SR 68 W into Laughlin NV
US 95N to US93 just west of Boulder City NV
As far as elevation changes go
Your two major ones are
The downhill run from St Charles NM to the Rio Grande River crossing at Albuquerque NM–and then back up the other side
The downhill run off of the Arizona Divide from around mile marker 180 to Ashfork AZ
I’ve done Amarillo to Memphis in a day while driving a 26′ U-haul towing a car on a car carrier
If it works out ;Tucumcari NM is an old Rt 66 that’s worth spending a night in
Safe trip

Nancy asks…

Any good restaurants to have a wedding reception at in Las Vegas?

Im looking for a restaurant that would be good for a wedding reception. I live in Las Vegas, but if possible I would like to stay away from doing it at a hotel/casino. I dont want it to feel like a typical Las Vegas wedding. I would want the restaurant to either have a dance floor, or room to put one in, and enough room for about 60 people. Let me know any ideas or reccomendations you may have. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You sound just like me. I’m having my wedding ceremony and reception at Angel Park in March 2010. During the day it’s a restaurant and at night they are going to have the dj, dance floor and the entire place is mine for the wedding. Go check it out, it’s awesome!!

Robert asks…

What are the cons of living in Las Vegas?

I want to move to Las Vegas when I am older. I would like to know the cons of living there. Would it end up being a great place to live? Also, is it beautiful in the daytime too?

Administrator answers:

Living in Vegas is NOT the same as visiting. It is the desert so no four seasons. COL is high and jobs can be scarce and only minimum wage. You do NOT walk into a job like dealing or bar, etc. People work all shifts so you may never see/talk with a neighbor

But you can always find a store open, a place to eat, or something to do.

Thinking of moving, wait until you are at least 21 and have a good education

Lizzie asks…

Which Las Vegas tattoo parlours would you recommend, and which would you advise against?

I’ll be going to Las Vegas in a couple of days and I’m thinking about getting some tattoos done. Could anyone recommend some quality parlours located around the Boulevard? Idealy a shop that does quality work, but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Administrator answers:

There’s one at the Hard Rock.

Betty asks…

What are some regular seafood restaurants in las Vegas?

I want to go to a regular seafood restaurant in Las Vegas, not a buffet. Where should I go?

Administrator answers:

Check out this website for a list of seafood restaurants in Las Vegas. Http://

Ruth asks…

Can you play xbox 360 in palazzo las vegas?

Do the rooms in palazzo las vegas have an av input? Can you play your xbox 360 there? im staying there for a week so im planning to bring it.

Administrator answers:

Why don’t you go out and enjoy Las Vegas instead of playing xbox?!?!!?

Chris asks…

Is there an outlet store in the Las Vegas area that sells discounted outdoor equipment?

Is there an outlet store in the Las Vegas area that sells discounted outdoor equip? Like tents/hiking boots and other things for people who travel/backpack or are outdoors-ish?

Administrator answers:

Try the one at ProBass

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