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October 16, 2012

Mark asks…

Which is the best Las Vegas hotel and bar that college students hang out at during spring break?

Can you tell me which hotel along the Las Vegas strip is the best place for college students, and has popular bar to socialize and drink? A place that is popular for spring breakers.

Administrator answers:

1) Palms; Moon

2) Hard Rock; Body English

Linda asks…

What happens when your 17 and get caught stealing in las vegas?

I was caught stealing in las vegas at a cvs store $58 worth of products. I got kicked out of that store, and they called metro and issued me a citation with a court date. What will happen to me next?

Administrator answers:

You will go prison.

Michael asks…

If I telecommute from Las Vegas to my Employer in California, do I have to pay CA state income tax?

I will be moving to Las Vegas but will continue to work for my employer in CA remotely, programming. Do I have to continue paying california state income tax?

Administrator answers:

If your moving to las vegas is considered temporary or transitory then you must report your income to ca even if you live in nv.

However, if you permanently move out and have no intention of going back to ca then even if you employer is located in ca you do not report income to ca. This is a common situation. Many people have employers who are out of state.

Just a note. If you employer happens to continue to deduct ca income tax, then file a ca tax return with zero income so you get ALL the withheld funds back. Also, include a note explaining that you are not a resident nor did you ever work in ca while you earned that income.

But if you left to nv at part year, then ca gets to tax your income that you earned while in ca and nv gets to tax ALL your income. But don’t worry too much about that. Nv will give you a credit for tax paid to ca.

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