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October 18, 2012

Susan asks…

What are good ideas for a photo scavenger hunt in Las Vegas?

I am going with 4 other guys and girls to Las Vegas. We are all in our early-mid 20s, and want to compile a list of photo scavenger tasks to accomplish.

The recommendations can be anything from the innocent (take a picture with the Caesar’s bronze statue) to more risque (take a picture with a hooker).

Thanks for the ideas!

Administrator answers:

How fun!

How about a photo of a celebrity?
A photo of an Elvis impersonator.
A couple who just got married.
A drag queen.
Someone who’s too drunk to stand up (shouldn’t be hard).
The famous Las Vegas sign (with you in it).
Someone who just won big at a slot machine (can’t remember…..can you take pictures in the casinos?)
A picture of the biggest alcoholic drink you can find.
Take a picture while riding a fast roller coaster (it has to be taken when you top the hill and start rolling down).

This is all I can think of……HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!

George asks…

Relocating a business to Las Vegas to save on tax?

I have a couuple questions:

1. If Joe has a business grossing $300,000 yearly located in Massachusetts, and that business would have the same gross when relocated anywhere else, then is it wise to relocate the business to Las Vegas, since the state of Nevada has the lowest tax rate in the nation?

2. If so, then when would be the latest time he could relocate and avoid Massachusetts tax? (for example, if he relocates the business by March, then does he pay tax for Massachusetts for 3 months, and Nevada tax for 9 months, or will he be able to avoid Massachusetts tax entirely and only pay Nevada taxes?)

Administrator answers:

Assuming Joe reports his business on a Schedule C, then he would pay a 5.3% tax to Massachusetts on his TAXABLE income, not his GROSS income.

In the year Joe moves, he will file a part year Massachusetts income tax return and report his taxable income up to the date he bacame a Nevada resident. In your example, he would pay tax on 3 months income to Massachusets.

My question to you is, is the tax savings worth giving up your lifestyle and friends to live in Las Vegas?


Mary asks…

I have a question about bartending in Las Vegas ?

I want to bartend at scores of Las Vegas . Ive been there for a few times. Its the biggest strip club in Las Vegas and I just love the way the club looks and feels. I am a male and Ive been bartending for 5 years. I have 2 questions : How much money do the bartenders there make first as a male and then as a female ? And how hard is it to get a job as a male bartender in a strip club like that ?

Administrator answers:

1 if you are a out of state you need
a security clearance
b credit check
2 start as a bar porter
a apprentice training on your own time
3 then get a asst bartender bid
4 then bid on any bar in the casino

Sandra asks…

What was the straightener in the movie what happens in las vegas?

In what happens in las vegas, does anyone know what straightener Cameron Diaz was using in the apartment?

Administrator answers:

The movie is called what happens in vegas

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