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October 22, 2012

Mandy asks…

How long do the cheaper poker tournaments usually last in Las Vegas?

I am visiting Las Vegas in two weeks with some friends and I am wondering how long the cheaper ($30 to $50) poker tournaments last? The answers I’ve seen on here and other places say between 4 to 6 hours. I’m looking for something that will only take a few hours at the most.

Any fun gambling recommendations?

Administrator answers:

They vary a lot. Usually the more the buy in is, the longer they last.

Small tournaments at Bill’s or Excalibur are usually 1-3 hours.

William asks…

How can I prepare to move to Las Vegas?

I am planning to move to Las Vegas to find a job within the next month but am worried about how to settle down with a shared room and a job that can pay rent. What are some companies in Las Vegas that are looking for people now? It doesn’t matter what industry I just need help so I can apply for some jobs. I have 1 year of work experience and have a bachelor of arts in Finance. (no work experience in it though)
thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

Http:// see careers on bottom page.

Temp services!

Http:// (local free paper) (local Las Vegas Newspaper)

Mary asks…

What does it take to be a bartender in a Las Vegas Nightclub ?

My name is Mike. I am in my thirties and I just got layed off from my banking job. I am enrolling in bartending school to become a bartender and then my dream is to move to Las Vegas and become a bartender at a nightclub. Can someone out there tell me what that will take ? How can I accomplish that goal with no experience ?

Administrator answers:

I’m going to tell you this from experience … It’s much harder for a man, who’s just getting into the game, to get a job as a bartender in LV. The clubs & casinos want women, or men who’ve been doing it for a long time.

If you still want to pursue it, you’ll have to start small (and it helps you know someone!) … Go to a local bar like PT’s or something, or start as a barback. You may have to do that a while. But at home, practice skill & drinks any chance you get, so that if you go for the “big job” you have something to prove! You have to step it up, since you don’t have the experience.

Ken asks…

What are some activities to do in Las Vegas and southern Nevada?

I’m a teenage girl but you should post about all activities for all ages, I don’t mind. Links would be great. I’m also not a tourist but I won’t be living on the west coast very long so I want to do things like a tourist visiting Las Vegas for a couple of months, understand? Haha. Also everything doesn’t have to be right in Las Vegas or on the strip.

Administrator answers:

A few things that come to mind is the Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, and Bonnie Springs Ranch. In Vegas there is always shopping, thrill rides, shows and sightseeing. Here is a list of things to do in Vegas and surrounding areas.

Susan asks…

Can you get to Las Vegas from Illinois without going over mountains?

We live in southern illinois and don’t want to drive over mountains.
Is that possible when we want to drive to Las Vegas? We think it is difficult to drive some road in Lake Geneva, Il.

Administrator answers:

Las Vegas is in a large valley completely surrounded by mountains. Not to mention that you have to drive through the Rockies to get to Nevada from Illinois.

Charles asks…

How are things in las vegas these days?

We are thinking about moving to Las Vegas. My Friend is an Elvis impersonator who took pictures with tourists in Las Vegas a few years ago and made quite a bit of money in tips. He is thinking about moving back and doing this again. Are there still lots of tourists there? We heard the tourist industry is hurting because of the economy.

Administrator answers:

The tourist industry is horrible here. The ones who do come want to spend the absolute least amount of money possible. Tips are hard to come by since these type of tourists don’t tip. Those who rely on tips to survive are hurting. Everyone now wants to save a penny and the first thing they do is cut out giving tips and pay the minimum for what they have to pay for.

Chris asks…

I am going to Las Vegas. What events or places should I see? What is a good hotel to stay at?

I am taking a vacation to Las Vegas during the first week of June. I have never been. I am looking for any suggestions on what should I see or visit? Do you have any recommendations as to what hotel we should stay at? I am taking my girlfriend who turns 21 the day we arrive and my 19 year old brother . I am 21 also. We are looking for places to drink and have fun. I am interested in History, my brother likes Animals and girlfriends likes basically anything. So any suggestions or ideas is appreciated. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Well depending on how long you will be in the room don’t spend too much if you are just going to sleep if that’s the case just stay at the sahara it’s cheap in all senses of the word, if you want to stay in a nice hotel I recommend the signature at mgm I love it.
Go and watch penn and teller at the rio or watch bite it’s sexy, the wax museum is a good way to burn some time and then go shopping at neiman marcus, my fave. You have to eat at the buffet in the wynn and have breakfast at hash house a go go it is awesome and you won’t be hungry for like 3 days. The sahara has the nascar cafe with the b3 burrito it’s 6lbs. Good luck on that.
A great place to have dinner is in Gallagher’s in new york new york. Buy the 3day ticket for the monorail you’ll be glad you did

Thomas asks…

What would be the cheapest way to travel to Las Vegas besides driving?

I’m going out for a fun getaway from Albuquerque NM to Las Vegas NV. I always drive when I go but don’t feel like driving there this time, yet I know I can drive there for about $50-$60 bucks. Does anyone know any Amtrak promo codes for this area and month or airline discounts. I’m trying not to spend a lot of money (I’d rather spend it on fun in Vegas). Please no spam.

Administrator answers:

I flew out of Albuquerque to Vegas in August. We bought our tickets well in advance through southwest airlines and it wasn’t bad at all. Definately better than driving (which we had done twice before from Alb!)

Michael asks…

Im moving to las vegas nevada can i get some good planning tips from people?

Im moving to las vegas nevada can i get some good planning tips from people?
this weeks my last day to start a new life in vegas im leaving the 30th april but ill be packing for 2 weeks on top of that i only have 5G’s to do it all on is that enough money. would it be better to get and apartment right away or saty at my friend how should i go about doing this? can i have some planning tips and some ideas how i should start this off.

Administrator answers:

1st) Stay With Family/Close Friend.
2nd) Get A Good High Paying Job.
3rd) Make Sure You Have The Right Sources If You Are Ever In Financial Trouble.
4th) Get An Appartment.
5th) See How It Goes.
6th) (Good:Continue Life) (Bad:Rely On Family/Close Friends)

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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