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November 7, 2012

Donna asks…

What is a good, reasonable Italian restaurant in Las Vegas for a grooms dinner?

I’m getting married and am looking for a reasonable,Italian restaurant in Las Vegas for a group of approximately 35 people. I’d be looking to spend around 40 per person on food.

Administrator answers:

Las Vegas retaurants exist only to bilk their customers out of their hard earned money. Go to the Olive Garden restaurant.

Robert asks…

What hotels in closest to the center of Las Vegas?

We’re planning to go there but my mom wants to stay at a hotel that’s in/near the center of Las Vegas so we wouldn’t have to walk too far to visit places.

Administrator answers:

Treasure Island is the most centrally located hotel, that is both nice and reasonably priced. All the hotels around it are much more expensive. You mom may spring for a “petite suite” that has seperate bathrooms and living room furniture. It’s in the center of all the shopping and all the nicest casinos.
If it is still too much money, the most popular budget hotel/casino is “Imperial Palace” which has very inexpensive unglamarous rooms, but is clean and safe. It is very close to other casinos.
The Excaliber and the Luxor are very inexpensive, but are not as convenient.

Mark asks…

How much would it cost to go to Las Vegas?

I am wanting to go to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday in 2 years, but I am wondering how much I need to save. I know that prices will change in that time, but I just wanted an estimation. I am not looking for the cheapest price, I just was just wondering how much others had spent. I am only intending to be there for a weekend, and I do not gamble much. I intend on staying in a nice hotel on the strip and flying in, probably in December. Any answer would help.

Administrator answers:

Well, this is what I do, I am not necessarily looking for the cheapest price but I fly and I do get package deals. I don’t rent a car there because I don’t think you need one, especially if you stay on the strip. I am a gambler, but you say your not, and I usually bring around 1000. Cash with me. That is not including my airfare and hotel. That is just my spending money. If you like to shop and see shows then I would say at least 500. And if you are looking to be there when you are 21 then I assume you want to drink. That’s not cheap. Oh yeah, don’t open the water bottles in the hotel rooms. It will cost you around 8.00 just for a bottle of water.

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