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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

October 5, 2012

Lisa asks…

Cost of a cab ride from Las vegas Airport to the Stratosphere Hotel? (5 miles)?

I”m trying to plan ahead, Its 5 miles, about how much should that cost? I’ve only ridden in a cab once before.

Administrator answers:

Las Vegas airport to the Stratosphere will cost appoximately $17.10 plus tip.

Sandra asks…

any free shuttle from las vegas airport to hotel excalibur and back ?

where do u board the free shuttle at the airport and will it stop at excalibur.
what about CAT and deuce buses. some $2 or $1.25 fares and whole day pass for $5. is it correct. do we buy it on the bus.

Administrator answers:

You can take the CAT bus for $1.25 from the airport to Excalibur..When you get on ask the driver for a transfer…Take the #109 Maryland Parkway bus I know it stops at Tropicana, I’m not sure if the #108 Paradise bus stops there(you might ask the driver) – transfer at Tropicana to the #201 West bound and get off at the strip(LV Blvd)…You will have to walk across the street to Excalibur…

You will need exact change for the bus…Yes, you can buy 24 hour passes for $5 from the driver…depending on the time of day your plane arrives at McCarran the #109 runs anywhere from every 10 minutes during the day 7AM-7PM -to every 30 minutes in the early AM…The #108 runs every 12 minutes 7AM-7PM – You should not have to wait long for the bus…You catch the bus on the lower level(transportation) …Walk out the lower level doors and look to your right….The bus allows 1 carry on and a briefcase or the like per person…

This is a great site for LV info

John asks…

price of las vegas airport taxi to strip, and is it best to prebook?

Administrator answers:

You dont prebook taxi at the Las Vegas Airport…Taxicabs are available on the east side of baggage claim, outside door exits 1-4. Airport personnel are available on the taxi curb to assist passengers. Taxicabs are also available at the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center.

Check out the taxi rate finder

Drop for initial activation of taximeter $3.30
Each additional 1/13th mile ($2.60 per mile) $.20
Waiting time per hour $30.00
McCarran Airport fee per pick-up $1.80

Lizzie asks…

Las Vegas McCarren Airport – transfering between Terminals?

I am arriving at Las Vegas McCarren Airport on a domestic flight from SFO and must transfer between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 for to catch an international flight.
Are there moving walkways between terminals?
I have alot of luggage.

Administrator answers:

Your baggage should be handled by interline by the first carrier you fly into vegas on. Unless you were specifically asked to claim your bags at baggage claim. This should be shown on your flight itinerary. As far as getting to terminal 2 there is a shuttle outside terminal 1 at derparting flights. If you need driection please ask one of the information booths.

Linda asks…

Is their a Wedding Chapel In Las vegas Airport?

Can you get married while you wait for you plane? any websited will help thanks

Administrator answers:

No. Here is a link to Airport services.

But you can get married in a helicopter over Las Vegas.

Donna asks…

Which airport transportation is the best in Las Vegas?

As you know in Las Vegas you have to have transportation from the airport to the hotel I was wondering which one is best cause I want to make sure that they pick up and arrive on time plus no problems during the drive. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

The fastest and most reliable will be taking a taxi. The cheapest and longest drive will be taking a shuttle. Here is the cost for both.

George asks…

What do you call a person who is from Las Vegas?

I was at the Las Vegas airport recently and I started to wonder what do call a person from Las Vegas? I doubt its a Las Vegan but I want to know.

Administrator answers:

Yep it’s Las Vegan .. And a person from Pittsburgh is called a Pittsburgher which I think is funnier but true.

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