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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

October 9, 2012

Sandra asks…

Transportation from Vegas airport to Treasure Island Hotel?

Which would be the cheapest and easiest way to get a party of 8 from the Las Vegas Airport to the Treasure Island hotel. And also back to the airport.

Administrator answers:

For a group that size the easiest and most reasonable would probably be to take a taxi. >Because of the size of your group you will need 2. Depending on traffic the fare should be around $12-$15 – DON’T let the cabbie take the tunnel, this will add $10 to your fare(they know better)

TA – 1-702-668-4000
this is a good # to write down and take with you, if you feel you have been cheated(long hauled) by the cabbie. Call the TA from the cab before you pay.
$3.20 for the first 1/8 mile, .25c for each 1/8 mile thereafter. There is a $22 per hour “waiting” fee, so if you’re stuck in traffic the meter is still running. There is also a $1.20 fee for leaving McCarran in a taxi.

There are no free shuttles to Treasure Island from McCarran. This is a list of all the free hotel shuttles in LV >Free Shuttles >hotel you’re interested in >LV Map click here, this will give you the times and locations of every shuttle

For Deuce/CAT info

Deuce – $2.00 one way, $5 24hr pass
CAT – $1.25 one way, $2.50 24hr hass

Strip Trolley

The Monorail

If you want to go first class.


A limo to your hotel is actually cheaper than the airport shuttle bus(which wait until they fill their bus to leave the AP then drop off at any number of hotels, if you’re last it can be a long ride)

You can rent a limo by the hour, or grab one the same as you would a taxi($4.50 each, to the strip I believe it was for the 4 of us)

We go to LV 2-3 times a year for 2 weeks or more at a time and have for over 20 years. I added all of the public transportation options in LV because at one time or another each has it’s advantages.

Estimated cost – for 8
Taxi – $25-$30
CAT/Deuce – $16
Limo – $36
Limo – 1hr rental of a super stretch $76(10 person)
Shuttle – $44

If you have a Q, feel free to e-mail me through YA.


Later: “boo hoo” would be correct, neither the Monorail nor the Strip Trolley run to “McCarran” airport – I’m pretty sure their web site has that info.>I explained that I was adding ALL of the public transportation options around LV.

Mary asks…

Las Vegas Airport to Ft Irwin?

What is the best way to travel to Vegas Airport to Ft. Irwin? I was given orders to be at Ft. Irwin but I have my flight 1 day earlier then the required date. I am really confuse on how to get to my duty station.

Administrator answers:

You take a Grey Hound bus to Barstow. At Barstow, you go to the USO office, and they have a bus to take you on that long 52 mile boring ride through the desert with nothing to look at.

I spent my last 2 years at Ft. Irwin as OPFOR. I actually liked being OPFOR… Hope you get use to the heat quick, and good luck

Donna asks…

How much does it cost to fly round trip to las vegas from ontario airport ?

Administrator answers:

It depends on when you want to fly and how early you buy your tickets. Go to to see. Another website to check out is

Robert asks…

Does Las Vegas Airport have an executive lounge you can book?

Administrator answers:


Sharon asks…

best wat to las vegas airport from downtown grayhound?

Administrator answers:

When you exit the Greyhound bus station walk a few steps south to the Bonneville Transfer station which is a main transfer station for the Regional Transit system. You can board the “Westcliffe Airport Express”. For just $2.00 it will take you right to the Zero level of McCarran Airport. Fastest and Cheapest way.

Joseph asks…

How far is the airport in Las Vegas from the actual strip?

Administrator answers:

The airport is actually 3 1/2 miles from the end of thr strip.It costs around $3.00 for a person to take a bus from the airport to a hotel and the taxi cabs take a scenic route which costs around $12.00.Most hotels run a free airport shuttle which is usually free if you are staying at their hotel.

If you are going on a trip to vegas,just one thing to remember.
Sight see at the high class hotels,gamble at the average hotel and casino’s.The Riviera pays the best on slots with Circus circus in second place.You loose your but in the high class casino’s such as The mirage,balleys,luxor,cesars palace,etc….

Good luck

Jenny asks…

What are my choices of transportation when it comes to getting from Las Vegas airport to Caesar’s Palace Hotel

Administrator answers:

Most just grab a cab if they don’t have transfers, even with transfers I never use them, a cab is fast and efficient.


Michael asks…

how much time does it take to check in at las vegas airport?

Administrator answers:

Could be a few minutes and could be several hours.
This is a 24 hour town and they have lots of convention, when a convention ends people will leave immediately and stay till the late hours of the day to have some fun. There is no cookie cutter answer to your question.

When I take flights out of here, I try to go at 11 p.m to avoid any lines and delays. But, when events have forced me to leave between 10am-4pm it can be a long long line to get your ticket and then the TSA screen.

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