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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

October 12, 2012

John asks…

las vegas airport to golden nugget?

hello, i will be flying in to vegas tuesday april 12 at 7.00 pm. what is the best way to get to the golden nugget downtown, it will be the first time me and my wife ever been there before. it is her b-day and we want to get to the hotel, thank you for your help
we will not be renting a car. thank you

Administrator answers:

TAKE a limo! It will run you around 40 bucks but it will be way worth it!

James asks…

Names of some cheap hotels or B&B near Las Vegas Macarren Airport?

I’m going to a seminar near The Tuscany Casino/Hotel (East Flamingo Street) and I’m looking for somewhere really cheap to stay. I’m not looking for quality, just somewhere to sleep!
I’m looking for personal experience, not just a search on the net (I can do that myself!). I know this can be done as i stayed in a real cheap one in downtown a few years ago.

Administrator answers:

NO B&Bs, but lots of extended stays.
Also Motel 6 type places that are affordable. There is no cheap place in this town. Reasonable yes, but that depends on your budget.

Lizzie asks…

Is anyone going to be at the Las Vegas Airport on the morning of May 3rd?

I have a 2-1/2 hour layover and would like to meet you! Details to you if you are intersted in doing brunch with a strange old lady! LOL

Administrator answers:

I won’t be there, but what a great idea you have here. I don’t think you are strange or weird. If I were closer, I’d be there. We should all do this when we have layovers at airports. We could call ourselves the “Airport Layover Club.” Have a safe trip!!

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