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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

October 18, 2012

Sandy asks…

How much is the typical taxi fare between McCarran Int’l Airport (Las Vegas) and the MGM Grand Signature?

one-way, not including tip

Administrator answers:

The distance from McCarran to the Signature is 2.7 miles and the taxi fare will be appox. $13

If you choose to take airport shuttle then it will cost you $6.50

Lisa asks…

How are the road conditions from Las Vegas (I-15) to Zion Canyon, Utah in late November?

For the Thanksgiving, my brother and I are renting a car from Las Vegas airport and driving to Utah and it takes about 3 hours… I have been to Vegas, it’s just that I have never driven in Vegas… It looks like we will cross Arizona on the way to Utah and I have heard that it is just full of desert so I’m guessing it is pretty dry (maybe some snow in Utah)…but just wanted to make sure on this matter.

Thank you

Administrator answers:

Flat and fast until you hit Mesquite NV
Do a slow uphill climb through the truly awesome Virgin Gorge -which is the southern edge of the Colorado Plaleau-spending about 5 minutes in AZ
Into St George where you will lose an hour because of the time zone change and it will be noticably cooler ..and then on into Hurricane, Cloverdale and Zion NP
While the floor of Zion should be snow free,the area up by the Rim may not be
Make sure that you fill up before you leave Utah
Update :
That should read the Virgin River Gorge
The Virgin River itself begins somehere high above Zion , flows through Zion NP and eventually empties into the Colorado River at the Western end of the Grand Canyon

Mary asks…

Las Vegas airport shuttle or taxi?

I arrive in Vegas next Friday at 11pm. I am staying at the Wynn (near the end of the strip). Should I take a cab (~$20) or a shuttle ($7)? Does anyone have experience with these options? What is the best option for the price and the time it takes?

My thing is, I need to get ready and out to the club. Might not get to the club until 1am. The other thing is, I want to save money.

Your advise is very much appricated!!

Administrator answers:

Here is the thing… Is time or money more important to you?

If it is time then take the taxi. I don’t think that the line for taxis at 11pm should be too bad. The cost to the wynn should be about 15-18 dollars. If you are going with other people you can share the cost.

If money is the issue and you are going by yourself then the shuttle is cheaper, but in vegas saving about 12 bucks or so isn’t that much. But you will have to wait for the shuttle or have to wait for it to leave.

I am going to Vegas next friday as well. I getting in around 1pm and planning on taking a taxi with 3 other people.

Steven asks…


Administrator answers:

The distance from McCarran Airport to the Venetian is 4.5 miles and a cab will cost you $16 plus tip.

Paul asks…

How much $ is a 20 mile cab ride from North Las Vegas to McCarran airport?

Administrator answers:

$3.30 to enter the cab and then $2.40 per mile. So a 20 mile cab ride would be aprx. $51.30.

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