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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

October 23, 2012

Steven asks…

Is there a duty free at Vegas Interl Airport if you are flying domestic?

II have a flight from JFK to McCarran Intl Airport Las Vegas, I was wondering if there is a duty free on either of 2 airports – either departure of JFK or arrival at LAS. I know there always is one for international travelers, but I wanted to see if anyone has any info for domestic travelers?

Administrator answers:

Depending on the terminal in JFK, there are duty free shops, in LAS I believe they are only in the one international terminal. As a domestic flier you will not be able to purchase anything in the duty free shops.

Sharon asks…

is it better to stay at 1 hotel or 2, for the 1st time in las vegas?

Staying for 7 days and 6 nights. Recommend a hotel and why, plus any good deals I should know about! Can I pick my rental car up at the Las vegas airport? First time traveler very inexperienced!! Need as much help as possible.

Administrator answers:

I would stay at just one hotel. So much of a hassle checking out by 11AM and can’t check in until 3PM. Really, you won’t be spending too much time in your room. More of just a place to rest for the night … If even that.

I wouldn’t recommend driving in Vegas. Traffic is horrible here. It is either bumper to bumper or it’s like driving in NASCAR. Leave it to the professionals.

Stay on the strip for your first time. So much to see and do there you don’t have to leave it. You can walk it most of the time. Not sure of your budget for hotels but can be very pricey. The best is Wynn and the cheapest is Circus Circus, Sahara or Stratosphere. The last three are at the north end of the strip and the hardest to get to because of their location.

Can’t go wrong with any of the others. Just go online to and find your price range on the strip.

Maria asks…

Is it easy to connect at Las Vegas Airport – Terminal 2?

I have a connecting flight at Mc Carran airport – Terminal 2 with Hawaiian Airlines. I will be arriving from Europe (at Terminal 2 as well) and I never went through this airport. Normally I go through Los Angeles LAX and I find it pretty easy to connect over there but the time frame between flights this time is very limited, so I had to choose to go through LAS. I also tried to find a good map for the airport but with no success. Anybody can help please?

Thanks a lot!! :)

Administrator answers:

This is one of the best airports in America. Easy to manuver and lots of support staff. You should have no trouble.
Did you put the correct name in the browser to check the maps. I’ve seen them several times.
Have fun.

Susan asks…

Is the Airport Economy in Las Vegas my best bet for long term parking?

I would be gone about 12 days and I will be checked out of my hotel when I travel, so parking at the hotels is normally not an option.
(I don’t know anyone here yet)

Administrator answers:

Why not park the car with someone you know and have them drop you off, or take a taxi?

To truly answer this question, the number of days gone is key.

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