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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

November 4, 2012

William asks…

Best route from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport to Las Vegas?

Would like to avoid Hoove Dam if there is a traffic backup there. Will be traveling to Las Vegas on a Sunday and back to Phoenix on a Friday

Administrator answers:

I agree go through Laughlin to Searchlight and straight up, it’s about 20 extra miles but will cut an hour off the drive. Be careful, drive the speed limit, last time through in September we saw 13 highway patrol cars from Laughlin to the Las Vegas turn. (That was one way)

Sandy asks…

Renting a car from the Las Vegas Airport – any suggestions?

Going to Vegas in June and thinking about renting a car. There will be my husband and I and we are taking our daughter, 2 nieces and a nephew. I’d love to take them sightseeing to the hoover dam. Should we rent a car or take a tour bus? Also – any suggestions on what rental company to use. Thanks!
Its expensive to pay per person for tours on a bus, especially when you’re talking 4 kids. We are staying at a very nice place with a pool and play areas for kids, which is how we’ll spend our days. At night I plan on taking the bus with them to see the different shows infront of the casinos. And they all love shopping so that shouldnt be a problem hard to solve.

Administrator answers:

Rent the car and you will be so happy.
Convenience and with kids you can stop at the convenience store for candy and sancks.
Tour bus is a rip off.
Go to the dam and also go to Boulder City. They have a free museum
also the kids will love boulder city at they have so many fast food and mexican restaurants. And walking and cafes and outdoor dining.
The bus from the airport to the care rental is great and fast and back when you go home
you will not be disappointed.

Linda asks…

How should I get from the Las Vegas Airport to downtown on a Saturday afternoon?

I am staying at this Fitz, arriving at McCarran about noon on a Saturday. I’m trying to determine the most comfortable, quick, yet not overly- expensive choice. I have used a limo before to go downtown, but I will be arriving at the airport by myself, so its not nearly as cost-effective.

I have looked all around the internet so there is no need to point out links. I would like direct advice on my situation from people’s first-hand experiences.

So, limo, cab, shuttle, or bus? Oh, and if you suggest a cab, which directions should i give the cabbie to get their quickly?


Administrator answers:

A cab will be the fastest way to the Fitz and a shuttle will be most economical.

A cab fare will be approx $22

A shuttle about $7

Just tell the cab driver to take the shortest route and you don’t expect to pay over $23 for the trip. Once they know you have an idea where you are going, they will not pull the I-215 tunnel trick on you

Maria asks…

Is it a sin to gamble at the Las Vegas airport for an hour? Even if it’s only $20?

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as sin.
Gambling is just plain stupid as the system is designed so that the casino always wins and that the government always gets more taxes.
Call it a stupidity tax.

Donna asks…

Where do pilots stay in Las Vegas?

After they have arrived at Las Vegas Airport, I know some pilots leave and take a shuttle to a hotel somewhere to spend some nights. Which hotel do most pilots usually stay in? Eg. Venetian, Orleans.
I have heard that most stay at Palace Station. Is this true?

Administrator answers:

It depends on the airline they are flying. Different airlines have contracts with different hotels. I agree that most pilots probably do not stay on the Strip as those rooms can be pretty pricey.

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