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November 12, 2012

Paul asks…

Where is the nearest full service chase bank location to the las vegas strip via mccarran airport?

Administrator answers:

The first answerer pointed you to locations that are nowhere near the airport or the Strip. Here is the closest full-service Chase Bank branch to McCarran International Airport and the Strip:

Tropicana branch
2250 E Tropicana Ave, Ste 5
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 895-6600
Open 9AM-6PM Mon-Fri, 9AM-1PM Sat

Laura asks…

How do I go about checking into hotel at the airport in Vegas?

I heard that there is a way to “check in” to a hotel at the airport in Las Vegas.

I’m staying at the Rio. Is airport check in available at this hotel and how do I do it?

Administrator answers:

Unless there has been a recent change, Harrah’s properties all offer airport check in. I’ve used it twice myself (once for Paris in 2007, once for Bally’s in 2005), and the info is even on their web site:

You can enjoy Rio’s renowned service the moment you step off your plane. By utilizing the Caesar’s hotel check-in facility at McCarran International Airport you can check into your room and receive your room key; all before leaving the airport.

Our airport check-in facility is located near Carousel One in the south half of the main baggage claim area, within close proximity of the exits from Terminals C and D.

Transportation to the hotel is available via shuttle. The cost is $9.00 per person one-way and $16.00 per person round-trip. You may charge this to your room upon check-in at the airport.

McCarran International Airport; Terminal 1 (in front of Baggage Carousel #1)

Hours of Operation
10AM – 10PM Daily.

Contact Info

Daniel asks…

what is the average cab fare from the airport to old Las Vegas?

the Freemont area . Is there any good public transportation ?

Administrator answers:

>>Public transportation from McCarran airport to downtown(Fremont Street)<Carry-on luggage only<

Catch the CAT bus from McCarran at "Ground Level Transportation 0" – You will see the sign on your right, in the baggage claim area.
We take the bus everytime we stay downtown**, it takes right around 45 minutes, which in many cases is less time than you would spend standing in line waiting for a cab…

*It's the #109 Maryland Pkwy South bus that runs out to the SSTT(South Strip Transfer Terminal) – There is no need to go out of your way, unless you just want to take the Deuce down the strip for sightseeing purposes..

**We go to LV two or three times a year for two weeks or more at a time and have for well over 20 years. We generally stay either downtown or at one of the locals casinos.

Las Vegas – Taxi Authority – Web site

This chart shows the fare from McCarran to most of the major resorts in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas – Public Transportation

Info on all of the public transportation in Las Vegas – CAT/Deuce, Monorail, Strip Trolley, Free Hotel Shuttles, Limos, etc.

It's probably a long shot, but if you're staying at the El Cortez, they are the only downtown hotel that has a free shuttle to and from McCarran airport….


John asks…

would you tell me a decent hotel near the airport in las vegas?

not fancy, not a dive

Administrator answers:

All of the hotels on the strip are close to the airport. Therefore, you have many to choose from. If you’re looking for a decent, bargain hotel, try either the Imperial Palace, or the Days Inn. The Imperial Palace is centrally located on the strip and has rooms going for only $25.00. I stayed there several years ago and only paid $16.00/night. The Imperial Palace has clean rooms and all the amenities like many other higher-priced hotels on the strip. As for the Days Inn, it was clean and very easy to get into and out of. It’s located on Tropicana Avenue (within walking distance of the strip) and has an outdoor pool and hot tub, hairdryers, small casino, Denny’s restaurant on the property, and refrigerators in some rooms (you have to request one when you book the hotel). They are charging $28.90 plus tax/night for a room.

George asks…

I am looking for a chauufer driven convertible to pick us up from Las Vegas airport to The Luxor?

If poss a mustang. Anyone know of any website I can look at please? I have searche google but can’t find anything but Limos and Hummers.
Thanks for your help Jacob. I didn’t realise the strip was so close to the airport. I wanted something special as it’s our honeymoon but if that close I prob wont bother.

thanks again x
Thanks for all your help everyone. I will look in to all you have said. I didn’t realise the Luxor was only 2 miles from the airport. ha ha

Leanne xx

Administrator answers:

I live here and never saw a Mustang limo.
The hummer that you noted and the Cad and Lincoln Stretch all the time
Just never saw a Mustang.
I would go to the Mustang clubs and do some inquiries as you want this. I know Corvette has a strech limo, saw it on TV and a web page.
So there must be one of what you want in America. Just do not know how close to LV>
Good luck and happy marriage.

Helen asks…

What is the average cab fare from McCarron airport to the Las Vegas strip?

Administrator answers:

As a family of 3 we paid about 12 dollars for a shuttle thinking that it was a bargain but the actual bargain would have have been the taxi which from the Monte Carlo Hotel to the airport was only about 10 dollars. So it would depend how many are in your party and what hotel you are staying in.

Maria asks…

how much is a cab ride from the airport to the rio hotel in las vegas?

or is there a shuttle that runs from airport to the rio?

Administrator answers:

Depends if they tunnel you or not. Some cabbies will take you through a tunnel, which is basically doing a little circle, and your charge will end up around $30-35. If you go through regular way, should be about $20-25.

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