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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

November 17, 2012

Linda asks…

How is baggage claim at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas?

Administrator answers:

I would have to rank it the slowest baggage claim of any airport I have been to. It might be that I fly in evenings, and I am in a hurry to get checked into my hotel and out on the town and not wanting to waste that first night. But, it is very slow. Usually takes half an hour.

It is also large, and you have to pay attention to which carousel your bags are coming. But you got lots of time to do it.

Lizzie asks…

How do you get from the airport to the strip and surrounding hotels?

We are going to LV for the first time. I am sure there are shuttles from the airport to the strip all the time. I just want to make sure that is how it works. We are flying on Allegiant Air, but it just says to LV it does not give a name of the airport, unless of course it is called the Las Vegas Airport. We have not yet decided on a hotel, but we are thinking of staying on the strip so as long as we can get there we should be ok.

Administrator answers:

Contrary to what others have said, most major hotels in Vegas DO NOT have free hotel shuttles to the airport. They will offer 3rd party shuttles for a fee but not free ones like most hotels do in other parts of the country.

I would just take a cab. If you are staying on the strip, the fare will be no more than $15 for most strip hotels ($20 for places like Stratosphere which is far away from the airport.)

One more tip… When taking a cab from the airport, make sure to tell the driver to NOT take the tunnel if you are staying on the strip. This is a “long haul” trick that will add at least $10 to the fare. The only times the tunnel is the correct way is if you are staying off the strip.

Jenny asks…

Is there a federal aviation regulation that doesn’t allow you to work on your plane unless at a certfied site?

The North Las Vegas Airport has given their hanger tenants 30-days notice telling them they are unable to work on their planes on site. Needed to find out if this was a federal regulation or a private regulation.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know of any federal regulation that would prohibit you from working in your hangar, as long as the work you are doing is legal. It sounds to me like the airport authority just got a new insurance policy and are afraid of the liability of someone getting injured while doing their own work on their privately owned airplane.

If I were you, I’d do some more investigating to see what the reason behind this shift in policy is. It could be something you could fight in court.

Good Luck!

Paul asks…

What are the best ways to shuttle from Phoenix (or Las Vegas) to south rim Grand Canyon?

Going on a hike through Grand Canyon in mid-October. Flying into either Phoenix or Las Vegas (or even another airport if a better option occurs) and hoping to find a shuttle method from that city to the south rim of the Canyon. Ideally I have to make it to the rim and be ready to walk by 2-3pm. I can either travel the day before (Friday) or the morning of (Saturday). Whichever option I take, I need to ensure proper rest (hiking the canyon without proper rest is very dangerous).

Any info is greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Give Scenic Airlines [ airline code YR] in Las Vegas a call and tell them that you’re hiking and want “the ride only ” fare You should know that that fare may very well cost you more than your flight into LAS did

Just so you know :
Unless you’re planning on using Indian Gardens as a CS or making a dry camp above the Redwall ,2:00 3:00 PM is a kind of late to start your hike
I mean the Inner Canyon does get dark before the Rims do and gets light after the Rims do
Enjoy the Canyon

Robert asks…

Anyone know any cheap travel sites besides Expedia and Travelocity and Orbitz?

I have a flight booked for Las vegas and a one night stay at Excalibur for a total of $365. But I kind of want to find a late morning flight for my departure to, and my depart from there. It’s hard to find these kind of deals but it’s the times I have to be there. At the airport at 6am and leaving the Las Vegas Airport at midnight? Any suggestions ??

Administrator answers:

Whenever I travel (which is quite often). I check these two sites., because it’s a search engine that checks all the other search engines (like priceline, orbitz,,, all at the same time. And because Kayak for some reason or other does not check southwest. Anyway by comparing the two you should be able to find your best option. In my experience travelling from West coast Alaska/Horizon and South west will give you the best deals to Vegas…from the East Coast I tend to think Delta offers the best deals.

Of course bare in mind that with air travel..sometimes the extra $10-20 is worth it if you fly with your normal airline partner for miles (given 25,000 miles gives you a free standard ticket, 5,000 miles is approx 1/5 of a $300-400 ticket, so worth $60).

Lastly when booking your hotel. It’s always best to book directly through the hotel. For these reasons:
1) you are not locked
2) usually the hotel itself has the best rate
3) if the rate ever drops you can always call in and get it re-rated
and lastly
4) sometimes the hotels offer something called the best rate guarantee…meaning if you find a better rate at a competitor website (like orbitz)..they’ll match and drop that rate another 10-25%. I lucked out with Flamingo last time I went to vegas…saved $100 per room for the weekend…works for me.

Have Fun!


David asks…

Flying to California in a few hours, can someone help me locate some airport maps?

I need a map for the Phoenix, Arizona Sky Harbor airport and the Las Vegas McCarran airport. I’m having a hard time finding these online.

I just don’t wanna get lost in an airport and miss my flight, I was lost in the Georgia airport and I couldn’t find anyone to help me. good thing my flight was late.

thank you for your time.

i am flying US Airways. Preferably detailed maps of the airport, thanks!

Administrator answers:

PHX is relatively easy to find your way around in. All US Air flights are located in A or B concourses. You can take a copy of their in flight magazine which has a map of the airport in the back. It also has a map of LAS.

I’ve flown through both airports and never had an issue finding my way around. There is almost always a gate agent available when you deplane that is able to steer you in the right direction. I have never had a problem finding someone in either airport to help me find my gate.

Both airports are significantly smaller than ATL which is the busiest airport in the US.

James asks…

What to wear reporting to 1st time duty station?

It’s in the United States. Do I wear civilian clothes/ACU/ASU when I first report? I read my orders but did not state. I am stopping by Las Vegas Airport then to Ft. Irwin

Administrator answers:

I’m stationed in Ft. Irwin right now it sucks BAD but wear civvies for the whole first week you won’t even be at your unit you’ll be doing in processing if you wanna know anything else about ft. Irwin just ask me I know almost everything there is about this place

John asks…

What unusual place have you seen a bride in her wedding gown?

I saw her in the sports bar at the Las Vegas airport, she fit right in. She looked great!

Administrator answers:

My cousin would be the bride I saw in every unusual place lol…On our way to the ceremony she stopped at Wal-Mart because she tore her panty hose so she wore her dress in Wal-Mart… Then on our way to the reception we stopped at a bar so she could have a few shots before facing all of her family at the reception lol

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