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November 24, 2012

John asks…

Where can I find Free Coupon Book in Las Vegas?

I was wondering if you guys can tell me where i can get free coupon books in Las Vegas? Are there coupons books at the airport, or certain hotels, I was hoping you can tell me which specific hotel has these coupon books?

Administrator answers:

A few years ago almost every hotel or casino had “free” coupon books.
They are fast going the way of the mob in Vegas.
The old saying that you get what you pay for is really true.
You can buy coupon books on web sites such as these

and others, but expect to pay for good coupons.

Donna asks…

cheapest airline tickets from newyork to las vegas and michigan?

im coming from dubai by emirates airlines to newyork, i want to go by other airline from newyork to las vegas and then to michigan and then back to newyork, please give idea if i book the tickets in NY airport is cheaper or whom shall i contact to get best offer? can i get last minute offer as well? thanks!

Administrator answers:

Checkout southwest airlines :)

Michael asks…

Cheap hotel and flight packages to Paris France?

The closest airport to me is The Las Vegas NV airport. I am looking for packages that include hotel and air-fair. For about 2 weeks.

Administrator answers:

Travelocity is one of the most important online travel agency. It instantly compares air ticket from different airlines and finds the cheapest deals for you.

You may book online flight only or a package flight + hotel.

You may find Travelocity and some other similar sites here:

For instance air ticket on Nov 10 – Returning: Tue, Nov 24, Las-vegas -Paris costs $ 855 . If you include hotel, the total budget would be :
– $2,142 if you stay at the 3 star hotel Au Grand Hotel Francais (place de la Nation)
– or $3,900 at the 4 star hotel Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel
– or $4,756 at the.4 star Le Claridge Champs Elysees hotel.

There are other similar sites, incl. Expedia (may be a bit more expensive) or Opodo (a major European site with prices in British pounds).


Just for your information: if you book flight only with above mentioned sites, you may then book online your hotel in Paris with sites such as Venere which allows you to sort hotels in Paris by price, category and attraction area:

(see at the left hand side of the page to sort hotels)

Most of above-mentioned sites have hotels guess reviews

Nancy asks…

I have a question about getting a taxi job in las vegas ?

How difficult is it to get a tax job or cab job in las vegas?
Will they hire someone with a good driving record but no experience ?
How many hours a day do you work ?
What permits or licenses are needed and how do you obtain them ?
What is the pay like ? (is it salary plus tips)
Will they hire someone out of state ?

Please answer if you really know .I want to move to las vegas from los angeles and would like to get a job as a taxi driver ?

Administrator answers:

At least half the cab drivers in Las Vegas can barely speak English so it can’t be difficult to be hired. When one of your primary job duties is speaking to the customer, and you can’t do that very well but get hired anyway, obviously the standards are not set high for applicants.

The job can be very frustrating and does not pay well either. I think the pay structure is you keep 50% of the fares collected. But have you seen the taxi lines at the airport and at hotels? You might spend an hour just waiting to get to the front of the line of taxis and then in jumps a $7 or $10 short distance fare. The taxi line at the airport is six or eight lanes wide at the beginning. Some taxis get sent away without being allowed to pick up a fare. I don’t know why they do that but I’ve seen it happen. There’s a guy standing in front of the terminal directing taxis to pull into these numbered slots, and once in awhile he’ll wave a cab off and yell “DRIVE AWAY! DRIVE AWAY!”. So that cab driver just spend all that time waiting in line for nothing.

If you work 12 hours a day 6 days a week and learn the traffic patterns, figuring out where to go at certain times to increase your likelihood of picking up big fares and cut down time spent waiting in taxi lines, you should be able to earn a decent living. It has to be very competitive though, there are hundreds of taxis in the Las Vegas strip area at all times.

Sandra asks…

What are the requirements to rent a car in las vegas?

Going to las vegas and I would like to rent a car to go to the grand canyon. 2 drivers both 23. What is the best way to do this and what do i need to take with and how much will it cost

Administrator answers:

To rent a car in Las Vegas, you need to be 21yrs old and have a valid drivers license and a credit card. Most car rental companies are located in one central area called the Rent-A-Car Center. You can get a free shuttle from the airport to the rent-a-car center. Here is more information and a list of car rental companies in Las Vegas with contact numbers

Lizzie asks…

What would a cab ride from the vegas strip to Reflection Bay Golf Course (Lake Las Vegas) cost?

Im going to vegas in a couple of weeks staying at Ballys, and we’re playing golf at Reflection Bay at Lake Las Vegas. Thanks for the help!

Administrator answers:

It will cost about $60 plus tip from Ballys. The taxi cab authority has a chart that lists prices from the airport so you have to add the mileage from Ballys to the Airport and from the airport to Lake Las Vegas.

Steven asks…

Driving from Los angeles to Las Vegas at Night. Challenges during the Christmas and New year?

I will land at John Wayne Airport and plan to drive from orange county to Las Vegas over night . hwo safe / how sensible would it be to drive during the Christmas Week to the New Year. I’ve heard there are long stretches of deserts with no gas stations ? suggest

Administrator answers:

Take the 405 N to 55 E to the 91 E and then 15 N.
Avoid driving this route between 3 pm and 7 pm it will crawl until you get out of the city. The driving time is actually 5 hours with one or two stops at truck stops for refreshments, gas. A good rest stop is at Lenwood road with fast food places, truck stops, its almost halfway there.

Charles asks…

I am going from Las Vegas, connecting in San Fransico and then to Tokyo. Do i have to collect my own baggage?

I am going from Las Vegas, connecting in San Fransico and then to Tokyo. Do I have to get my own luggage at baggage claim and check it in again at the Airport in San Fransico? Im riding on different airlines (Us Airways for Las Vegas to San Fran, United Airlines from San Fran to Tokyo) but it’s all together. I didn’t buy them separately (meaning i didnt get different tickets for each flight).

Administrator answers:

When transfering from domestic to international flight(or in reversed order) mostly you have to collect you baggage and rechecked them again. Especially when you fly with diffrent airlines which doesnt have joint passagers or baggage handling agreement. For example if you are flying with United airlines and Cathay Pacific, unless they have an agreement on handling passenger and baggage, each airline wont check your baggage through automatically, you might need to consult the transfer desk on your transit point where they would re check-in your baggae and issue you new boarding pass. But if you are flying United and Singapore Airlines for example, it would be all checked through untill your final destination, because both airlines are the member of Star Alliance.
In your case tough its all together , there is a possibility that US Airways wont issue the boarding pass for your United leg from SFO to TYO which also means that your baggage would not checked through.

Joseph asks…

How long does it take to fly from quantico virginia to las vegas?

I’m writing a story and I need to know, If someone took a flight from quantico virginia, leaving at about 6 at night to las vegas, how long does it take to fly there, and what time would it be when they landed?

Administrator answers:

There is no commercial flight to Vegas from Quantico. The closest major airport is Ronald Reagan in Washington. Flight time for a non-stopper would be roughly four hours fifteen minutes. Vegas time upon arrival would be about 7:15 pm

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