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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

November 27, 2012

Helen asks…

Best route to take to cover California, Las Vegas, and Grand Canyon and possibily Arizona in a week?

I live in New Jersey and my 21st birthday is right before spring break so I really want to go somewhere. I’ve been wanting to go Cali my whole life and Las Vegas and Grand Canyon are amazing so I would love to take my bf there. Where do you guys recommend that I fly into? I also plan on renting a car at the airport so that I can drive all over.. so where do you guys recommend I finish my trip to fly back to Jersey?

Administrator answers:

Day 1( 9 hr drive) From LAX, go up Hwy1 to see hearst castle( Original film Citizen Kane), take tour 1.and then drive up hwy1 to see big sur( most beautiful coast ), stay SF

Day 2( relax)See SF in one day(

Day 3 (4hr drive)Take Freeway 580, 120 to see yosemite(one of must see 4 national parks), stay there.

Day 4( 6hr drive)Take hwy 41, and 99, 58, 15 to Las Vegas, see vegas night( time sq like)

Day 5( 4 hr drive)Take Hwy 93, 40 and 64, 180 to Grand canyon, stay there one night.

Day 6( 7 hr drive)Take 180, 64, 40 back LAX, stay hollywood,

Day 7( relax)see one film studio( MGM, paramount, universal, warner brother), and take star house tour( 3hr) if you like. Take red eye flight back.

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