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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

November 30, 2012

Steven asks…

How to spend 5 hours in salt lake city airport.?

I’ll travelling via salt lake city airport to Las Vegas, and the connecting time is 5 hours. Pls advice what to do during this transit period.

Administrator answers:

They have a golf course right outside of the airport you could probably play a quick nine.

David asks…

Should I use my Miles an More or my MileagePlus account?

I just made both to. I have zero on both. The thing is, I am wondering wich one should I use? I use Las Vegas‘s airport to fly and mainly fly domestic. Should I use Lufthansa’s program or United’s? I also fly overseas yearly. Is it even smart to use Lufthansa’s program when I mainly fly domestic U.S.? Do I still get the same benefits that United has using Lufthansa. Can I use Lufthansa’s benefits on United?

Administrator answers:


Chris asks…

How much is a round trip ticket from chicago to vegas?

I’m goin to las vegas from chicago ohare airport but I can’t seem to find out how much the round trip ticket will be I’m staying for two weeks..

Administrator answers:

Shouldn’t be more than $400. I got lucky and got a great price from Cincinnati for only $320 round trip in two weeks. So Chicago should be less since it’s a much larger airport and there are certainly direct flights.

And just go to if you want prices…they’re a metasearch engine, which searches many other travel sites for the best price. You can even do nice matrix searches and search for nearby airports for optimum pricing.

Hah – to the person who said $420+…I just did a quick search on Kayak and there are plenty of tickets for under $300.

Mark asks…

What is the best way to get from Toronto to Las Vegas?

I feel like I have always heard people talk about how easy and cheap it was to get from Toronto to Las Vegas, cause why wouldn’t it be? They’re both extremely high traffic. So now that I am ready to go and looking at prices online it seems like it costs an awful lot to fly there and ther travel times are horrid (like leave Vegas at 1am) and there are always long stop overs. Has anyone else done this trip, it is better to drive into the States, say Buffalo and fly from there?

Administrator answers:

Yes, it’s much easier to fly out of Buffalo via Southwest Airlines. Like the guy before me said they have nonstops daily. Also the parking is much cheaper than Pearson. If you don’t want to drive there’s shuttles from Toronto to Buffalo Airport. Most travel websites won’t show Southwest so you’re better off purchasing a ticket from the Southwest Airlines website directly.

Carol asks…

How to book a suite in Las Vegas?

HI there can anybody tell me how its the proper way to book a suite/room (on the net) in Las Vegas in a hotel that can send a limo take me at the airport when I arrive.

Administrator answers:

Actually, most hotels don’t have their biggest and best suites available for online booking. You have to call for their rates and booking. But most all do have some suites available online – you just go to the website, choose the suite you want, and book it.

As for the limo, that is something you have to arrange by calling the hotel. It won’t be free unless you’re a high roller. Some of the resorts contract out limo services to various limo companies. You can also arrange for a limo directly through one of those companies.

Daniel asks…

What is the record high temperature for the runway at McCarran Intl Airport?

Does anyone know the hottest it’s gotten for the flaggers down at McCarran Intl Airport at Las Vegas, NV, or maybe the average temperature it’ll get to be in the summer? It’s just a curiosity, so no rush.
It has got to be way hotter than that on the runway with the planes and the asphalt. It’s gets to be over 120 in town easily during the summer, and I can’t imagine it’d actually be cooler out there. Maybe the temperature you have is the weather station out at the edge of the complex (inside a white box with slats to allow wind).

Thanks for the response, though.

Administrator answers:

Hottest Day… July 19, 2005… 117 Degrees F. High temperatures typically reach the upper 90s to low 100s from late June through mid August.

John asks…

What are some fun activites in Las Vegas that are inexpensive?

March we are vacationing to Las Vegas. What are some fun inexpensive activities to do for adults? We visited last year and went to hoover damn, stratosphere, wax museum, dolphin habitat, and mini grand prix. As well as Circus Circus adventure dome. Thank you! And dining places that you suggest or inexpensive hotels? Thank you much!!!

Administrator answers:

There’s the lion habitat at MGM, flamingo, penquin habitat at Flamingo. Fountains at Bellagio, volcano at Mirage. The flower conservatory at Bellagio along w/ the beautiful crystal flower display in their lobby. Fat Elvis performs free daily at Bill’s Gambling Saloon, he’s very good. From 3 til 7pm. There’s the Carnival Court at Harrahs. Outdoor free bands daily. The have heaters if it’s chilly. At night there’s about a $5 cover. Fremont Street is a must. Nightly light show & free bands. There’s a zip line. Food & drinks & hotels cheaper. Check out the Golden Nugget’s pool. There is a shark tank in the middle, very cool. There is the Boneyard down by Fremont. It is a museum of the old torn down neon signs of past hotels & establishments. It’s outdoor & costs about $15, but worth it. The reasonable hotels on the strip are Luxor, Excalibur, Tropicanca, Riviera, Flamingo, Imperial Palace. I like the Flamingo, & Imperial Palace, located right in the middle of the strip. The all you eat buffet at the Rio is fantastic, an excellant selection of food. Dinner is about $22, but if you go at 3:30pm when they’re switching from lunch to dinner, it’s $16. It’s the Carnival buffet, don’t confuse it w/ the seafood buffet that’s about $32. There is a free shuttle that will take you to Rio from Paris, & Harrahs hotels. The hotels on fremont have great prime rib dinners for about $6. Tony Romas on Fremont has a steak & lobster dinner at late night for about $10. Most all the hotels have food courts w/ inexpensive dinning. Jimmy Buffets in the Flamingo had reasonable food w/ big servings. Flamingo’s buffet is good & reasonable. If you are flying, take a shuttle from the airport to your hotel instead of a cab, much cheaper, about $7 one way.

Robert asks…

what is the cheapest flight from dtw airlines in michigan to las airlines in las vegas?

me and my mom are planing a trip to las vegas from michigan any where from july 23 until july 30th. is there any way we can go round trip for under $300 per person?

Administrator answers:

DTW is not an airline, it is an airport.

Same with LAS.

The cheapest flight is probably at least a month from now. Which flight (or combination of flights) is going to be cheapest depends on when (date and time of day) you want to fly , and of course when you buy.

Susan asks…

I need the address of the Las Vegas based Tesco Fresh & Easy neighborhood markets off of Tropicana avenue?

New C-store Chain opened in Las Vegas. Visiting Vegas on Thursday would love to visit 2-3 locations close to the airport.

Administrator answers:

6115 W. Tropicana Ave.,#100
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 253-9593
It is open from 8 am to 10 pm

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