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December 9, 2012

Charles asks…

Can you suggest nice places to live in Nevada?

My husband and I are seriously considering relocation. We’ve lived in the midwest our entire lives, same place forever. We’re really interested in the desert – NO MORE SNOW! Can you make some suggestions as to what (suburban) areas or towns would be good to check out in Nevada? We love Las Vegas, but we don’t want to live in a high crime area (obviously). We have job opportunities in Las Vegas (near McCarran Airport) but I’m not sure about that neighborhood – any input at all would be wonderful!

Administrator answers:

I lived in las vegas for one year…and i havent been goin to school due to out of state tuition fee..thats why i had to i have just been pretty much, roaming around las vegas. Anywhere near the strip..wouldnt be a nice place to live..unless u have 900k-1.5 pay for a high rise condo. These are the nice places to live in las vegas. In las vegas itself, the only place i could really think of is SUmmerlin, it is its own city, has nice ammentities, has a nice place for shopping (boca park), and has nice local casinos (suncoast, redrock)..its truly suburbia at its finest, master planed communities. And its a lil cooler (weatherwise) on the westside. This is actually located in the northwest of las vegas. The biggest expansion has been the southwest, some places are good some places but it hasnt been fully developed so not a lot of amenitites, as of now.. Now one place to not look at is the east side..never i mean never go out that way. Cheap housing, but a wast of ur time, b/c of the overwhelming crime, and auto .north las vegas, is also expanding and is relatively cheap compared to the rest of the valley. One place to look into is Aliante..the neighborhoods are nice. Another master planed community…there are brand new houses sprouting everywhere..but i would do my homework and drive around that area..because..north las vegas, as a whole has a lot of crime, in certain areas, similar to the east side. Although everything thats new..they have the great mall (similar to the one in the bay area), their currently building, and it will be another great area to live in, as long as its in the vicinities of one place i would absolutely prefer, is the city of henderson, it is truly the getaway from the city, w/o being too far..from the city, specifically you cannot go wrong wit the Green Valley/ seven hills/ saint rose pkwy/eastern neighborhood. Henderson tends to be a lil bit more expensive than the rest of the valley, but it is well worth it, henderson ranks, in the top 100 cities of the u.s. That has the least crime. I really would recommend almost anything in henderson, because it is a really great city, they have the best mall outside the strip, great local casino, and if you were to get, a house by the sunset (technically green valley) area..(95 & sunset) u pretty much have it made, it is one of the biggest shopping centers- literally anything u need (walmart, homedepot, car repair, groceries, target, movie theater, casino, a mall, costco , great dining..etc.) the list goes on, everything is conveniently located within 1 mile, and the crime is u cant beat it…i hoped that helped…but yea..everyone works by the strip and the airport (its the indsutry) , and we all drive 20-25 min long, cuz of the traffic, but its always like that, u kinda get used to it. Vegas is a great place to live,

Sharon asks…

Is There an Airplane that Flies from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon?

I’ve heard there’s a flight that takes you from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. I can’t find any info about it online. Is there such a flight? If so, any details?

Administrator answers:

Absolutely Y-E-S! And there are several variations of it, too. Here are specifics:

1. Grand Canyon Deluxe

This departs Las Vegas daily and reaches the South Rim in just 45 minutes. On the ground, you transfer to a luxury motor coach and go into the actual park for sightseeing. You’ll likely see Mather Point, which is awesome. The guided tour goes on to Grand Canyon Village, where there are a number of great gift shops (check out the one in Bright Angel Lodge, as well as the Hopi House) and restaurants (the one in the Lodge serves gigantic portions…good, too). Then it’s back on the bus to the plane and return to LV. Need to add that the flight over is quite awesome as you follow the Colorado River over, which, and I’m guessing, lets you see at least 50% of the canyon!

Here’s a link to the Grand Canyon Deluxe tour:

2. Grand Canyon Deluxe w/ Helicopter + Bus

This is the same as the tour above except you transfer to a helicopter. I’ve done this trip and it’s worth it. The helicopter races across the Kaibab Plateau at 200 miles per hour until it enters the Dragoon Corridor, which is the widest, deepest part of the canyon. You continue on to the isolated North Rim then turn back for descent to the airport, where you board a bus and do the rim on foot. To my mind, this is the most comprehensive Las Vegas air tour to the South Rim on record.

Here’s a link to the Grand Canyon Deluxe w/ Helicopter tour:

Oh, want to add that the Vistaliner airplane used on the flight is not a small “bi-plane.” It’s a state-of-the-art fixed-wing aircraft that holds up to 17 people (at least that’s how many were on my flight) and flies like a dream.

Hope this helps ~ CB

John asks…

Where can you Park near Bellingham Airport?

I am flying to las vegas from bellingham airport I need a place to park for around a week. Is there any parking lots nearby the airport.

Administrator answers:

This is a pretty small airport, and the last time we flew from there we just parked at the airport parking lot. The cost is $9 per day.

Linda asks…

what websites offer hotel rooms in las vegas at a deep discount?

i,ve heard if you use a discount site for las vegas you can get a better room rate. I heard booking
yourself using a deep discount web site and booking your own flight is cheaper
than using expedia. thank you y/a people.

Administrator answers:

I have always found the best hotel deals to the be the ones that come directly from the hotel itself. To get these go to the official site of any Vegas hotel you may be interested in staying at. Sign-up for their e newsletter and you will get special offers emailed to you. Some hotels send these out more frequently that others.

As far as flights go keep in mind most of those sites like Expedia don’t include Southwest airlines and some other discount airlines because those airlnes don’t pay them any commissions. So make sure to check with their sites. I know nine times out of ten Southwest is the cheapest from my home airport (SDF) to (LAS) and they are the only airline that has direct flights to Vegas from that airport.

Thomas asks…

First time flying tomorrow. What can I expect from the time I get to the airport until I land?

I’m flying from a smaller airport in the middle of Michigan to Las Vegas, with a connection in Chicago.

Administrator answers:

First, you’ll check in with your airline. If you have any luggage, they will take it when you check in. Then, you’ll go to security. Make sure that 3 oz. Or less liquids are in a plastic bag. You’ll put your shoes, your laptop (if you have one) and a jacket (if you wear one) in the tubs. They’ll ask you to go through the metal detector. Sometimes, they will randomly pat you down or use a wand on you. (They do this on a random basis) after you get through security, you’ll go to your gate. They will call your zone (shown on the ticket) to board the plane. Then, they will show you a safety video and you will take off. After you taxi, you’ll end up in Chicago. Then, you will go to the gate to Las Vegas. You’ll go through the same process over until you arrive. After that, you can pick up your luggage at the baggage claim and if you are renting a car can get that too there.
Flying can be pretty overwhelming for the first time. Hope this can help you out!

Chris asks…

How Can I get to Las Vegas from, Rochester, NY?

How can I get to Las Vegas on this Friday? Need to go to the NBA all star game. We had a flight on Wednesday to Las Vegas from Rochester, NY but our flight was cancelled and we want to leave before Saturday. We called the airline and Saturday is the earliest we can leave is. HELLLLLLLLPPPPPPP

Administrator answers:

What airline? You might try go the airport (if planes are departing)
and see you could “stand by” for a flight to Las Vegas,
also you might want to try ether Boson or JFK (or even Islip
they might have flights from those cities,
but you might have to pay for those flights.

Sandy asks…

What can i do in las vegas as a 17 year old girl who cannot gamble?

i am going for a holiday around san francisco, los angeles, the grand canyon etc, i am in las vegas for 2 nights, what can i do, because i cannot drink or gamble?

Administrator answers:

Here are some things to keep you busy:

When you go to Las Vegas these usual things you will want to see for FREE:

1. Number one on my list is to watch the fountains displays in front of the Bellagio hotel. It usually runs every 15 minutes in summers starting at 3:00 PM; runs continuously until about midnight. Each show is different (there are more than 20 different tunes choreographed) so stay and watch at least 2 or 3. ALSO, go inside the Bellagio hotel to its lobby and view the beautiful glass sculptured ceiling AND the seasonal floral arrangements in the Atrium. (… )

2. The “Sirens of TI” show (spectacular) in from of the Treasure Island Hotel; it runs every 90 minutes starting at about 4:30 PM. Simply stand on the sidewalk in front of the TI Hotel. Http://…

3. The volcano erupt in from of the Mirage Hotel; starting at dark until midnight. Again, just stand on the sidewalk in front of the hotel.

4. Go down to Fremont Street and see the light shows. There are usually 3 or 4 different shows, starting after dark (about 8:30PM) and lasting about 5 or 10 minutes each.
( )

5. Go to the RIO hotel to see the Masquerade in the Sky show. It is like Mardi Gras parade, only suspended from the ceiling over the gambling floor. It runs every 60 minutes starting about 3:00 PM; the last show starts at 9:30 PM..


6. Go in Caesars Palace and walk through the Forum shops to the first fountain (its spectacular) then take the first fork to the left to go see the aquarium. Then continue on through the shops to the second fountain and wait for the show to start.

7. Go in the MGM Hotel/Casino and walk through the lion habitat.

If you are a Star Trek Fan, go to the Hilton (off the strip) for “Star Trek The Experience”; it cost about $35.


If you want to see a production show, I recommend the show at Bally’s, “Jubilee” and the show at the MGM, “KA”. I have seen the show at Bellagio, “O” also but I think KA is a better show. I have also seen the Folies Bergiere at the Tropicana but I think Jubilee is better. These will cost about $100 each; that’s the going rate for production shows in Vegas now. I also suggest that you buy tickets online before you go, particularly if you want to see a Circ d Sol show. You can try for discounted show tickets at a booth in Fashion Show Mall and/or in the building with the coke bottle, look for Coke World and the M&M factory. They are same day tickets sold on a first come basis. I have never done this but see people doing it.

People go to Vegas to sightsee as well as gamble. You can see most of the stuff on the Strip by walking, so you don’t need a rental car. There is a free monorail between Excalibur, Luxor, and Mandalay Bay. The one on the opposite side of the street which runs from the MGM to the Hilton you have to pay to ride. There is a free bus between Harrahs Hotel to the RIO Hotel that runs every half hour. There is also a free bus that you can get outside the Bills Gambling Hall Hotel (formerly Barbary Coast Casino) that will take you to the Orleans and some other off strip casinos.

There’s shopping at Fashion show mall right next to Treasure Island Hotel (across from the Wynn Hotel), or you can drive or take a taxi or the bus south of the Strip (just past the airport) to the outlet mall.

There are movie theaters in the Palms (multiplex) which is just off the Strip on Flamingo Road (across from the Rio Hotel) and also another on the Strip across the street from the Monte Carlo hotel, near the MGM hotel.

If you like roller coasters, there are roller coaster rides at the NY, NY hotel/casino, at the Sahara Hotel/Casino, and, for those with a strong heart, three rides at the top of the Stratosphere Tower. The Circus Circus Hotel/casino has arcades and an indoor amusement park. There is a place called Game Works below the Coke World experience that has all type video games. In addition, many hotels have an arcade area.

RED ROCK CANYON: Its about 20 miles west of Las Vegas out Charleston Blvd (you can pick up that street at the north end of the Strip) It’s a scenic drive-through park. Go early, not in the heat of the day; there’s no shade.

HOOVER DAM: Drive about 30 miles southeast of Vegas and go to Hoover Dam; the National Park Service offers tours there (@ $12.) and its interesting stuff. Go on past Hoover dam to Boulder City and then to Lake Meade for a swim and/or to visit the new casino there. Also, there are tour companies that will take you on a cruise of the river below Hoover Dam. Check the Vegas web sites.

Maria asks…

Where can I find info on Limo Service from Airport to Hotel?

I am looking to get a Limo for me and my lady friend from the Airport to Las Vegas. I need any info on Limo service, how soon I can call and reserve one, and when should reserve it. Also any recommendations for any companies would be nice.

Administrator answers:

Definitely use Presidential Limo Las Vegas and reserve as soon as possible.

Mandy asks…

where can i find a bus that will take me from mcallen to las vegas and how much would it cost?

how much would it cost to travel from mcallen, texas to las vegas, nevada? Going and coming back. and where can i buy the ticket. i prefer something really cheap. i dont know if a bus ride would cost less than a plane ticket in this case but please help. 10 points to winner.

Administrator answers:

Allegiant Air is a low price airline that specializes in flying from tiny airports to a couple of resort destinations (principally Las Vegas). They fly into McAllen airport. I can’t imagine that it is worth it to spend more than 24 hours on a bus, when you can get a low cost flight.

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