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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

December 14, 2012

James asks…

What’s the best way to go to Yellowstone from Las Vegas? Also any good place to stay at YS? TIA.?

Hi. We are a group of 6 travelers from Singapore. We are planning to go to LA and from there to stay one night at Las Vegas before heading to Grand Canyon for another night. We are thinking of visiting the famous Yellowstone also but we are not very sure what’s the best way to go. We don’t mind taking a flight from LV if it is not very expensive and we won’t miss the nice scenery if we take land transport. Thank you in advance.

Administrator answers:

You won’t want to drive from LV to Yellowstone. It will take longer than 2 days because of all of the National Parks in Southern Utah to see, like Zion, Bryce, and Cedar Breaks. While Yellowstone is worth the effort to see I’d fly up to SLC or one of the smaller airports closer, then rent a car.

If you drive I would recommend taking Interstate 15 to Idaho Falls, US Hwy 26 to Jackson, and US Hwy 89 up into Yellowstone through Grand Teton National Park

Daniel asks…

What information does one need to pick up someone at the airport?

My uncle is picking me up at the airport. What information will he need. He knows Im going to be there at 12pm and on Wednesday. He also knows im flying in from Las vegas. hm, is there anything else that he will need? Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Tell him your airline and flight number. That way if your flight is delayed, he can figure that out by looking at the displays in the terminal.

Also, if both of you have cell phones, you should also give him your number, just in case (but you should call him when you land).

Donna asks…

What is the best way to get from Vegas to San Bernardino?

Hi Yall,

What is the best / most practical / most efficient way to get from Las Vegas to San Bernardino?

At the moment I have flying from Vegas to Ontario Airport as the best option.

Could you kind folks help me out?
Thanks for the heads up my friend, could you advise me of the approximate driving time?

Administrator answers:

Drive it. It’s a straight shot down I-15. It may be a short flight, but you still need time to clear security (and Vegas has the worst security agents I’ve ever encountered) and then after the flight lands getting out of the airport. Plus you won’t need to rent a car in Ontario if you drive.

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