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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

December 24, 2012

Steven asks…

how do I find the cheapest flight to vegas?

How do I find the cheapest flights to Las Vegas? I’m fine with driving a little way to get to a different airport. Can you compare flights from different airports?

Administrator answers: Be flexible with your travel dates.

Michael asks…

What are some of the best casinos in Las Vegas?

My husband and I want to plan a trip to Las Vegas but we don’t even know where to start? We know we want to gamble a lil bit but theres many casinos and hotels…I’m lost!

Administrator answers:

I go to Vegas twice a month..I live in Los Angeles. You should definitely stay ON the strip, whereas everything is in walking distance that way and taxis can rack up expensive. Which hotel depends on your budget, and what you are doing. Most people aren’t in their rooms for most of the time they are in Vegas, so for that reason, an inexpensive or mid-grade hotel is not a bad idea.

You’ll have old and young people everywhere you go. It’s Vegas. And, even the kid-friendly hotels-like Excalibur have girls in hot shorts and skimpy outfits dancing on motorcycles above slot machines at 4pm in the day. So, it really isn’t as segregated as it once was. In my time going there, I haven’t ran into many kids at all lately. I think the economy has just been to hard for families to take trips like KIDS=NO WORRIES.

To break up the hotels for you
Circus Circus
Wild Wild West
Imperial Palace
Anything OFF or Just Off the strip

Monte Carlo

MGM Grand
Mandalay Bay
Treasure Island

The Wynn

ROOMS—If you are going on a budget, but want a decent and clean place to stay, I would recommend the “Cheap but decent for the price” category and get an upgraded (usually tower) room. They are the newer built add-on buildings to each casino, and they have a good balance, and worth the upgrade.

DEFINITELY recommend
They have a LOT of deals including free stuff with your hotel rooms, and discounts the actual hotels usually don’t have on their webpage. You may even be able to get a flight combo with it.

AIRLINES- is always good for last minute as well, and no luggage fees. Southwest and Allegiant can also be decent. My sister said she got a good flight/hotel package from when she came out a couple weeks ago and got married there. is usually a good search engine for the flights as well.

If you’re flying alone, avoid a taxi. It will cost about $15 with the taxi one way to get to the strip.

It varies with each person. If you like nice food, i recommend FIX and Bellagio. If you are on a budget and scared of the many buffet options out there, Excalibur has a decent and large buffet that let’s you go in and out all day for $29. Avoid Luxor buffet. Same deal, but bad food.

Also a per-taste thing. Ask your Concierge once you get there. Based on the night and describing what you like, they will be able to recommend best.

There are a LOT of shows out there. Never buy a ticket of ANY kind at full price. There are 1/2 price show ticket booths that sell the tickets that didn’t sell out that same day for cheap. And, also a lot of 2 for 1 deals with the random coupon books they have all over.

Aria has the loosest slots right now because they are new. Any of the MGM properties are pretty good. Join the players club when you get out there. It’s free and each hotel has one. They will give you a card you put in the slot machines while you play and they will mail you offers and a lot of times free rooms for next time.

That’s my wrap. Hope it helps. :)

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