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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

December 26, 2012

Donna asks…

Can you reprint boarding passes at the airport?

CAn you reprint boarding passes at the San Francisco Airport and the Las Vegas Airport?
I already checked in online

Administrator answers:

Yes you can. Just go to a kiosk machine or the manual check-in desk.

Sharon asks…

What do they look for at airport security?

I am planning on flying from Denver to Las Vegas. I’m currently on probation and can’t travel to Vegas (I’ve asked already). I am going to use my brothers license. I know his info like social security, DOB, etc. People says we look the same. What are the chances of grtting caught? Will they ask for finger prints, or anything else? I want real answers none of the “you will got caught” BS. Please answer.

Administrator answers:

Lit bit of risky, as they change their security actions very oftenly. So now they might have changed the procedure. As well make sure that the name is similar in every scripts. (id, ticket and so on…)

Thomas asks…

I want to move to las vegas and get a job as a taxi driver ?

i currently live in southern cali and I want to move out to las vegas and get a job as a taxi driver. Can someone give me a step by step action plan on how to achieve that goal. What do I need to do ? I have no connections in that town.

Administrator answers:

Not a good time here for taxi drivers. Not enough visitors to keep them busy. The line at the taxi stand at the airport use to be a one hour wait. Now it is less than 15 minutes with the taxis lining up and waiting instead.

Daniel asks…

Is there any way to go to Las Vegas from Monument Valley.?

I am planning to go traviling to LA,Grand Canyon,Monument Valley-Las Vegas,and then come back to my place NYC.I will meet my parents at LAX airport,who will have a rent-a-car.They will drop me off at Monument valley,and continue to make the road trip.I can not take tha long days off,so I will just join them form LA to Monument Valley.I need to have some way to go to Las Vegas from Monument valley,not having car.

Administrator answers:

Gouldings is good . Scenic airlines out of Vegas flies it once a day. Www.scenic .com. Two things: You will be landing on dirt airstrip and it’s going to be really expensive. Make sure that you tell scenic that you only want the ride not the tour. You will save money
There is another option: US Airways has flights from Farmington NM and Durango CO to LAS and if your parents are going east that may be something worth looking into
It’s 8.5 hrs from LAX to GCN and then around another 4 to monument valley.
The cheapest gas is Kingman and Cameron AZ
have fun.
BTW Scenic is located across on Tropicana across the street from the Motel 6 sign

Helen asks…

What to expect when going through airport security screening?

I’ll be flying to Las Vegas next week from Canada. I haven’t been there in over ten years. I was wondering how the security screening has changed? I heard that they swab your hands?

Administrator answers:

I’ve never heard of the hand swabbing. But it is different from 10 years ago as we all know what happened almost ten years ago in September 2001 and the events that happened after wards (like the guy with explosives in his shoes, the guy with the underwear etc.). Make sure your liquids are in small bottles and in small plastic baggies if your luggage is going to be carry on. If it is going to be checked in there is no liquid requirement. When you go through security, you will have to take off your shoes, belt, anything in your pockets, and jacket off and place it in the bin they provide. You will then put the bin and your luggage on the conveyor belt and walk through the metal detector when they signal that you can. If you beep they will pat you down, if you have on a dress, if you have lots of head hair, etc. Once you get through just grab your things and find your gate. It is different now but it isn’t nothing to worry about, just do as they say and you’ll get through in no time. The full body scanner is random, so you may not have to go through it.

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