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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

January 3, 2013

Mark asks…

Is it legal to abandon your children at the airport?

Hello, I’ve recently booked a one-way flight ticket to Las Vegas to become a classy stripper. I find motherhood to be boring and unfulfilling, so I’m luring my kids by saying we’re all going to Disney World in Orlando. Will I be prosecuted if they find out that I left them at the airport?

Administrator answers:


Sandra asks…

What kind of free passes and coupons are out there for going to Las Vegas bars and clubs? Please!?

Me and my buddy were given a free trip to Las Vegas by his boss. We are both down home country boys from Wisconsin, but we like to get wild and have a lot of fun. We go to Vegas in less than a month and I’m trying to get some passes or awesome nights planned. Any Suggestions?!?!

Administrator answers:

For the bars and clubs generally you get passes only by knowing management or sometimes there is someone nearby during the day in malls handing them out. If you look for the clubs at each casino for their web site, they do some things via social media. Here are some critical reviews of each club:

As a local here, I get some special treatment at clubs, but can offer you some information about other activities visitors don’t always lookup:

Free to do and coupons (you don’t have to live here)
Specials around Las Vegas, many on the strip:;_ylt=Auc2MfXEyoBWHXFOgT0xYxDty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120607135906AAdfUQk

You are here in less than a month means still summer.
Pool party at the Hard Rock is good
You can carry your drinks outside if you own the glass, so you can buy the giant frozen drinks at Fat Tuesday and take it with you. Be aware of the need for water outside. Hot and dry climate, combined with drinking is wicked.
Your area may not have discount designer shops – Outlet mall is a few miles south on Las Vegas Blvd and connects by SDX bus down the strip. There is a Fry’s Electronics at Town Square mall on the way and a good meal cheap at Miller’s Ale House along with a great list of brews they sell.
Photo op is on the overpasses at night looking up and down Las vegas Blvd. You can take the SDX south to the Outlet Mall, a cab up to Town Square, cross the street and take the SDX back north.

There are shuttles and trams:

This is a 24 hour place, so if you are still partying when the clubs are closing(eventually they do), you go to Drai’s after hours for the rest of the night.
Although table games gambling is only slightly different in odds and limits on the strip, for slots get to the Palms. Take the shuttle from Harrah’s to the Rio and walk to the Palms.
Join each slot club free for whatever they offer. A few casinos offer 1st day slot loss refund like The Riviera (there are conditions). Http://
There are about 50 Gentlemen’s Clubs around.
Browse around this site also:

If you have any specific questions, send me an email.
Cab from the airport to strip hotels is $20 to $35. Shuttle is $7 each.
Cabs in Las Vegas are the highest per mile of any major city in the US, but distances typically short.

I like the buffet at The Cosmopolitan called The Wicked Spoon.

Dress here is casual and for the heat, but the clubs are “fashionable” dress to get in, and they let people in on a guys-to-girls ratio often.

Watch your gambling – easy to get sucked into it.
Night club drinks are expensive. There is a liquor store in Miracle Mile shops connected to Planet Hollywood (2 ABC stores), and Fat Tuesday is a bargain.

You have shows, night clubs, big variety of food, shopping, free to do as sights to see and entertainment, even an IMAX at the Palms, gambling – free drinks while you gamble – tip at least a dollar but they are slow coming back
I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the billion dollar casinos and their glitz. Hope your boss picked a nice hotel for you.

Donna asks…

How do I get a airplane ticket for a minor?

17 years old wants to go to Las Vegas, Nevada (start) – Atlanta, Georgia (end), how do I get a ticket for her? Do I have to go in person to the airport to get it for her? Or does she need an adult to come with her throughout the trip?

Administrator answers:

You can buy it online on most websites, at the airport or at a travel agent in your city and at 17, she does not need an adult or an unaccompanied minor program.

Sharon asks…

When you fly to America from England, do you need to fly out of the same airport that you flew into?

We are getting married next year and want to go to America on honeymoon, the only thing is we want to fly into Las Vegas from England and out of Orlando to England. Someone told us you can only fly out of the same airport you flew into, is this the case?
Thanks very much!

Administrator answers:

Of course that’s not true at all. You can enter the US and fly anywhere you want, and then leave to come back to the UK, just as you described.

Have a wonderful honeymoon!

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