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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

January 15, 2013

Steven asks…

LAS airport – How long to clear customs from international flight and re-check onto domestic flight?

Due to fly into Las Vegas McCarran from London, arriving into Terminal 2 at 18:45. I’m looking at options to then fly on a domestic flight at 20:25 and trying to see if this is going to be possible bearing in mind I will need to clear customs, pick up luggage, change terminals and re-check…

Administrator answers:

At LHR please be sure to have your bags tagged through to your final destination. Also try to get boarding passes too on all flights.

When you get off the flight follow the signs for Passport Control. Be sure you have your declaration card that you filled on the plane handy with you inside your passport. Follow the signs to Foreign Visitor if you are a British Resident or American Nationals for American Residence.

After this look at the monitors to see what carousel your left luggage can be claimed at. After this make sure you have all your checked luggage and carry-on luggage and grab a free cart. You will then wait at the line to go through customs go to the lane “Declare” or Nothing to Declare. Remember to put all liquid items in your checked bags before going through Customs to re-check your bags. Declare an item if you are not sure it meets the US regulations.

After this follow the signs to the transfer desk and drop your bags off. Then follow the signs to the terminal you need to go to. You may go up the escalator and go through security and go to your respective gate. Be sure you at least allow 3 hours in between flights for delays at Customs.

John asks…

Which is the best city to fly into to see the skybridge recently constucted at the Grand Canyon?

The bridge is on the west rim, so Las Vegas would possibly be closer but I particularly don’t want to go there. Phoenix is 200 miles south and I can get a room in Williams, AZ using my employee discount.

Administrator answers:

Go to the web site below for directions on how to get there from a number of different cities. The closest large airport is Las Vegas. Driving directions from there are as follows:

Las Vegas, NV Total Miles: 121
South on US-93 toward Phoenix 32 miles
Go over Hoover Dam and continue South on US-93 40 miles
Left turn (North) on to Pierce Ferry Road 28 miles
Right turn (East) on to Diamond Bar Road 21 miles
**Diamond Bar Road will end at the only entrance to Grand Canyon West, which is the Grand Canyon West Airport. Parking is free. ?? Approximate Travel Time: 2hrs 30mins

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