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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

January 25, 2013

Lizzie asks…

I have 90 minutes at Chicago airport for transfer?

is that enough time? We are flying in from Manchester and travelling to Las Vegas. Last year I did a transfer there in 2 hours and it was close. We’ve got to go through immigration and retreive our luggage. Anybody?

Administrator answers:

Did you book as it as a through flight? If you went through a travel agent then they should of checked that there was enough time for the transfer. There is a mimimum time limit for internatinal to domestic flight connections at all airports and to be honest 90 minutes sounds about right. I would check with your agent though as if you booked your ticket to Las Vegas with one airline but have to change planes then your luggage should be checked straight through to Las Vegas. You shouldnt have to retrieve your luggage and re check in at your transfer point.

Good luck and have a great trip

Donna asks…

Camping Equipment Rental for Death Valley?

We’re arriving at Las Vegas airport and renting a car to take us to Death Valley. I know of one place I can rent camping equipment, but it is out of our way (toward Hoover Dam). Does anyone know of another place on the west side of Las Vegas on the way out to Death Valley National Park?

Administrator answers:

Camping equipment can be rented from a variety of places. Sports chalet and REI both have locations in Lost Wages, I mean Las Vegas,
(702) 255-7570 – 8825 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV.
(702) 896-7111 – 2220 Village Walk Dr, #150, Henderson, NV.

If you want an RV El Monte Rv rental has a location there

Richard asks…

Is a school ID enough to pass clearance at the airport?

I am traveling from Atlanta, GA to Las Vegas, NV and was wondering if I need any more Identification. I have planned to take a school Photo ID because I am only 17 years old It also has my name on it and a ticket. I have not traveled in a plane since 2003 and that was when I went to another country. So basically my question is, do I need any more Identification than a school photo ID.

Administrator answers:

If ur not 18 u dont even need ID

Helen asks…

How much is it to fly from California to Las Vegas?

My boyfriend & I are planning to go to Vegas for our 6 year anniversary this June, we live in Costa Mesa California and want to know the cheapest tickets to fly to Vegas.

Also how much money do you think we should save up for staying there a week at a hotel? It’s our first time going away out of state on our own so any information or tips on anything from money to places to have fun are greatly appreciated :)

Administrator answers:

First off, I will not consider a trip from California to Las Vegas going out of state since 1 in 4 people walking on the strip came from California.

The best deal you can get from John Wayne Airport in OC to McCarran Airport in Vegas is $59 each way on Southwest Airlines.

As far as hotels is concerned, if you are planning to stay a week and on a budget, I will suggest staying downtown or off the Vegas strip and budget $50 /weekday and $100 for Friday and Saturday.

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