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January 28, 2013

Mark asks…

How much money would i need to take to Las Vegas?

i am wanting to plan a trip to vegas for my 21st birthday. how much would it cost all together including flight, food, hotel and spending money for 5 days. the flight will be from the uk in February and do i need to get a visitors visa?

Administrator answers:

A lott of my friends ask the same question before they come to Las Vegas. I tell them a grand cash plus a (1). Debit card and (1). Credit card. Break the grand into smaller denominations before you get to Las Vegas so you can buy a starbucks at the airport and pay for a cab to your Casino Hotel. If you booked your room with a credit card you will have charging privileges for room service, restaurants and nightclubs. As a bartender, I am required to see your ID to charge your room and the ID must match the person’s name whose name the room is under. Sometimes problems arise when a group of people are staying together but their names are not included in the reservations so to avoid room charge problems list everyone in the room when checking in the casino. Debit Cards are a back up to cash but should be used sparingly because every time you run a debit card, check card or bank card the original amount is reauthorized and will deny charges even if you have money in the account so bring a credit card in case this happens. Check out to find the best Flight / Hotel combination package. Five days worth of eating in Las Vegas is going to be expensive and could easily total $200 per day depending on total meals, ordering room service w/ 20% autograt, and type of restaurant’s you enjoy. You will need a valid passport w/ picture identification as proof of age to enter a nightclub.

Carol asks…

How do adults remember the ways in the car?

What I mean is that how to adults remember the way to a place by a car.
For example, my parents know the way from California to Las Vegas which amazes me. They don’t even use a gps

Administrator answers:

It’s easy. It just takes a little bit of knowledge and practice which you will never get if you rely on GPS all the time.

You remember the routes that the main freeways in the area take and how to get to them. Combine that with the ability to read signposts and some basic geography and you can get to just about any city within a couple of states without a map or GPS.

Within your home town you use much the same trick, you learn the main roads and how to get to/from them from the places you normally visit. When you need to go somewhere new you can often find your way by simply keeping track of which major roads are in front and behind you. If you do get lost you just keep going in a straight line until you hit a road you know. Over time you start to learn where the smaller roads go from passing them a lot. After several years of driving in an area you find that you can come up with a route that is as good or better than the GPS would take you between just about any two places.

The time that GPS or maps become vital is when you’re trying to find a specific address within a city that you don’t know.

Going by memory, from most of California you want to take the 15 from the LA area to get to Vegas. If you aren’t starting in the LA area you probably want to take the 5 to get there.
From the SF bay area you want to take the 580 east to the 5 (or if you are starting far enough south the 101 south and then the 126? (the one just south of gilroy) east)

That’s good enough to get probably 75% of the population of California to Vegas and required knowledge of 5 roads. It may not always be the very quickest route but it would work.

But once you get to Vegas I would have no idea how to get anywhere other than the big hotels (you can see them far enough away to simply head towards them) or the airport (airports are always well signposted).

Charles asks…

My boyfriend and I would like to get a hotel for our anniversary and I was wondering?

Do you have to be 18 or 21 to book a hotel on the fremont experience in Las Vegas?

Administrator answers:

These Las Vegas Hotels also allows 18 year old’s to check-in.

Venetian Resort Hotel Casino Las Vegas

Excalibur Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Mirage Hotel Las Vegas

JW Marriott Resort Las Vegas

Riviera Hotel Las Vegas

La Quinta Inn & Suites Airport Las Vegas

Ambassador Strip Inn Travelodge Las Vegas

Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas

Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas

New York New York Hotel Las Vegas

Sharon asks…

How much would it cost for a trip of 2 to Las Vegas?

I’m trying to plan a trip to Las Vegas. I would be traveling from Alabama to Las Vegas for about 4 days (3 nights). I’m trying to keep it as cheap as possible. When in Vegas, would only be going for a friend’s party so wouldn’t be shopping, touring, etc.
What is an average cost it would be? Including 2 roundtrip plane tickets (Alabama to Las Vegas), 3 night lodging (at MGM Grand), transportation (taxis), and eating. I know it’ll be a couple thousand so just an estimate would be great! Thank you!

Administrator answers:

You already have an estimate…you said “a couple thousand” as your own guess…and that could be it.

What you need to do for a TRUE estimate…and to help book it…is to say the SPECIFIC days and SPECIFIC airport…since you won’t be driving from Alabama, right!?!??

Then I can help get you a great deal with air/hotel..maybe some discounts on shows, meals, etc…but won’t know till I have those dates.

If you’d truly like help from a local, a hospitality expert and a complete resource for anything Vegas…and for FREE…just click on my profile here (click on the profile picture/avatar) and then click on ‘send email’ and we’ll start a conversation!

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