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January 31, 2013

Richard asks…

Can anyone give advice on a flydrive holiday to the west coast of America in September 2013 from Newcastle UK?

Was wanting to do a fly drive and visit LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas and wondered what cheapest and best way was of doing this. Flights to and from same airport? What route to take? Who to book through?

Administrator answers:

You will probably find that it’s cheaper to get flights from, perhaps, Manchester airport or the many London airports. Just try different airports and see which is the cheapest.

You will have trouble finding a website that currently lists flights for September 2013, so try using September 2012 at the moment so you get an idea of the costs. If you want to do it cheaply, try flying out on a Tuesday/Wednesday or a Sunday.

By “What Route to take?”, I assume you mean once you are in the USA? Right? If that’s the case, it would be easier to fly in one airport and out other. If you were to go to and from the same airport, that would mean one or two day of lots of driving through desert! Also, why not make a stop in Yosemite National Park? It’s almost en route from Los Angeles to San Francisco and will make a nice change from cities!

You can book flights through or to find cheap flights, and to find cheap hotels you can use

Hope this helps!

Charles asks…

How does the shuttle service from the Vegas airport to hotels on the strip work like?

This is my first time traveling to Vegas. I will not be renting a car. Can someone tell me more about the shuttle systems in Vegas and how they work. Also, any additional information with how I can book a shuttle bus?

Administrator answers:

Las Vegas Airport Shuttles and Limousines are located outside on the west side of baggage claim, outside door exits 8-13 at McCarran International Airport. Shuttle prices are per person and one way. Shuttles operate seven days a week.

Whichever shuttle service you use, be sure to ask the driver for a telephone number to call for a pick-up when you have to return to the airport. When you are ready to call for a pick-up, you can often just pick up a hotel house phone and ask them to connect you to the shuttle bus company. Be sure to call at least two hours before the time you want to arrive at the airport. Some shuttle bus companies want you to call 24 hours ahead of time. Ask your driver how far ahead you should call for a pick-up.

Maria asks…

How long is a flight from Seattle Washington to Shreveport Lousiana?

Going to Lousiana for Mardi Gras, I hate flying. So I was just wondering how long a direct flight to Shreveport would be from Sea-Tac airport in Washington.
We might do a connecting flight stopping in Vegas, so how long would it be from Seattle Washington to Las Vegas Nevada? then from Vegas to Shreveport

Administrator answers:

You can use any of the airline sites that you plan to fly with or general travel sites like and as they will give you flight times as well as prices.

James asks…

Best way to go from LA to Las Vegas and how long does the trip take?

What is the best way (ie. best mode of transport) to go from LA to Las Vegas and how long does the trip take? Many thanks

Administrator answers:

It takes 3-4 hours to drive from LA to Las Vegas. The US15 northbound goes through the east side of LA and goes straight to and through Las Vegas. I’ve driven that route dozens of times. You can take a bus or fly as well but both will take longer(ex; arrive at airport 2 hours early, fly for an hour or so and then make your way out of the other airports ends up taking just as long)

Susan asks…

What is the best airport to fly into going to the Grand Canyon National Park?

Would it be Phoenix, Salt Lake City or Las Vegas?

Administrator answers:

Phoenix is the best price wise. Flagstaff is the closest but it might be more expensive. Phoenix is about 4 hrs away. Flagstaff is about 1-1/2 hrs away.

Donald asks…

Can military girlfriends go past the airport security gate?

I live in Las Vegas & my boyfriend is leaving for Utah tmr for 2 weeks. I’m not “military family” I’m just a girlfriend. & I know 2 weeks isn’t long & he’s not going to Iraq but I’d still like to hang out with him before he leaves.

Administrator answers:

No you can’t… Trust me i’ve tried. My bf is in the military also and he left 2 months ago and i tried to get past the gate… It didn’t work.
It will suck to say good bye but 2 weeks will fly by, you’ll see him in no time.

Daniel asks…

Can my laptop be damaged when being checked in at the airport?

my grandparents are claiming that if i take my laptop with me to Las Vegas it is going to get damaged from the x-ray machine when my carry-n is being checked in. is that true or is it ok for me to take it with me?

Administrator answers:

No.. Thats 100% NOT true.

Not to sound rude, but you really cant listen to what anyone over 70 sais about electronics/computers.

Donna asks…

If MEXICANS are already working here in the USA can they travel inside the USA by plane using their passports?

The reason why Im asking is because i have friends who are Mexicans but are here in the US without any papers.We are planning to go on vacation in Hawaii and Las Vegas but they are scared because they might be interrogated or held in the Airport, is it this possible?? Do you have any mexicans friends who travel via PLANE only inside the USA but doesnt get in trouble?? And just use their I.D. or Passports as identifications.
What i mean by PASSPORT is their Mexican Passport issued by their Mexican Embassy here in USA and I.D. is their Mexican I.D. but not CA ID or Drivers License…. Can my Latino friends still travel within the USA only using this identifications??

Administrator answers:

All you need is an ID. You can travel anywhere within the US. Airport personnel are not INS agents and can’t “detain” anyone. The only ID they need is an ID.

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