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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

February 5, 2013

Chris asks…

What kind of food will their be on a Phillipino airline?

I’m going to Las Vegas tomorrow morning for a one week holiday with family and just wanted to know what meals they serve their at a phillipino airline. Is it one of the best foods or the worst food? What kind of drinks are available? Are there any sandwiches or hamburgers on the phillipino airline? I need to know please or can I just bring food with me?

Administrator answers:

For main meals there will most probably be rice, some sort of meat or fish, a side of veggies and a small dessert. I wouldn’t worry about them serving you any “weird” foods.

Best or worst food I cannot say but then all airline food tends to be a little dry and bland.

Drinks available would be just like any other airline. Sandwiches probably. Hamburgers probably not.

Bringing food on an airline is a rule set by the Country and the Airport for security reasons.

The link is to a set of photos of meals served on Philippine Airlines. It might help if you take a look at them. There’s about 95 photos on that site.

Linda asks…

I’m flying for the first time and wandered what it is like ?

I am going to Las Vegas in August and wandered if it is scary ?

Administrator answers:

I work for an airline and my last city was Las Vegas. Nothing to be afraid of when flying. You can expect bumps, but just remember…its just pot holes in the sky. If you are flying from the east, as you fly over the Grand Canyon the air becomes unstable as you approach the valley into Vegas. It may be a lil bumpy…but it’s fine. Flying in the day time allows you to see the Canyon. At night, you can see the strip. Las Vegas airport is easy to navigate. BUT unless you are flying Southwest or America West, the other airlines gates are about a mile away from the main terminal. Allow ample time to check in. Cut offs are now an hour before flight and security can be long. There are always conventions and what not, so plan accordingly. There are tons of taxi cab’s in baggage claim, as you enter baggage they are to your right. Car rental is in center of baggage claim just past the George Wallace Sign. (you’ll see what I mean when you get there)

The Mirage just added a new Cirque du Soleil show, so if you can, check it out. Its set to the theme of the Beatles Yellow Submarine (I worked at Mirage too).

Also be advised of the baggage policy, no more than 2 check-in and must be 50 lb or under each. Two carry on’s and a purse counts as one. They MUST fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you, so leave the house at home and take the bare essentials.

Vegas is about 120 degrees by then, so DRINK LOTS OF WATER. You will dehydrate very fast out there. Also your skin will dry very fast. Take a really good lotion with you and moisturize in the morning and at night. Sunscreen is a must for walking the strip during the day.

The best seafood buffet is at the Rio. ITs off the strip, and on the other side of I-15, but its not far. The Palms has the best poker room (across from the Rio). Make sure to check out Bellagio’s water fountains at night. There is a different show every 15 minutes. There is a new themed park there run by GM and you can take 5 new cars out on the road courses. The roller coaster at the Stratosphere is no longer running. The roller coaster at NYNY is 10x better anyway. Check out some of the off the strip casino’s. The Wynn, the newest strip casino, is the only non-smoking casino.

The Hoover Dam is about an hour drive. There is a straight shot up I-95, or you can take Lake Mead Pkwy and get a more scenic route.

You can expect dinner buffet’s to be about $30+ per person and a long line.

Have fun and Viva Las Vegas! You will enjoy it. Any other questions, feel free to IM me. I can tell you all you want to know about Vegas.

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