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February 6, 2013

Donna asks…

Suggestions on Las Vegas tattoo shops?

I will be in Las Vegas this weekend and I am planning on getting a tattoo. Do you guys have any suggestions on affordable shops with really good artists? I know the ones in all the casinos on the strip are pretty pricey and Ive heard the artists arent too good. Where do all the locals go to get inked in Vegas?

Administrator answers:

Sunset and Eastern. NEar the Green Valley Grocery, which is out of business and under renovation. Same side as the airport.
It is in a strip mall near the nursery that sells planter pots.
People I work with go there often and do the stuff. They are happy and do not complain on prices.
It is across from Wayne Netwton’s house.
But you may be happy with this place.
Only becausse friends like it.

William asks…

Has anyone driven to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas and back in a day?

We are staying in Vegas for 3 nights and were hoping to drive out to the Canyon. I believe you can’t get to the skywalk by car – only via tour bus. Is this correct? Does anyone have any idea how long it would take to drive from Vegas to any other part of the Canyon? We only want to do it within the day.

Administrator answers:

Unlike the posters above, I have actually been to both the Skywalk (Grand Canyon West) and the South Rim of the National Park.

First the Skywalk… Yes, you can drive to Grand Canyon west by car and a lot of people do. It is mostly paved, but there is one 12 mile stretch that is an unpaved gravel road and can be washboardy at times. You can make it in a regular car and certainly do NOT need a 4WD, however I would not recommend something with a really low clearance and either way you will get dusty. The distance from Las Vegas is 121 miles and takes about 2.5 hours. Note however that because of people driving too fast over the washboards of the gravel road and the heavy car wash required afterwards, many Vegas rental companies have a clause the restricts taking the car out of Nevada to prevent people from using them to go the Skywalk.

As for the Skywalk experience… It is important to note that Grand Canyon West is NOT part of Grand Canyon National Park nor is it anywhere near it (the park is 100 mile further upstream). While the canyon is certainly deep and scenic at GC West, it is no where near as deep, wide or colorful and interesting as in the National Park. Seeing the canyon at GC West is NOT the same thing as seeing it at the park. Also, you can not wander or hike at GC West, you must park at the little airport and buy a tour package – the cheapest that includes going on the Skywalk is about $80 per person. The Skywalk itself is not (IMHO) as interesting as it sounds and it is not located over the Colorado River or 4000 feet high as the marketing claims. While some people enjoy GC West, many visitors have gone away disappointed (it has got 2 out of 5 stars from previous visitors on TripAdvisor). I would not worry too much about reservations, they are not getting that many people.

As for visiting the South Rim of the National Park… As others have noted it is about a 4.5 hour drive from Las Vegas along major interstates and highways. The park entrance fee is $25 per car (good for a week). You could certainly make it there and back in a long day of driving and going on your own would give you the flexibility to see what you want and stay as long as you want. However, you may want to consider a bus tour so that you can just sit back and relax and let them do the driving (especially if you were not planning on getting a rental car otherwise).

The North Rim of the National Park is also about 4.5 hours from Las Vegas (and a somewhat more interesting drive), however the North Rim lodge, visitor center and other facilities don’t open until mid-May.

Boomer Gal – my apologies and I stand corrected regarding other people visiting both. :) However, one certainly does not need 4WD to reach the Skywalk (afterall, full-size tour buses travel it daily) and it is a much shorter day trip from Vegas than the South Rim. That being said, I would still recommend the South Rim over the Skywalk and agree that it would be better to spend a night at the canyon (or in Flagstaff/Williams) rather than do it as a day trip.

Carol asks…

How often do airlines add new flights?

There is only one non-stop flight available for Baltimore to Las Vegas during the week I am looking for.

If I do not book it now, and the flight fills up, do airlines typically add new flights? Do you know how often?

Administrator answers:

Very rare. Airlines bid for ‘slots’ as busy airports can only take so many flights per day. So they have to arrange in advance with the aviation authorities to have extra flights. Especially from busy Baltimore where the flight departure times are tight.

What MAY happen more commonly is that if they get a lot of bookings they upgrade the SIZE of the aircraft. So if the plane was a 737 holding 120 passengers they may change it to a 767 holding 220.

Book early and get to the airport early.

Chris asks…

How much time is needed to visit Grand Canyon?

If i would want to fly to las vegas from L.A, and then take a helicopter up to grand canyon, and back, and then fly back to L.A. would i be able to pull it off in one day? How long do you think it would take? Dont need to answer everything though just a little would be much help… THAN YOU SO MUCH MEANS A LOT!

Administrator answers:

Yes, you can do it. Here’s how:

1. Flight into McCarran International (LV’s official airport).
2. Taxi or arrange to be picked up at airport and transfered to nearby heliport
3. Fly to Grand Canyon West (it’s only 120 miles away). You can choose to deplane and do 1) Grand Canyon Skywalk; 2) helicopter to bottom and have lunch; 3) helicopter to bottom, pontoon boat ride, heli back up, rtn. To LV
4. Why not throw in a trip over the Las Vegas Strip? You have time.

That’s a scenario for the West Rim. The South Rim is a bit trickier, but it can be done. Here’s how:

1. Flight into McCarran.
2. Arrange transfer to airport
3. Fly to Grand Canyon South Rim, take brief aerial tour
4. Land for lunch
5. If you want, take a bus into the Park and check out sites.
6. Bus back to airport, board airplane, return to Vegas.

Here’s a review site on Grand Canyon Helicopter Trips that I think you will find useful if you want to pull this off:

Here’s an article on seeing the Strip + Canyon + Hoover Dam in under/around 2 hours:—See-the-Strip,-Grand-Canyon-in-Under-Two-Hours&id=4318187

Good luck, and happy travels!

Donald asks…

Where should I rent a car in Las Vegas?

I’m going to fly to Las Vegas in November with some friends and from there we wanted to rent a car to drive to LA and San Fransisco. From San Fransisco we’ll be flying back home. What’s a good company to rent a car from and what should I watch for?

Administrator answers:

Ummm if you are staying on the strip just take a cab from the airport, then walk the strip, take the monorail or a quick cab to whereeer you want to go!

Sharon asks…

Can me and my niece fly without an adult?

Me and my niece i am 16 and she is 14. I was wondering if it is possible if we can fly with permission from both my parents, and her mom which she lives with and is flying to see her dad? What would we need to fly without our gaurdians. We are departing from Pueblo,Colorado to Ontario, California and we are coming back to Colorado from an Airport in Las Vegas. Do we both need our passports if we are flying within the US? please answer thoroughly thank you. and which airline will allow me and my niece to purchase our tickets without having to have a gaurdian onboard.

Administrator answers:

I’m 16 and I’ve flown last summer alone from New York – Detroit -Fort Lauderdale – Charlotte – New York (Just for the heck of it!) You don’t need your passports or any form of ID if you’re below 18 years old BUT just to be safe, just bring a form of ID or even your passport. I brought my passport when I flew just in-case anything happens but be careful not to lose it! When you pass through security, the agents will (or sometimes not) ask you how old you are, just say you’re age and since you’re under 18, they won’t ask you for anything but your boarding pass.

Any airline will allow you to purchase tickets w/o your guardians on board. Of course, you need a credit card ;)

Have a great flight!

Sandra asks…

Does anyone know if u r allowed to take cigarettes on an airplane?

I live in ohio and I am traveling for the first time to Las Vegas and I am going through Continental Airlines. I looked at the restrictions for this trip but it didn’t mention anything about them, so does that mean they are okay to take?

Administrator answers:

Of course you can but leave your lighter behind.

I always have 2 packs in my purse. I once landed in an airport in South America thinking I could buy cigs at the airport but this particular airport did not sell them. I had to wait 1 hour before I could buy cigs in the city and ever since then I always keep a couple of packs in my purse.

James asks…

Is there a way to feel calm during a plane take off?

I am in California and I will be going to Las Vegas this august with my family, Which I heard will be a very short ride.
I am 13 and I am actually very excited to go but yet nervous.
Is there a way to stay a bit calm during take off? I heard it feels like a very bad stomach feeling and ears popping. I hate those feelings, I heard gum is a way to relieve the pain or drinking water. Is there a way to feel calm during a plane take off?

Administrator answers:

After a while, air travel just becomes very boring.

I don’t look out the window during take-off, I find it makes me feel a bit sick for a few seconds (and I’ve seen it all before so there’s no need to look).

Just before the pilot ramps up on the throttle before takeoff,I just rest my head back into the headrest and close my eyes, the power of the engines tends to push you back into your seat a little and I find it quite comfortable to be in this position for a minute or so until the plane is up in the air.

Ears can pop … Which actually helps equalize the inside/outside pressure in your ear canal. If they DON’T pop it can sometimes be a bit painful in your neck just below your ears (where there is a tiny tube that drains down to your throat … All a bit medical I know but it happens) …. If that happens try yawning or if you can’t do that then swallow or chew something to try and make them pop, which will ease the pressure.

But in the end …. Flying is real easy and generally quite painless. It’s more of an effort getting to the airport and having to take your shoes off to go through security !!! And watch out for the Roulette tables in Vegas … Oh, you’re only 13 …. Then just enjoy all the free displays and entertainment and don’t drink too much red soda !!

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone have a promotional code or a coupon to save on Southwest Airlines?

I am flying Nov 8 and need to come home Nov 9th and I am in desperate need of a deal!!! I am going to meet someone very special for the first time and the only thing that is stopping is the plane ticket. I will be flying from St. Louis to Las Vegas. Thank you for your time and I appreciate any suggestions.

Administrator answers:

If you are willing or able to drive to a different airport, there are cheaper flights out of Kansas City, MO; Louisville, KY; and Indianapolis, IN. They are all about a 4 hour drive from St. Louis (250 miles) and would cost you about $30 to get there and $30 to get back in gas. So be sure to add $60 onto the total of the airline ticket to account for gas.

Kansas City has flights to Vegas for $398 round trip (not good)
Nov 8-10 $231 Nov 8-11= $231

Louisville has flights to Vegas for $524.50 (Ugh!)
Nov 8-10= $389.50 Nov 8-11= $318.50

ndianapolis has flights to Vegas for $269.50 (Yay!)
Nov 8-10= $249.50 Nov 8-11= $249.50
This is where we fly out of sometimes because it is cheaper.

Your main problem with the prices is that Sunday Nov.9, the flights go way up. If you were able to return on Monday or especially Tuesday, you would get a much better deal. I hope this helps and Good Luck!

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