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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

February 10, 2013

Jenny asks…

Can I change the destination of my ticket three weeks before flight?

So I was invited to spend Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with my boyfriend, and his parents offered to simply fliy me out there instead of flying me home to Denver. However I already have tickets purchased for my flight to Denver. If I’m flying out the same day through the same airport, how much would it cost to change the actual destination of my flight?
I am flying with United, and it was booked with Expedia.

Administrator answers:

From United (this surprised me):

Customers who have not begun travel (wholly unused tickets):

* May make one change to their travel plans without change fees or advance purchase requirement for the *same* itinerary. Changes must be made within 7 days of waiver travel dates. Booking class restrictions may apply.
* For a *new* itinerary, one change may be made anytime within ticket validity without change fees.
* All rescheduled travel (same or new itinerary) may be subject to higher fares if it does not meet original rule and booking code restrictions.

Susan asks…

what is there really to do at las vegas?

my sister,mom and I are going to las vegas and what are some good places to go. i remember that one part from Knocked Up where they watch that on stage carnival. but like what else is ther beside casinos.

Administrator answers:

Blue Man Group is really interesting if you can get in. Look around the MGM as they have some really entertaining shows there too.

You could take a tour into Death Valley which is fabulous. Helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon. Take a trip over to Lake Meade and Hoover Dam. Scotty’s Castle is a couple hours a way and its pretty amazing.

It all depends on what you want to do with your time. Vegas is the land of “fresh meat” tourism. From the moment you land at Macarrran Airport to the time you depart you are bombarded by ads for every kind of tour, show and form of entertainment.

Laura asks…

Where can i get a rental car if im only 21?

Where in los angeles CA, can i find a rental car so i can drive to Las vegas?

Administrator answers:

~~ If your 21 any of the rental agencies will supply you with one.
Have photo ID and you should have no trouble, it will just cost a little more.

~~ Hertz, at Los Angeles International Airport:
On most rentals the minimum age is 25 without an additional Age Differential Charge, and 21 with an additional Age Differential Charge.


~~ Budget at LAX:
In most U.S. States, rather than requiring customers to be 25 to rent, Budget corporate-owned locations rent to customers between the ages of 21-24 with the following provisions:
Renters 21-24 must present a valid, acceptable credit card and a valid driver’s license (subject to screening of your driving record).
At time of rental, an additional $25-per-day underage surcharge for these drivers will be applied.
Drivers between the ages of 21-24 will not be permitted to rent luxury cars, mini vans, 12-passenger vans, specialty vehicles, full-size SUVs or premium SUVs.
If a renter wishes to add an additional driver to the rental policy, the second driver must be 25 or older, and present a credit or debit card.


~~ You will find this is the case with most of the car rental gencies.

Betty asks…

What am I looking for in a lens for airplane photography?

I am looking for a good DSLR and Lens to start off my aviation photography hobby. I will be spotting at Imperial Hill at LAX mostly and some near airports like Las Vegas and San Franscisco, etc. I was looking at a 70-300mm lens but wondering if I need image stabilization. The Nikon, Canon? Which one I am looking at just does. Budget is around 800-900 dollars. I also wouldnt mind getting a kit with the 18-55mm lens. Ebay has Great deals but Which camera?
Nikon D40 with 18-55mm, D50, D70s
Canon XT Kit, XTi

Administrator answers:

The Canon XTi is slightly better than the Nikon D40 because it has more features. I personally don’t think the body is that important. I’d rather get a cheap body and a good lens. I’ve seen some awesome photos taken by the original Canon Digital Rebel (300D). I think the lens with the combination of good composition (framing) is more important than a camera body.

If you have the budget to get a 70-300mm with IS, that would be awesome. It won’t help if you can find a lens with IS because you can always use it for other things, such as candid people shots. IS will also help on overcast days if you need to use slower shutter speeds or for those 300mm long shots.

You can check out for real world samples. You can lookup by lenses and bodies to see samples.

Steven asks…

What site can I use to see what temperatures were for a certain area last year on a certain date-not the avg.?

I don´t want the average, but want to know the actual temperature for Chicago and Las Vegas last May 18,2007.

Administrator answers:

Temperature in Chicago on May 18, 2007:
High- 70 °F / 21 °C
Low- 43 °F / 6 °C

Temperature in Las Vegas on May 18, 2007:
High- 98 °F / 36 °C
Low- 72 °F / 22 °C

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