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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

February 13, 2013

Steven asks…

I was wondering if anyone loves to watch airplanes land and take off?

Anytime I have free time…I find myself going to the airport here in Las Vegas and watching the planes. I am obsessed! We have a parking area here and a plane takes off every few minutes…and another one lands. Its awesome and I was wondering if I am alone in my hobby? I tell people I love to watch airplanes and they look at me like I have two heads. Thoughts?

Administrator answers:

Hey! You are DEFINITELY not alone in this hobby. Every weekend, I go to LAX and watch planes depart and arrive for HOURS. This is known as plane spotting. Many people like to write down the tail number of the plane as they fly overhead. I understand your fascination of aviation. I’m also very obsessed with it! There’s nothing more I want to do when I grow up than becoming a pilot. I don’t care how long it takes or how much I get paid. Aviation is all I think about 24/7. I can understand about the weird looks from people. I get it all the time too!!! But they’re missing out on all the fun! So let them think what they want. Have fun and happy spotting! =)

Joseph asks…

What percentage of Hawaii’s local population travels to Las Vegas at least once a year?

The percentage of Hawaii that travels to Las Vegas twice a year?
Three or more times per year?

Administrator answers:


I don’t know of any organization that collects that specific data, so I can’t get you an exact percentage. Travel bureaus, visitors bureaus, and airports can more easily and reliably track the number of visitors from a specific destination than they can track the frequency of visits to a specific destination by visitors from a specific place, primarily because the latter data relies on self-reporting rather than objective information (i.e., flight reservations) and is therefore less simple to track.

Anyway, here’s the information I was able to find about Hawaii-Vegas travel:

Nearly 229,000 passengers made a one-way trip from Honolulu to Las Vegas, with Las Vegas as their final stop, in 2003. Hawaii’s total population in 2003 was 1.2 million, so that’s a pretty substantial percentage of people that go to Vegas from Hawaii. Las Vegas is the 12th most popular travel destination for people from Hawaii.

I suspect that the percentage of frequent visitors is pretty high, from personal experience (lived in Hawaii 17 years and many of my friends and coworkers visited Vegas more than twice a year).

Maria asks…

Can you watch TV in southern Las Vegas with only an antenna?

I am moving there soon and I know that in some places, you can’t get any reception with only an antenna – you can’t even watch the broadcast channels. I hate having to subscribe to a cable TV service just to watch broadcast channels. So can you get TV reception with only an antenna in southern Las Vegas (southwest of the airport)?

Administrator answers:

Rooftop antenna is best. However, you can get basic cable to get just the broadcast channels from Cox for just under $10 a month. You get a few very basic cable channels thrown in there too. Not too much to pay unless you are on a very tight budget.

Robert asks…

To visit the Grand Canyon, what airport is best to fly into?

What’s the best way to get to the Grand Canyon? We were hoping for it to be Las Vegas but want to know if there is a better option.

Administrator answers:

Your cheapest is going to be Las Vegas. Then Phoenix, AZ. I do Vegas because I consider it a “two-for-one.” Plus, the bus and helicopter tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon are much cheaper than elsewhere due to demand. If you end up going through Vegas and doing a tour, here’s a couple of tour review sites you might consider bookmarking:

Bus Tours

Helicopter Tours

Here’s to a great trip!

Richard asks…

How much money should I take to Las Vegas for 6 days?

I am going to Vegas for the first time with my boyfriend. We are going with another couple who have gone before and plan on shopping, dining at a few nicer places and drinking alot. We are not really gamblers, and the hotel/air is paid for already. I am thinking about $2000 total?? Is this unrealistic or can we get by and still have a good-no Great-time???

Administrator answers:

If you’re not going to gamble, $2,000 will do just fine. Avoid some of the trendy night clubs though, you could spend that just getting in the door.
While the bargains are not all over the place in Las Vegas like they used to be, you can dine quite inexpensively in some good coffee shops and buffets with a little looking around. There will be a couple magazines in your hotel room with coupons, and you might be able to pick some coupons up at the airport too. Two-for-one dining coupons are pretty easy to score. Just don’t buy Las Vegas coupons on E-Bay, the ones being sold are the same ones you can get for free. The sellers just pick up a bunch of extras, and sell them to suckers on E-Bay.
Dining in a few nicer places is not out of the question on your budget. My favorite fine restaurant is Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens. It’s an undiscovered jewel, and quite reasonable for what you get (about $50 each without drinks.) All the ladies get a rose, salads are mixed at your table to your liking, and there is a wine somalier. Dinner ends with a plate of chocolate covered fruit and whipped cream. The service and food are outstanding.
Drinks are free for those that are playing, or at least look like they’re playing (hint hint). Put a few quarters in a machine, play slow, and even if you lose, you’ll probably spend less than going to the bar. The drinks may be free, but the service is not. Be sure to tip the waitress at least $1 a drink.
With Las Vegas going yupscale, you could blow the entire $2,000 in a few minutes (no exaggeration), or you could easily have a great time for a week. Look for coupons, check out prices, and you’ll do all right.
Check out The reviews are right on the mark, and you’ll find out where the bargains are.

Sandra asks…

How much time do I need to change flights?

The Southwest Airlines flight I’m considering taking, would arrive at Las Vegas McCarran airport at 2:55 PM, and then I’ll get on another plane and depart 3:45 PM. Is 50 minutes enough time to switch? I’ve never flown before, and the airport seems huge… thanks in advance…

Administrator answers:

Yes. Unless one flight is late. I’d try to get an earlier flight and leave a little more safety room.

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