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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

February 16, 2013

Robert asks…

Bus transportation from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West?

I’m looking to use the free tour at the West Rim on the Las Vegas Power Pass. I can’t seem to find any basic transportation to and from Las Vegas without paying for a full tour as well. I don’t have a vehicle (tourist), know of any local bus runs, etc. I can use?

Administrator answers:

Unlike the South and North Rim, Grand Canyon West is not part of the Grand Canyon National Park. It is located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation at the western Grand Canyon corridor about 120 miles east of Las Vegas

From Las Vegas. About 120 miles. Take US 93 Southeast across Hoover Dam. Continue to Pierce Ferry Rd, between mile markers 41 & 42, and turn left. Take Pierce Ferry Rd 29 miles to Diamond Bar Road. Turn right (east) on Diamond Bar which will end at the Grand Canyon West Airport where you can take the Park & Ride Shuttle to the West Rim and the SkyWalk.

Mary asks…

Likelyhood of Hiring a Mustang in Las Vegas?

I am travelling to Las Vegas in May and I’m planning on hiring a car to take to the Grand Canyon to sight-see. I am 23 Years old and I’ve had my license for 5 years. What is the likelyhood of me being able to rent a Ford Mustang? I’d like to travel in style to the canyon and not in a standard coupe!


Administrator answers:

Most of the major rental companies want you to be at least 25. However, in Vegas, there are a great many small auto rental companies off property and not far from the airport. I would contact a travel agent in the area and let them do the research for you.

James asks…

Can a Mexican National in the US on a work visa fly within the continental US (round trip) on days off?

He would like to go to Las Vegas, but does not want a problem at the airport.

Administrator answers:

Why would he have problems if he is legal ….

What visa does he have

Steven asks…

how early should i show up at the airport for my flight?

im leaving from los angeles to las vegas and want to know some tips on flying.

Administrator answers:

Your best bet would be to get there about an hour before your departure. That way you can figure out exactly where your gate is and you will have time to sure your flight is on time or if it is delayed.

Paul asks…

Can I bring a lighter on a commercial airplane?


I’m talking about one of those disposable Bic lighters you can get for like $0.50 at the gas station.
I’m a smoker, and yes, I know you can’t smoke on planes, I just want to smoke a couple of cigarettes outside the airport before I begin my journey from Las Vegas to Chicago.

In November at the Hudson News stand they sold lighters in the terminals, so why wouldn’t I be able to bring one of my own, right?


Administrator answers:

Yes, you can. The TSA web page <> says that one lighter can be take on board – either the disposable type, or the Zippo type.

See this:

Just leave it in your carry on bag. There is no need to do anything special with it. Do <> put it into a bag you will check in at the ticket counter. Lighters are strictly prohibited in checked luggage unless they are packed in a special DOT approved case for lighters.

Questions about lighters and shaving razors usually get a bunch of totally wrong answers. Go and read the TSA link above for the rules on lighters.

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