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February 22, 2013

Joseph asks…

Best restaurant for 30th birthday dinner in Las Vegas?

I will be going to Vegas for the first time for my 30th birthday and am planning a dinner. Does anyone have any good recommendations for restaurants that aren’t super expensive with nice atmospheres and great food? It will a group of 5 women looking to eat good, then party the night away!

Administrator answers:

Wow … I have to strongly disagree with most all answers on this list. You asked for “good recommendations” that “aren’t super expensive” with “nice atmospheres.” All of these answers fail on 1-3 of those.

Fremont Street area: There is nothing “Good” here. It’s a cheap area. If you’re down for cheap, cheap is what you’ll get. Fun area, but not to eat.

The Strip: Some good, some great, but everything is famously OVERPRICED. There are several really good restaurants at the Cospo for example, but what do you expect … A good deal for good food on the strip? Nope.

Here’s a few ideas with emphasis on GREAT FOOD:
PANEVINO RESTAURANT – by the airport. Not cheap, but not overpriced. Great atmosphere, great food. Look it up, you’ll see great reviews.
LOTUS OF SIAM – people find it hard to believe, but it’s true that this place in las vegas is some of the best thai food outside of thailand. Not the greatest looking place, but very memorable food, and inexpensive. Look it up, you’ll see most everyone saying the same thing. It’s just off the strip on Sahara.
RAKU – a Japanese place a couple miles off the strip. Look it up, you’ll see amazing reviews. It’s not exactly the coolest looking place, but you’ll get that when you go party!

Slightly more expensive, emphasis on nice atmosphere + great good:
SCARPETTA – italian place in the cosmopolitan hotel. Excellent place in the currently-best-looking hotel/casino in vegas.
MON AMI GABI – french steakhouse in the Paris casino.
FIAMMA TRATTORIA – another italian place, this one at the mgm. I’d still go with scarpetta though.

You should also treat yourself to breakfast for your birthday. There’s an outstanding bakery/cafe in Vegas called Bouchon located in the Venetian.


Lotus of Siam:


Chris asks…

Holiday to the US, How much to budget, recommendations where to go? tips?

I’m planning on going on a holiday to the US. I’m planning on going Mid 2014 but like to get organized early. I will be 21 by this time. Just after a few recommendations of places to go. I’m thinking New York, Miami, LA and Las Vegas. What would be a good amount of money to take to have a good time but not go overboard. I will be going to the travel agent and see if he can put a package together for me. Any tips or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
I was thinking of staying 4 days roughly at each. Would this be long enough to have a good look around or would it be to long and get bored?

Administrator answers:

If you got o New York, you really do not need to go to Miami. The only real difference is the beach. I’ve lived in both places and would highly recommend New York over Miami.

There is far more for you to see and do in LA. I would count on spending a week there alone. Take the boat to Catalina, check out Disney, take a movie studio tour, take a haunted Hollywood tour, take in a game show. I recommend the Price is Right so you have a chance to win something. How cool would that be? Take the Amtrak through the wine country and go to the Santa Monica pier.

Vegas is an expensive place to play. Last time I was there I went through 5700.00 in 4 days. However if you have the capability to push yourself away from the craps tables there is a bunch of great stuff you can do there. They have roller coasters at every turn. The best one sits at the Nevada – California state line about 30 minutes south of Vegas. There are a lot of shows to see, you can take in a concert and eat at some of the worlds best restaurants. Check out the buffet at the Excalibur.

You should plan on spending about 300.00 a day. This will pay for your motel, stay away from non chain motels! Bed bugs and roaches…. Food, and transportation. Add more money to you daily budget for sightseeing and souvenirs.

If you choose to fly from place to place Southwest Air is the carrier you want to use. They are cheap with flights as low as 100.00 with an advance purchase. They also have an EXCELLENT safety and on time history. I will not fly anyone but them.

Also if you choose to fly from place to place, make sure the motel you are going to stay at will have a free airport shuttle service to your motel. Depending on where you are flying to and where you are going to stay when you get there a cab ride from an airport to a motel can cost over 100.00 in some cases. Most motels that have a shuttle service also offer some sort of free breakfast. Drury Inn has the best. Most places just off fruit, Otis Spunkmeyer muffins, and coffee.

Look on Yelp for local places to eat. You will find some great food, cheap this way. In LA I highly recommend that you have some Roscoes chicken and waffles, just as I think in NYC you should go to Katts deli.

I hope you have the chance to come and check us out, we would love to have you!

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