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Your Questions About Las Vegas Airport

August 11, 2013

Lisa asks…

what is the best way to sneak drugs on an airplane?

i am a medical cannabis patient and planing a trip to las vegas
should i even hide it? or just treat it as regular medication

Administrator answers:

Do NOT let them know you have it, laws on medical marijuana are VERY inconsistent. There are cases where people have been arrested for having medical weed, when they even had the prescription for it with them.

There aren’t many drug detecting dogs at airports, most don’t have them at all, but major ones do and I personally wouldn’t take my chances on whether or not the Las Vegas airport is a ‘major’ airport. But if you do decide to take that chance, do NOT put it in a coat pocket, carry-on or anything else they might make you take off or x-ray. Just put it in your pants pocket. Also, wrap it in 2 PLASTIC bags.

Drug trafficking is a serious charge, and they WILL most likely try to pin it on you if you get caught.

Sandra asks…

How is travel on Memorial Day?

I will be taking a flight at about 6AM in the morning from Seattle to Las Vegas on Monday May 31st (Memorial Day) & was wondering how travel usually is on that day since it’s a holiday. Anyone have any recommendations on if I should arrive a little earlier than normal to the airport on that day (*Preferably from anyone who has traveled on memorial day)?

Any help would be nice, just trying to tie up some loose ends before we go on our trip.

Administrator answers:

That time of morning is one of the busiest times of the day at most airports anyway. That being said, early in the morning on Memorial Day might not be so bad. It’ll be later in the day when everyone’s coming home. I haven’t traveled on Memorial Day, but last year we flew out on New Year’s Day around 8 AM and the airport was deserted — this in the middle of the busiest flying time of the year. So you might be in the eye of the hurricane.

David asks…

How much would a Limo cost in Las Vegas?

Does anyone know how much it would cost for a one way trip from the airport to Harrah hotel and how much tip we would give. 2 passengers and 1 suitcase.

Administrator answers:

The bare minimum for a luxury sedan or limo ride from the airport to the Strip is $60, plus a $10-20 tip for the driver. But most limo companies give discounts for a round-trip reservation. One company that I’ve had good luck with is Presidential Limousines:

You can get discounts for booking online, too. The rates are listed on the website.

Carol asks…

Do I have to re-check my luggage for my connecting flight?

I’m flying from Midway to San Jose, but I have a layover in Las Vegas. I’m going to be flying with the same airline, Southwest, for the whole flight. Do I have to get my luggage and re-check it in Vegas?

Administrator answers:

No. Do you know that tag that they put on the bag? That’s how they know where your bags go. It gives the airport code of all the airports you’ll be arriving at even connecting flights. They know that it goes to another airplane when they scan it.

Mandy asks…

How much would three plane tickets cost ?

Okay, so my best friends mom’s wedding is in Michigan. I have to go since her mom pays for me to go places with her daughter. Her mom is also very good friends with my mom. Anyways how much would it cost if i bought 3 tickets to Michigan from Las Vegas

Administrator answers:

The cost for any plane tickets depend on the specific departure and destination airports (not just the states), as well as when you want to go and how long you want to stay. Without that information, no one here will be able to even make an estimate at the prices for you that isn’t a flat-out guess.

You can use websites such as,,, or to search for prices based on your specific needs — those sites compare prices among the various airlines to search for the best deals. (You can also look at, if you’re flying to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, to check their price as well — Southwest Airlines’ tickets can only be purchased through

Linda asks…

Know of any FREE coupons I can find online for discounted or buy one get one free buffets in Vegas?

I don’t want to buy a book of coupons – I’m looking for free coupons for buffets or any dining place in Las Vegas. Sorta like you find free online coupon codes for things.

Administrator answers:

Food in Vegas isn’t cheap like the old days.

When you get there check out the travel magazines at the airport or on the strip in the tourist places or at the hotels. They always have coupons.

If you want to save money, don’t eat on the strip.

Daniel asks…

I am planning a Las Vegas trip for 2 people in 2 states in September do you have any money saving travel tips?

This will be my first time going to vegas I live in Florida and my Mom lives in Michigan. I want to surprise her in September with this trip. We will be leaving from each of our separate airports and I would like for us to arrive around the same time. I would appreciate any travel tips anyone has about deals , hotel , car rentals, must do things while there, best hotels. Thank you !

Administrator answers:

It would be much cheaper to stay off the strip, but you still may want to stay close. Walk rather than take a cab or pubic transportation. I wouldn’t rent a car. Because you don’t want to drive in Vegas especially near the strip and NEVER on the strip. I made the mistake and was stuck for a very long time in traffic.

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