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October 3, 2012

Susan asks…

Which Las Vegas Hotels are these?

4-star hotel in Near Strip East, 4-star hotel in Near Strip South, or a 4-star hotel in Downtown Las Vegas. Can you name all of the possibilities? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Are there any 4 star hotels downtown? Bellagio has to be one on the strip. Four Seasons or Red Rock. And I would say Golden Nugget for Downtown.

William asks…

las vegas hotels…?

which las vegas hotels are the best to stay at thats on the strip?
i stayed at the imperial palace which is across caesars palace…its not as nice as the other hoetls on the strip, but its sufficient and in a good location

Administrator answers:

The best hotel for me is the Venetian. It’s a gorgeous hotel with incredible service and they offer great rates. I haven’t stayed at the Bellagio, Caesar’s or the Wynn because their rates are exorbitant without any breaks. Mandalay Bay is a small step down from the Venetian but is still incredible – they do offer some better rates but you have to sign up to receive email promotions. The Mirage’s rooms were good but noisy and the whole place was crowded. MGM Grand is the next step down but is still nice.

My favorite high end hotel – the Venetian
My next favorite – Mandalay Bay
Mid-range – MGM Grand, NYNY or Mirage
Low Price – Excalibur (rooms like you’d find at a Ramada, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn – nothing fancy but has consistently good rates and is in a good location) or South Point (incredible rooms – not on strip)

Avoid the Sahara (gross), Bally’s (shabby) and the Tropicana (shabby).

Michael asks…

Las Vegas hotels?

Can you help me find a list of the hotels in Las Vegas and the official ratings for them (the ratings in stars)

Help appreciated

Administrator answers:


As already has been suggested have a look at but if you are planning to visit for less than a week look very carefully at the different days of the week as weekends tend to be alot more which is not necessarily the case in other towns and resorts.
Hope this is helpful

Robert asks…

What hotels in Las Vegas have a jet tub or hot tub in the rooms for less than $300 a night?

I am looking to book a hotel that has somewhat of a romantic theme for my anniversary. I was looking for one that has a hot tub in the room or a bathtub that was jetted or something very romantic for less than $300 a night. Please help me out.

Administrator answers:

Excalibur and the Luxor have spa “suites” that usually go for less than $200 a night depending on when you will travel. I have stayed in both. Excalibur’s room is just a basic hotel room but in the corner is a jacuzzi. The rooms are at the far end of the hall from the elevator making it a very long walk to the casino. Luxor’s spa suite is very spacious with a seperate, small living room which includes a refrigerator (didn’t notice the fridge until our last night. It was hidden inside a cabinet). The jacuzzi is located along the sloped wall. Great view from the Jacuzzi. I would stay there again. For about $300-350 Bally’s has a great Jacuzzi suite. Have to call for reservations though.

Paul asks…

Can anyone recommend any decent (uk) websites to book las vegas hotels?

Administrator answers:

Hi there, Las Vegas is such a buzz, not just the gambling but so much else to see, all the shows and stars etc. We booked our hotel through and there was quite a choice as we were in a group and you know how picky they can be!!! It’s a real party town, you’ll love it and might just get a tan by the pool while your counting your winnings! Good luck with slots and ohh also the hotel, by the way. Yours the roulette queen

James asks…

What other hotels in Las Vegas besides Riviera allows 18 year olds to check into their hotel?

my friends and i booked rooms at riviera… i was just wondering if there are any other hotels on the strip that let 18 year olds book rooms? i know most of them you have to be 21+

Administrator answers:

MGM Grand
LV Hilton
Golden Nugget
Vegas Club

These are the only hotels in Vegas that allow 18+ to book and check into a room.

Mark asks…

What Las Vegas hotels/casino’s have the super busty cocktail servers? My boyfriend loves huge breasts?

friend loves fit, super busty cocktail servers with the short outfits, sexy panties etc. and of course huge boobs Im a exotic asian/Itlaian mix 34FF 5’6 118lbs.

Administrator answers:

To answer your question, you can find them in most of the casinos and/or strip clubs. The casinos hire attractive women so that they can bring in more customers.

Maria asks…

las vegas hotels……………………….?

look im going to travel to las vegas and im looking for some good hotels to stay there with some good entertaiment good food good stuff
please give me some help

Administrator answers:


Richard asks…

Las vegas hotels…? .?

which las vegas hotels are the best to stay at thats on the strip?

Administrator answers:


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