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October 8, 2012

George asks…

LAs Vegas Hotels??? .?

What are some Las Vegas Hotels that are close to everything….i.e. clubs, shopping, etc, etc.

Administrator answers:


William asks…

where can i find las vegas hotels for a good deal?

Administrator answers:

Email ME…your details…

Of course, I have to recommend my/our company….we run a Las Vegas based ‘full service’ travel agency and event management company. Because we’ve been running conventions/events, etc in Vegas for over 15 years and book over 20,000 room nights a year (just a ‘one’ property alone! Plus others?!?!?)…we get “Special Treatment” and deals!

So…so do our clients.


We can book Orbitz and Expedia, like everyone else…but as a travel agency ‘connected’ with them, we actually ‘normally’ get even lower rates than the “do-it-yourself’ crowd ever sees or will ever get access to.

We are “Direct Affiliates” with the major resorts in town…even beyond travel agency access….so we have access to EVERY promotion the hotels offer…by logging into their database directly! We even have access to the ‘exclusive deals’ that are NOT published on their websites and only available to select email campaigns…

All this means….We are the BEST resource for the BEST deals…to be honest…because we not only have that special access to special deals…but because we save you the time and ‘less effective’ searching of EVERY SITE and struggle to ‘find’ the deals…(smiling) we just login and grab them from the source!

How can someone get a better deal than ‘direct’?
Do busness with US….with large volumes of proven business over many years and greater ACCESS than just another number/faceless traveler booking over the internet…we ‘personalize’ the search for EVERYTHING Vegas for you!

Our ‘open to the public’ website is still being refined…you’ll get the best deals/access/connections from working with us by email, for now, until we’ve finished integrating everything into the site a little more efficiently (so much content!)…so for now…
*You can reach me/us through my profile here with any ‘specific’ questions or needs.
(click on my picture/avatar and send an email with ‘details’…then we’ll have something to work with).

Chris asks…

LAs Vegas Hotels???

What are some Las Vegas Hotels that are close to everything….i.e. clubs, shopping, etc, etc.

Administrator answers:

I have lived in Vegas my whole life, I would recommend as others, Ceasers, TI, Paris in that order. They are all center “Strip”. Don’t stay downtown, it’s old and scary at night (and sometimes during the day). Ceasers also has quite a few clubs. All of the major resorts have a least one night club and they are all close to each other. The only decent casinos that are off the Strip are the Rio, Hard Rock and Palms. If you get a chance catch a cab to the Palms, (it’s about .75 miles west of the Strip on Flamingo) They have a couple of cool places and really great sushi at Little Buddha. It’s a younger crowd as well. So is the Hard Rock if that’s what your looking for. Anyway, have fun in Vegas.

Thomas asks…

What dogs are allowed in las vegas condos/ hotels/ anywhere permanent to live in las vegas?

I’m just asking.

Administrator answers:

It really varies depending on the property. No major hotels on the strip are going to allow pets (except for maybe service animals). As far as condos and permanent places to live, it varies. Some places allow no pets. Some places allow cats only (usually up to 2). Some places allow dogs (up to 2) and have various weight restrictions, usually 25, 50, or 75 lbs and under. Anywhere I have also rented from that allowed dog had breed restrictions. This always meant no pitbulls or pitbull mixes and in a couple places, rottweilers were not allowed. You are better off just calling the places you are interested in and finding out. There is no general rule as far as pet regulations. The only specific I can give you is that pitbulls are not allowed (unless of course you buy your own home or rent a home or condo from a place without a management company).

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