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October 11, 2012

William asks…

list of las vegas hotels?

i need to know what are the names of all the las vegas hotels

Administrator answers:

In addition to the ones he^ listed…
Treasure Island
Monte Carlo

Betty asks…

What hotels in Las Vegas have a view of mountains/valley?

I’m looking for a hotel that will either have a view of the mountains or valley. I would like to see nature when I look out my window.

Anyone know of any?

Administrator answers:

Most hotels in Las Vegas will have a view of the mountains or valleys, you’ll just have to request the rooms, however, the Las Vegas strip hotels are a little far away from the mountains so the views aren’t that great.

Red Rock Resort would probably be the best location. It’s close to red rock canyon, one of my favorite places to visit, and you can get magnificent views of the mountains close by.

Charles asks…

In Las Vegas, which hotels have a single-zero on a roulette table?

or a European style roulette table I can play? Somewhere closer to the Expo Convention?


Administrator answers:

Single Zero with “En Prison” Rule:
Bellagio (also has “en prison”)

Single Zero with no “En Prison”:
Caesars Palace
Las Vegas Hilton
Monte Carlo
Nevada Palace

Joseph asks…

Best-looking Las Vegas hotels?

I’m thinking of going to Las Vegas for my birthday (not for gambling/clubbing/drinking, though) and I want to know which hotels have the most modern/biggest/luxurious rooms, lobbies, amenities (pools, attractions, spas, etc.). It should be a teenager-friendly hotel, but within a budget of $500/night or cheaper. (Seriously, I’m not rich.)

Administrator answers:

For under 500 dollars you can get a beautiful suite at Venetian, which is stunning through and through, with a great nightclub and a very very nice pool area. Wynn often offers promotions through its website (by signing up) and you can get a fabulous suite at Encore for less than 200 per night, a great resort through and through. Bellagio is fantastic too and occasionally they have promotions too.

These are the best 3 in terms of luxury. Cosmopolitan is very popular, ultra modern, but it’s more about being modern than luxurious.

Steven asks…

Which are the best hotels to stay in Las Vegas?

I need list of best hotels and list of places to visit in Las Vegas. Also are there any tours available like a package bus tour or something else?

Administrator answers:

Very subjective. “Best” can mean cheapest, most swanky, etc.

Here are some of my favorite Las Vegas hotels:

Luxury Suites Int’l at the Signature
Tropicana Resort and Casino
Golden Nugget

Mary asks…

Las Vegas hotels – swim up bar and beach pool?

Anybody know which (if any) Vegas hotels have a swim up bar in the pool area? Also, which of the hotels has the beach style pool? Any recommendations on a NiCE, yet inexpensive hotel for late June or early July? Thanks in advance. :)

Administrator answers:

I work at the hard rock hotel and we have swim up bars, blackjack tables and sandy beach pools.. We have cabanas you can rent too! And the Rehab pool party rocks every Sunday!

Paul asks…

Can anyone just go to use the facilities at other hotels in Las Vegas?

I am heading there in April and staying at the Venetian, but I have been doing some research and there are several other things I’d like to see/do at other hotels on the strip, I know you can go to all the shops/bars/casinos as a guest, but can you also use the gyms/pools/spas at other hotels, where do they draw the line? or is this not an issue, you can just come and go as you please?

Administrator answers:

Pools are usually for guests only unless the pool has swim up gambling then it has to be open for anyone to swim. You have to show or use your room key card to get into the pool areas. Spas are not free so anyone is welcome though guests of that hotel usually get discounts. Gyms are same as pools. You have to have a room key to enter the room.

Thomas asks…

What are some nice hotels in Las Vegas?

Im going to Vegas for my 21st birthday, and i need a good hotel!

Administrator answers:

I say Golden Nugget down town the pool with the shark tank is GREAT :) The rooms are pretty, nice and CLEAN

but if you want on the strip , ionly know whicharenot so nice in my exp

so i would avoid Circus Circus ,and the Tropicana – which i heard was remodeled so maybe that is okay now,

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