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October 11, 2012

Laura asks…

What are the top Las Vegas Hotels?

Here is my list:

1. Wynn Las Vegas
2. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas
3. Bellagio
4. Mandalay Bay
5. MGM Grand
6. Caesar’s Palace
7. Venetian
8. Renaissance Las Vegas

Administrator answers:

I’d say either Wynn or…Bellagio.

William asks…

Which Las Vegas hotels are better and why?

I am going to Las Vegas for the first time with my Mom and my sister. We have our hotels narrowed down to: Bellagio,Venetian and Caesars Palace. I would like to know what are the differences in these hotels. I know that Caesars Palace was built a long time ago. I’m worried that it won’t be up to date. Or if you have any added information for me? We want to gamble and do a little shopping. I also would like to know if these hotels are too high class? I don’t want to stay at a super stuck up place.
I haven’t considered Cosmopolitan Vegas. I will look into tho.

In response to the first answer: I don’t drink and my Mom and Sister aren’t big drinkers. We actually just want to go to a couple shows and gamble a little. I personally don’t care for the party scene. I also prefer not to be around a lot of cigarette smoke. I know it will be hard to avoid that tho.
I haven’t considered Cosmopolitan Vegas. I will look into tho.

In response to the first answer: I don’t drink and my Mom and Sister aren’t big drinkers. We actually just want to go to a couple shows and gamble a little. I personally don’t care for the party scene. I also prefer not to be around a lot of cigarette smoke. I know it will be hard to avoid that tho.

Administrator answers:

I’ve stayed at all of them, and I have to say that Caesars and Venetian are my two favorite places on the strip. I’ve stayed most often at Caesars, and I just love it there. It is definitely up to date and modern. But the rooms at Venetian are all suites, so the standard room there is much larger than the standard room at Caesars. I much prefer the pool area at Caesars to the pool area at Venetian. I don’t find either of them to be stuffy or stuck up.

Bellagio is absolutely beautiful and the rooms are nice. It’s hard to beat a fountain-view room there. But I do actually think that Bellagio is a little stuck up. It’s not my favorite place to hang out, but I do love the rooms there, and I love visiting it.

They are all in great locations, with lots of shopping, attractions, shows, and restaurants nearby. I don’t think you could go wrong with either.

Donna asks…

Help with las vegas hotels?

I am looking to book a hotel in Las Vegas in April. I was told by someone that if you have visited vegas before and play at their casino’s they send monthly e-mails with promo’s. On the promo’s they offer promo codes. Can anyone send me these codes with great room offers for nice hotels on the strip. I have looked online and the “deals” don’t seem to be as good as everyone makes them to be. Any good info can help. I’m looking for air and hotel for about 1000-1200 for 4-5 nights and air from boston,hartford, or providence for two people. please help.
And for you dumbasses out there, they have codes they give out to thousands of people and it’s not traceable to a particular name. I’m not looking for the luxury sweet at the Bellagio.

Administrator answers:

This is the site that lists all the promo codes for hotels and shows in vegas..I myself got discounted tickets to see Mystere

I would check for vacation packages

I also found cheap flight/hotel packages at

To get the best deal you have to devote time. Compare all the sites and write them down. Also price things separately. I got a better deal doing things separate last time I went to vegas.


also, here are some sites that review the hotels and casinos from real travelers

go during the week and you will pay way less!

Richard asks…

Can I rent a Video Game system in Las Vegas hotels for my room?

Administrator answers:

These hotels provide video game consoles in the room: Luxor, Rio, Excalibur, Four Seasons, Mirage, Paris, Treasure Island, MGM Grand, Flamingo, Palms.

Sandy asks…

Good casinos and hotels in Las Vegas?


What are some good casinos in Las Vegas that aren’t incredibly expensive, but aren’t just cheap either? Also, what are some good hotels there? Don’t plan to get an amazing suite, but I don’t want something cheap either. Maybe a hotel room with 2 bedrooms so 2 people can stay in one room?

Administrator answers:

Here is an article that I wrote pretty recently that should answer some of your questions. (Aside: A two bedroom room in Las Vegas is going to be a suite, and is going to be pretty expensive. You would be better off getting two small rooms)

First Trip to Las Vegas? A Brief Guide, Tricks, and Tips

So, it’s your first trip to Las Vegas. Welcome to one of the greatest places on the planet! But, you want your first trip to be a good one. There are so many options when it comes to where you should stay and what you should do.

More than likely you are going to be flying into McCarran International Airport. First of all, I would suggest against renting a car unless you have plans to leave the strip or downtown. It is too easy to get around with cabs in this town to have to worry about parking or the hassle associated with renting a car. So unless you want to visit Red Rock Canyon or Hoover Dam, just walk outside and find the cab line.

Where should you stay on your vacation? This really depends on what you’re looking for out of your Las Vegas trip. If your looking for some of the most luxurious places in the world you can them here, you can also find places that are very affordable, and everything in between. There are a few points that you need to consider when choosing a hotel.

*If you want to stay in some of the fanciest hotels in the country, I would suggest staying at the Wynn hotel, their sister property Encore, or the Bellagio.

*There are some really fun places to stay if you are looking for a party. I would suggest the Venetian, Mandalay Bay, Caesars Palace, or Planet Hollywood.

*Are you looking for a place that is laid-back and middle of the road? The MGM Grand, Luxor, Paris, and the Mirage are all great choices.

*Maybe you want to save some money on the room when staying in Las Vegas. You need to look into staying at the Flamingo, Treasure Island, Harrah’s, Excalibur, Ballys, Circus Circus, or Imperial Palace.

All of the hotels have their good and points, and their not so good points. You can get more information about each hotel at my website.

Some people are concerned about how close the hotels are to each other. Don’t worry, for the most part they are within walking distance of each other as long as you are in the middle of the strip. You wouldn’t really want to walk from one end of the strip to the other, but it is possible to do.

One question I get a lot is if the drinks are really free in Las Vegas. The answer is yes, as long as you are gambling. If you have to actually buy drinks from a bar, they are very expensive (often $15+). So I tell everyone to find bars with video poker machines in them and put in $10 and start playing. The bartender will give you free drinks, and take care of you as long as you tip him. Normally $1 dollar per drink is a good enough tip. So even if you lose the money that you put into the poker machine, you are still saving money. Another little piece of advice is that it is actually legal to take an open container outside in Las Vegas. So don’t worry about guzzling down your drink before you go outside.

What if you don’t like gambling? Don’t worry, you can still have a great time in this town! Las Vegas is home to some of the best shows, the best restaurants, pristine shopping, and some of the greatest nightlife there is to offer.

For your first trip to Las Vegas, you should really see as much as possible. There is a lot to experience in this town. You need to go see as many hotels as you can, because they all have different themes. Half the fun is seeing what there is to offer in this town.

You should really see at least one show. There is a wide variety so whether you like music, comedy, acrobatics, or about anything else you can think of there is a show for it. You’ll be happy that you did.

Go to at least one fancy restaurant. Some of the most famous chefs in the world have restaurants here, so take advantage of the opportunity.

Throw in some gambling and shopping, and you’ll have a trip that you’ll look back at and smile!

Donald asks…

What’s the best hotels to see in Las vegas in 2 days?

We are family with two children 15 and 12 years , we are staying god welling 2 days at Main las vegas and 1 day at the Grand canyon , so ,, in those 2 days we’re planning to see hotels and a show at night

so Which hotels do you recommend for a family to see in 2 days and please if you can make me a certain itinerary for the 2 days

and Is fremont street worth visiting?

Administrator answers:

So many answers, but none clear enough.
1st, you decide on number of beds and conveniences of the room and class of hotel. A single room is one king or two queen beds, so in two queens the kids can share a bed or aim for a suite with an extra sofa or sofabed.

First is a local agent with excellent deals. Others are direct booking codes. Smartervegas also has show ticket discounts.
Free to do:

Look for free to do, and coupons
Las Vegas for Teenagers:

The hotels to see are Bellagio with the Fountains and conservatory, New York New York, The Paris, Circus Circus and maybe the Show in the Sky at The Rio.
For a place to stay, check rates and location. Prices vary a lot.
The best pool is the Wave pool at Mandalay Bay – Guests of the hotel only; 48″ minimum height required. Most of the top hotels have incredible pools.

Fremont Street
Enter any email address, and the password RealVegas
There is a giant LED screen show, music. You go in the evening.


You can get parking validation at the casinos.
In 2 days, it may not be worth a visit. Maybe if you let your kids ride the zipline overhead it’s worth the trip.
Las Vegas is The Strip and Downtown, and then a lot of local area.
For a great buffet, drive up to the Red Rock Casino, and join the slot club (free) for a discount.


Go to the Cirque Du Soleil Web site for their ticket discounts
They are expensive, but an excellent show,
There are discounts

A less expensive good show is V-The Variety Show
Find tickets at

Lisa asks…

Can you visit las vegas hotel pools without being a guest?

I’m going to Las Vegas for a week in March and I’m probably staying at one of the less expensive hotels, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to sneak in to check out the pools at some of the big hotels on the strip.

Administrator answers:

The mega resorts guard their pools, with security, they check room keys. So any of the pools you would consider worth sneaking into, you can’t.

You can visit two of the nices hotel pools in LV, because of Nevada law that requires a hotel to allow persons(over 21) to go anywhere they have gaming. The Hard Rock and Tropicana have swim up blackjack tables in their pools.

Maria asks…

Which Las Vegas hotel would you pick and why?

I am going to Las Vegas Oct. 8 to Oct. 12. Because it includes the weekend the price are really high at the name brand hotels, like TI, Flamingo, etc. My choice by price are Sahara, Tuscany, Hooters, and Riveria. I am going to reserve it by tomorrow, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

As per your specific requirement is a hotel by price, so i am going to provide you a better link through which you can easily select your desired hotel under specified budget in terms of good services/features, although you can make direct bookings as well.


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