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Your Questions About Las Vegas Hotels

October 19, 2012

John asks…

what is the best way to get a discount at las vegas hotels?

Administrator answers:

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Laura asks…

why people dont tip baggage handlers at the curb we are not the same as bell man at las vegas hotels?

baggage only pick up your bags at the curb and put them in storage until you get to your room then the bell man delivers them to your room we are different departments so please tip when some one picks your bags up and then when they deliver them

Administrator answers:

We recently spent 2 weeks at a resort in Hawaii, and in addition to the valet, whom we tipped every time we got the car out, and sometimes when we returned the car, depending on the service, we did indeed tip the people taking our groceries and bags out of the car, and again tip when they were delivered to the room. I know looking back on it, we probably spent close to $20 a day in tips, just on the valet and bag handlers. Add in the tips to the maids, and the food servers, and it was a very expensive vacation. I know that the other members of my family that were staying there tipped similarly.

I do know that I will tip better if the service is good, and also if it is not obvious that they are EXPECTING a tip. I weill usually have two tips ready, one for what I would normally tip, and one for 1/2 that. It is up to the person providing the service to determine which one they will receive.

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