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November 2, 2012

Chris asks…

what are the names of hotels-motels off of the las vegas strip?

it maybe cheaper to stay at a hotel off of the las vegas strip. any help
will be appreciated, thank you y/a people.

Administrator answers:

Boulder Station Hotel & Casino ***
Sans Town Hotel & Casino
Cannery Hotel & Casino ***

(you can also search on google or yahoo local check em’ out)

Robert asks…

Are there any hotels in Las Vegas which allow under 21 check in?

I’m 20 and i know hilton is 18 and over but is off the strip does anybody know how long is it from hilton to stip? or any other hotel on strip that is under 21?

Administrator answers:

Riviera is on the strip and still allows you to check in at 18. It is now the only hotel that does. The LV Hilton still allows you to check in at 18 as well, and it is off the strip. It’s a walkable distance from the Hilton to the strip, but there isn’t much going on in that part of the strip. The monorail does stop near the LV Hilton though, so you can pretty easily get from there to the rest of the strip.

Betty asks…

Have you encountered bed bugs in Las Vegas hotels?

Look at these reports:

I may cancel my upcoming trip… this is very disturbing.

Administrator answers:

I did not bother to look at your links…sorry…but I don’t believe it’s necessary to do so.

I have an “extensive” history in the hotel/hotel-gaming industry…I’ve worked for Marriott hotels, The Rio Hotel/Casino, the MGM Grand and opened “The Mansion at MGM Grand”…am still affiliated with a conference that brings over 14,000 people annually into town, etc etc etc…

There are approximately 100,000+ hotel rooms here…in a wide range of properties…in size and quality. Certainly you can find, within that many rooms, across a 365 days/year period…at least some instances where some nasty, unkept, unclean people had stayed/slept there.

Key: Don’t stay at “fleabag” properties…quality properties train their housekeeping staff to clean/sterilize everywhere possible…to change linen on a regular basis (even during extended stays the hotels usually change the sheets, etc every few days) and if there are anything even close to ‘bed bugs’ then ‘environmental services’ are called in to shut down the room, clean, sterilize, trash, etc anything necessary. If that doesn’t sound like the type of hotel you plan to stay at…then either don’t come…or stay at a better hotel.

As far as bedbug stories…1) people can find bedbugs in any major city’s hotel room inventory if you look long and hard enough…heck someone eventually hits a jackpot too…you almost never see it happen, but you’ve heard of it…same with bedbugs in quality hotels. 2) if anyone is that worried about bedbugs that they wouldn’t come to vegas because of it…then they should quickly go out and buy some industrial bedbug-killing stuff and treat all their personal belonging, bedding, mattresses, couches, pillows, etc and never, never, never stay at a friend/relatives house or any other hotel/motel/inn in the nation…because I’ve been all over this nation…and there are no better, more professional, and/or more professionally trained housekeeping staff than in the major Vegas properties….period. Hope that reassures you with facts and info…versus someone trying to get paid for distributing media hype.

John asks…

Does Hotwire give good rates for hotels at Las Vegas?

does it really work? do they give you high quality hotels at a low price?

Administrator answers:

Not sure Hotwire is the best deal out there. I find it cheaper to book directly from the hotels using discount codes.

Sharon asks…

Can you open windows in las vegas hotels?

Administrator answers:

In most, no. Too many people making two stupid choices in one night – first gambling all their money away, second jumping to their death. The first is good for the Casino, the second causes bad press.

Sandra asks…

Las Vegas hotels!?

Which hotel in Las Vegas would you say would be the best?

And comment about the Wynn hotel! xP

Administrator answers:

It really depends what you want from your hotel the one thing that I would highly recommend though is that you stay in a good location on the Strip if you don’t you will wish that you had.

If you want cheap clean and fun with a good strip location look at Excalibur, its at the low end of the market kids love it and the pool is not so good, the rooms are big with only a shower and the prices very low. From $41

The next step up is the Luxor rooms are about the same quality and size, the location is not quite as good but it has a lot of non gaming features and whilst the pool is ugly its big and rarely gets crowded, from $59

MGM is massive, it has lots to do, loads of bars and places to eat and an amazing pool complex though it can get very busy. The rooms are huge and the beds simply to die for this is probably the best mid range hotel taking into account quality, facilities and price. From $62

NYNY is cool great location and wonderful theming not to mention one of the best smoothie bars in Vegas. It has the Manhattan Express roller coaster and a themed village for eating an bars. From $62

TI is fun, the pool is not so good but the rooms are nice and the value good. Https://

Mirage is our favourite lovely pool, old fashioned Vegas service and great rooms, fantastic buffet, great deli and good central strip location this is where we are staying. The quality is above the previously mentioned properties prices form $72 per night

Suites from $133

Bellagio gives you amazing luxury its just well very very nice and classy everyone who stays here falls in love with Bellagio. Http://

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