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November 7, 2012

James asks…

Is a good site to book Las Vegas hotels?

I was thinking of using hotwire for the first time, but I am a little iffy. Has anyone here ever used it before and if so, did you get good results. Any suggestions as to a star rating that I should stick to or a certain area of town ie. “near strip east,…. I am also curious as to the cancellation policy and how that works. Anybody who has any kind of information or answers to any of this would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Worst decision I ever made was to use them. They use a strange rating system and give horrible hotels up to three stars. Their locations are very deceiving. They use the words near, close with great liberty. Once you book it is yours and can’t be cancelled. Reason is people don’t know what hotel until they pay and then find out it is or will be their last choice if they had known. Don’t chance it … Know where you are booking before you pay. Another problem comes when the hotel has resort fees. Those are not included in the price and you have to pay when you get here. So you could be ripped off twice with one purchase.

Joseph asks…

Which one of the Vegas hotels has Elvis Presley been known to haunt?

I’ve heard that people like Elvis Presley & Marilyn Monroe have been known to haunt some Las Vegas hotels. But I can’t remember the names of those hotels. If anyone out there knows the hotels‘ names, could they please answer?

Administrator answers:

If any it would be the Hilton for Elvis but Marilyn Monroe .. I wouldn’t have a clue.

Sandy asks…

Las Vegas Hotels?

Which Las Vegas Hotel is the best? Affordable? Friendly? Anything, just tell me… It could be on the strip, or off, or anywhere too…

Administrator answers:

Well, if you’re going to Las Vegas you HAVE to see a Cirque Du Soleil show. If you haven’t seen one, be open-minded. Many people assume it’ll be lame and like a regualar childish circus. It’s really incredible though. Words can’t even explain. And Las Vegas has five Cirque Du Soleil shows stationed there! The new Beatles About LOVE show is now playing at The Mirage. Mystere is playing at Treasure Island. “O” (which is really cool because the stage is a pool) plays at the Bellagio. KA plays at the MGM Grand. And Zumanity (an 18 and older show) plays at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino. Try to see at least one show! It will have you completely mesmerized.

Stay at one of those hotels.

P.S. I’ve heard “O” is the hardest to get tickets for of all the shows!

Linda asks…

Las Vegas Hotels!!?

Going to las vegas in November. Whitch hotel offers great location and cool amenities at a decent price??

Administrator answers:

I would also vote Luxor

This site has up to date promo codes for all LV Hotels

LV Hotel web sites

I like this one too

The Orleans is about 1 mile West of the strip, but they have a free shuttle to the strip.

The Orleans is one of our favorites and was selected as the #2 best value hotel in the World by

We go to LV 2-3 times a year for 2 weeks or more at a time and have for over 20 years.


Nancy asks…

Do any of the Las Vegas hotels offer a free shuttle to the airport?

Administrator answers:

Below is a list of all hotel/casinos that offer free shuttles

These offer free shuttle to/from McCarran Airport-call for information
South Point – 1-866-796-7111

Green Valley Ranch – 702-617-7777

Palace Station – 702-367-2411

Silverton – 702-263-7777

Red Rock – 702-797-7777

These offer free shuttles to/from there own and sister properties

Coast Casinos – Orleans, Gold Coast and Barbary Coast..Orleans and Gold Coast still make stops at Barbary Coast even though it’s a Harrah’s property now..9am-Midnight -702-737-7111

Harrah’s – Paris, Ballys, Caesars, Rio and Harrah’s 702-369-5000

Sam’s Town – has a very nice fleet of buses that run to both downtown and strip casinos 702-456-7777

Palms – 702-942-7777

This is a great site for LV info

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone know any cheap hotels in las vegas?

I want to know if there is any cheap hotel near summerlin.
i just want hotels or inns thats close to summerlin, i dont want any in the strip.

Administrator answers:

Every answer you’ve gotten is wrong – Summerlin is nowhere near the strip and all of the answers mention strip hotels.

Summerlin has three major casino/resorts, Red Rock, the Rampart (might have changed names actually – haven’t been up there in a while) and the Suncoast. Suncoast would be the cheapest of the three, but still might be a bit pricey. Red Rock is big $$$ but top-notch & beautiful – visit it even if you don’t stay there.
Closer than the strip but just outside Summerlin is Santa Fe Station – another fine Station’s resort that will most likely be cheaper than Suncoast and the rest, but will still be comfortable and convenient.

Richard asks…

Does anyone know where I can get coupon codes for hotels in Las Vegas?

I will be departing on Jan 18th and checking out on Jan. 20th.

Administrator answers:

The latest promo codes for LV hotels

To access the web site of every hotel in LV so that you can check for special promotions.



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