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November 18, 2012

William asks…

Does anyone know of any affordable hotels in las vegas with a jaccuzi in the room?

I would also like to know is there any with all you can eat buffets

Administrator answers:

On the Strip one of the most affordable suites with a jacuzzi in it is at Excalibur. It’s part of their remodeled rooms (Tower 2) and it’s in fact not bad at all. If you get a section which is well cleaned and managed, you can feel like a king in it. Excalibur runs very low rates compared to others, but Imperial Palace does too, though I am not too keen on their rooms or the labyrinth you have to go through to get from the room to the outside.

Off the Strip you will find most hotels will have at least one option, and the prices will vary quite a bit. Best if you go in the week and not on the weekend, for more competitive prices. Check fatwallet for the best deal too, don’t settle with the first offer you find.

As per all you can eat buffets, most Vegas resorts have a buffet, some offering you a day pass which means you can go in and out of the buffet all day long, if you dare :)

Mary asks…

What are some inexpensive hotels in Las Vegas that have decent quality?

Administrator answers:

Excalibur- medieval themed, great location on south strip just a 15 minute walk from center strip. Connected to Luxor and Mandalay Bay and located across the street from MGM Grand. They have 4 pools, one designated for adults only, and their Widescreen rooms are very upscale looking. Their standard rooms look like any hotel. Rates from $36/night.

Flamingo or Bally’s- both are located in the center of everything across from Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace. Flamingo is supposed to have a great pool, and Ballys is the only hotel on the strip that does not have a theme. Rates from $69/night.

Luxor- also on south strip connected to Excalibur and Mandalay Bay. Egyptian themed with a pyramid shaped building, you can imagine how cool the rooms would be inside of a pyramid. When you walk out of your room, you are overlooking the atrium. Semi-upscale, very modern, rates from $50/night.

New York New York or Monte Carlo- both are located on south strip, just a 10-15 minute walk from the center, across from MGM Grand. Nice and quieter hotels. Rates from $49/night.

David asks…

Does anyone know of any Las vegas hotels that accomodates 5+ people??

5-6 of us going to vegas. want to stay in one room/suite but many suites (especially mgm) say max 2-4 why have all that space for 2 people? no one minds sleeping on a couch or our aerobed (which could fit easily between two queens)


Administrator answers:

Every room will say a maximum of 4 people unless you get some very expensive and very large suite..which in most cases will still only have one king bed (and you’ll have to pay for rollaway beds). Here’s the register 2 (if you’re daring…and i’ve done it many times)…or 4 people (a little more and easier to sneak ppl in). And you get the maximum amount of cards you can for the room (just make an excuse why you need them, or tip the desk person..most times they don’t’re still a paying guest).

No matter what casino you stay in..the ONLY thing they ever check is the card key. Cheaper casinos wont even bother except for the pool maybe, the more ritzy ones may have guards at the elevators especially to suites. You bring a group of 4 with 4 card keys…send one person down with all 4 card keys..come back up later with the next group of people..leave sleeping bags in your room. They will NEVER check your room unless you make a ton of noise that brings complaints from your neighbors or trash the joint or turn on alarms etc. It is unethical to not pay for the extra ppl, but most casinos don’t care too much because they still rent out the room and they know that…they need to keep the customers happy..and in most cases even the ppl staying over illegally will still be gambling in their casinos…and that’s what matters most…in business sometimes they let things slide to gain more business..

Furthermore..when you call for more towels, and pillows etc…it’s better to ask for that stuff directly from the cleaning lady walking around in the morning rather than calling for it (less record if your paranoid like me sometimes). And just tip them a little extra..they usually wont say anything unless you cause some kind of issue. Hope this Vegas


Chris asks…

What are the top 5 hotels in Las Vegas?

I have been to the Venetian and liked it a lot. Would it be on that list? Any input would be nice.

Administrator answers:

No doubt.

Of course the list would vary depending on what you would prioritize as the most important aspect of any top hotel. For me it’s a combination of luxury, comfort, top service and top-quality everything, from the resorts’ spa, to the pool, the gym, the restaurants and any other place which would make you feel pampered and totally valued as a customer.

The top 4 in Vegas are generally regarded as follows (not necessarily in this order):

Four Seasons
Palazzo/Venetian (it’s fabulous but the only problem is their less-than-luxurious spa, which is truly lacking in my opinion)

When you consider 5th place there are a cluster of hotels which are good contenders but they are, still, in a slightly different class than these top four, at least in my opinion.

You would have Cosmo, Oriental (maybe), Mandalay Bay and Mirage all great places to be but of course not quite ‘perfect’ like the top 4. :)

Mandy asks…

I am looking for cheap tickets to go to Las Vegas and cheap hotels i can stay at in April?

Tell me also about the nice places around,so i can check it out…I am planning to stay for 4 days.

Administrator answers:

Check out this links for deals to Vegas

Also look into priceline and Southwest airline vacations

Daniel asks…

Which hotels in Las Vegas offer the all day buffet?

I mean Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for $30?
That has good food
Does MGM Mirage have the same buffet deals for their hotels?

Administrator answers:

MGM’s properties all have their own programs. Each property has different prices. Not every one has the program. These are daily only which means it’s only beneficial to get the pass if you start at breakfast and is only good for one of each meal for that day. Passes are only good at buffet purchased at.
Luxor 30 M-F, 35 Weekends
Excalibur 30 M-Su

Harrah’s has one program for 7 buffets which is the best deal for variety.
Good at Planet Hollywood, Paris, Caesars Palace, Imperial Palace, Harrah’s, Flamingo and Rio Carnival World Buffet. The pass excludes the Rio Village Seafood Buffet. Pass is good for 24 hours from the point you buy it. Good for weekend brunches as well. I did it on my last trip and if you use it twice, you break even. The 3rd time was like eating for free. 35 for Total Rewards
(free to sign up) and 40 for walkup. You can use it as many times as you like during the 24 hour period.

James asks…

las vegas hotels is there any haunted?

is circus circus in vegas haunted because were going in 2 days please tell me what hotels are haunted

Administrator answers:

Two I heard of was Ballys and LV Hilton. They say the ghost of Elvis still walks the halls there. Ballys by the victims of the fire when it was the MGM. Here is the Haunted Tour of LV.


Lisa asks…

Hotel rooms or suites with a pool or a great jacuzzi in hotels in Las vegas?

I plan on going to Vegas in September for a bday vaction. I’m arriving there the 13th and leaving 17th and I wanted to stay in a room where me and my hubby could relax in some water ALONE! lol So what are some hotels with the pool or jacuzzi

Administrator answers:

A good room to have some fun for a couple in the jacuzzi is at the Monte Carlo. Me an my girl had a jacuzzi suite there once an it was perfect, the jacuzzi was right next to the window so you could see down onto the strip while you an you partner are making waves lol. Plus it had surround sound speakers a mini bar an nice big bed.

Donna asks…

how much do las vegas hotels make a day like the big hotels?

thanks just wondering

Administrator answers:

I think between 2-3 million a day and when they have a big fight night in town they hold about 10 million of the casino money..

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