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November 22, 2012

Chris asks…

What certification do I need as a server/ waiter to work in a Las Vegas Hotel/ Casino?

What certification do I need as a server/ waiter to work in a Las Vegas Hotel/ Casino?

Administrator answers:

Food handler so you need a tam card and alachol awareness card.
Las vegas sheriff dot com and you can link to the site.

James asks…

Looking for a Las Vegas hotel for vacation?

I’m planning on booking online reservations at a Las Vegas hotel, but i’m not sure which one to go to yet. We’re staying for two nights, and my dad said we should stay at a hotel that costs no more than $80 a night. I don’t want it to be too cheap like Circus Circus, but something a hotel that’s decent and not too expensive. Which hotel do you recommend?

Administrator answers:

Checkout readover for reports and links on Las Vegas, NV.

I don’t work for that website nor get any commission for it if you click on it.

Sandy asks…

Do Las Vegas Hotel Rooms Ever Have No Vacancies?

Are hotel rooms every completely booked in Las Vegas on a nonholiday/event weekend?

For example, Ceaser’s has over 5,000 rooms. Are these ever full? What are the chances my room will be used the day of my checkout in a Las Vegas hotel?

Administrator answers:

HI! Las Vegas hotels may say they are sold out however they all keep a block of rooms on stand by for VIP and card holders to come in at the last minute. There is a good chance that your room will be utilized the same day you leave as they usually use the same set of rooms over and over – mainly the smaller ones. Some places will offer a late checkout for a small fee if that is what you are looking for.
There are several times a year that huge conventions come to town and rooms are a little more scarce and cost a bit more than other times. Just google Las Vegas convention schedule.
Enjoy !!

Mandy asks…

How to I come a performer in Las Vegas?

I am an Illusionist, and i want to perform in a Las Vegas hotel theatre. Can anyone help me. I just moved here about 2 weeks ago. I am unsure on what steps i need to take to get to where i wish to be.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

You MUST be very, very GOOD at it. And you MUST have an AGENT and you MUST live in Las Vegaws long enough to get known by playing smaller gigs than in the hotels.

I lived in Las Vegas for 3 years and the first year I spent playing at a piano bar on Charleston until I finally got to know some of the local musicians and they put me onto an opening at the DUNES where I played for anotehr 2 years.

Maria asks…

Telephoning a Las Vegas Hotel from UK orange mobile?

I need to make some phone calls to a las vegas hotel from my orange pay monthly acount here in the UK.Does anyone know the price per min.

Administrator answers:

You need international dialing to do this and then it will be mintues plus the monthly fee for intl. Call. If on your off peak no added charge.

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