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December 3, 2012

Ruth asks…

How can I open up my own casino hotel resort in Las Vegas, Nevada?

I’m a double major at University Nevada Las Vegas. My majors are Hotel Administration and Casino Gaming Management. Do you know what I have to do or steps to take to get started? I would like to someday start my own Casino Gaming Management company sometime after working for the strip casinos.

Administrator answers:

You are going to need to find investors unless you are very rich.

Mandy asks…

What are the best websites for booking flight + hotel to Las Vegas?

My friends and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas for June and trying not to spend more than $450 per person for flight and hotel. I’m trying to figure out what’s the cheapest/best/most reliable way to do this. I’ve looked at a bunch of travel sites and looked into booking separately and still not sure what’s best. Does anybody have any tips for booking? Thank you in advance :)

Administrator answers:

Southwest airlines is always one of the best deals on the market. And if you and your friends want the best knowledge of low cost casino’s and buffets that cost $2 or less, then find a way to contact me and I will give you a man’s website I used last trip to Vegas. He is awesome, saved me over $300 on one trip, just on food and lodging alone.

I am going to leave a website in the source box because you are asking for more info.

Betty asks…

What is the best hotel to stay at in Vegas on a budget?

I’m turning 21 in a month and I’m driving to Vegas. Unfortunately, it’s labor day weekend so hotel prices are higher. What is the best hotel to stay in that is the cheapest and closest to the strip?

So far, I’ve found Sahara and Las Vegas Club hotel to be cheapest. But are they any good? I’ll take any suggestions. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The Sahara is pretty decent for the price. I always stay at Circus Circus because I have a kid, but I would stay there anyways because the rooms are SOOOO cheap. Also try Imperial Palace.

Susan asks…

Why does EVERY hotel in las vegas have a huge buffet?

I travel alot, and I noticed that almost none of the hotels outside of Las Vegas have a buffet inside the hotel. So why do almost all of the hotels in las vegas have a buffet inside?

Administrator answers:

The hotels want to keep you close to their casino. Why walk 1/4 mile or farther to another facility/hotel/resort to eat when you can stay within the existing facility/hotel/resort to do the same?

Michael asks…

what do you think of the El Cortez hotel in las vegas?

i have heard it has been recently remodeled and the security there is very good.
i have always stayed on the stip and never old las vegas. any information
on this hotel will be greatly appreciated. thank you y/a people.

Administrator answers:

El Cortez is not just old vegas, it is original Vegas. It was built before the end of WW2, and it was the first building to be dedicated solely for use as a casino. Bugsy owned the place for a while before he bought the Flamingo. Jackie (88 years old) who has owned the place since 1965 still lives in the penthouse, and plays poker in the casino every day. The signage outside has not been changed since 1941.
They have put a great deal of money in remodeling. The coffee shop is completely redone. They cut back the slots from 2000 to 1000 so there is room to walk around. New carpet and a completely rebuilt hotel in the back called the “cabana suites”. The tower rooms which if you get a southward look, have a great view of the Strip for as little as $40 midweek. The vintage and pavilion rooms are cheaper but they are not very nice.
For blackjack players they have five tables with single deck full pay (3:2 for a blackjack) no restrictions on doubling (except you can’t double after you split). This is the lowest house edge in Vegas, and is close to the rules in 1960 when card counting was invented. They don’t deal the deck beyond 75%, and if you start counting cards and winning a lot of money they will politely ask you to switch to another game (but you are not going to be threatened). Craps has 10X odds, and for part of the day they have a $3 minimum. Also there are slots that dispense quarters for people who miss that part of the games.
Keep in mind that it is two blocks beyond the Fremont Street experience. Security is good, but you are bordering on a slum. Police are arresting people constantly, and you will meet some of the nastiest street hookers you’ve ever seen, If you stick to the main walkways you will probably not see anything worse than panhandling.

James asks…

Where do you think the Jonas Brothers would eat/ hang out in Las Vegas Mgm Grand hotel?

I am going to Las Vegas to see them. Where do you think they would hang out or eat at the hotel?

Administrator answers:

I don’t know. I luv them though!

Chris asks…

how far is it from las vegas city to unlv?

I’m planning to move to Nevada for a living and was wondering how far is it from las vegas central city where all the hotels and casinos are to UNLV. I’d appreciate if you tell me in terms of the car driving or miles. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

I’ve been living in Las Vegas for almost 8 years and went to UNLV for both my bachelors and masters degrees. UNLV in correlation to the “Strip” is less than two miles away. But it depends on what you mean by “central city?” Do you mean the downtown area (city hall, Clark County detention center, city court…etc) than that’s about 4-6 miles away from UNLV.

Helen asks…

What hotel is the best hotel to stay at in las vegas to celebrate a 21st birthday?

I’m trying to plan my 21st birthday, I want it to be a trip to las vegas but i wanted to see if i could get a hotel room or something that had more than one bedroom in it, so my friends and I can have our own privacy. Any recommendations? I’m also open to any other 21st birthday ideas!!

Administrator answers:

The 2+ bedroom suites tend to be extremely expensive – often several thousand dollars a night. It would be far cheaper to just get several rooms together or adjoining instead. You could consider an all-suite hotel like Venetian/Palazzo or Rio – the standard rooms are one-bedroom suites, but offer a bit more space than standard rooms at other hotels. You could book several of those if you still want separate sleeping areas.

Good party hotels on the strip include Luxor, MGM, and Planet Hollywood. Caesars and Venetian have some of the best nightclubs on the strip (Pure and Tao), but they aren’t otherwise really party hotels. Off the strip, Palms and Hard Rock are good party hotels.

Laura asks…

What is the nicest hotel in the Las Vegas downtown?

We are looking for suggestions on which hotel in the Las Vegas downtown is the nicest. After staying twice on the strip we are looking for a change, yet I fear I have standards a little high. I am not caught up in pretentiousness, just neat, clean and comfortable. Also would consider input on convenience of the rooms in regards to access to the strip. Not so concerned about the casino associated with a hotel. Also – any other downtown advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
excuse me – looking for downtown hotel with access to Freemont Street, not the strip.

Administrator answers:

The Golden Nugget is a very nice four star hotel and their new pool, the “Shark Tank” is awesome.


I prefer Main Street Station

IMO – MSS has the best value buffet in all of LV for lunch and dinner – The Pullman Grille is a great restaurant – Triple 7 Brew Pub for prime rib and beer.

The rooms are nice, and the people are the best. MSS is a wonderful hotel to stay/play/eat. Even if you don’t stay here make sure to visit. MSS has so many antiques, artifacts & artwork that it could qualify as a museum, the front desk has a brochure.

My third choice would be the Tower rooms at the El Cortez – the EC casino is not all that nice but their tower rooms are very nice and very large compared to other hotel rooms downtown.


Best restaurants downtown
Pullman Grille – MSS
Hugo’s Cellar – Four Queens
Vic & Anthony’s – Golden Nugget
Roberta’s – El Cortez

Best buffet
Main Street Station – L,D

Best Seafood Buffet
Fremont – Sun/Tue/Fri

Convenience stores

A deal so good it’s a LV legend
.99c shrimp cocktail – Golden Gate

Best meal deals
Market Street Cafe – California – 11pm-9am

Fremont Street Coupons >go to the FSE office, it’s located on the 2nd floor of the parkng garage next to Walgreens, show an out of state ID. Get one set for each of you, these are great coupons. $10 free play coupons to Binion’s & the Golden Nugget, 2-4-1 buffet to MSS and Fremont plus several more good ones.

Travel to the strip

From MSS you walk straight East on Stewart Ave 2 blocks to the DTC to catch the Deuce which will cost $5 for a 24hr pass

From the Golden Nugget walk East on Fremont Street to LV Blvd S to catch the Deuce.

If you want to visit the LV Hilton or Hard Rock, catch the #108 Paradise bus in front of the Plaza.

This is a good source of info on LV


Later: No problem: The Golden Nugget sits in the middle of Fremont Street, you can walk to every other hotel on Fremont in maybe 2 or 3 minutes.

MSS is actually on Main Street but it’s only a short walk from the hotel cluster on Fremont Street and you can walk from MSS to Fremont Street via the California & Vegas Club hotels the only time you have to walk outside(in case of weather/heat) is to cross the street from the Cal to Vegas Club. It’s maybe a 4 or 5 minute walk if you take your time and check out the sports memorabilia at the Vegas Club.

The El Cortez is located one block East of the main hotel cluster on Fremont Street.

Parking downtown:
We like the parking garage at the El Cortez best. MSS has a nice one too, and they have valet parking on the South side of the hotel. There is a “pay” parking lot just to the East of MSS. There is plenty of other “pay” parking DT, it’s free if you get your ticket validated by the casino(no big deal)

Please feel free to e-mail me through Yahoo answers – I will help you in any way I can. I freely share all of my ill-gotten LV knowledge :) )

We go to LV 2-3 times a year for 2 weeks or more at a time and have for over 20 years. We were in LV 6/4 – 7/5(31 nights) and spent 15 nights on Fremont Street(MSS(11) & El Cortez(4)) -

LV maps of hotel locations broken down by area.



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