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December 5, 2012

David asks…

Can we get married on Lake Las Vegas without the hotel rental?

Is there anywhere to get married on Lake Las Vegas without having to pay the steep cost for the rentals at the hotels on the lake? Maybe a public park or something of the sorts?

Administrator answers:

Never heard of anyone getting married ON Lake Las Vegas

Charles asks…

What is the best hotel to stay at in Las Vegas quality & price wise?

My friend and I want to escape for just one weekend to Las Vegas.

We don’t have a ton of money so we would like to budget ourselves.

What would be the best hotel to stay at that is reasonably priced and nice to stay at.

Nothing like the Circus Circus, that is a terrible hotel.

Administrator answers:

It all depends on what you like. Most people like the strip but it’s more $$$. I always stay at the El Cortez it’s downtown and I just drive to the nicer hotels for their ameneties; bars, food, etc., although the El Cortez has everything, it’s just a small place and a bit limited. But it is clean and comfortable. Check the website, I stayed there on a weeknight for $19 and was upgraded to a suite at no charge.

Steven asks…

What’s the best time/cheapest time of year to fly to Las Vegas?

I’m looking into buying my parents a vacation to Las Vegas for Christmas. I’ve never bought a vacation package before and I was wondering what’s a good site to go about this? Is there a good day fly out? A good time of year to go to Vegas? My main priority is that it’s cheap, but at the same time I don’t want to send them to a junky hotel. Basically, I’m looking for any tips for buying an affordable, yet fun, Vegas trip.

Administrator answers:

This is a difficult question to answer. Pick your posion. The summer is hot and more expensive in Las Vegas then other times. October and November are cooler but have more convention which can drive up prices in the city too. Then right around the holidays, airline prices sky rocket.

Overall, the best times to come are during the week (Sunday – Thursday). Hotel prices are typically lower during the week. It would be helpful to know what your budget for a hotel is and how long you plan to make their vacation.

If you on a tight budget, the best cheapest hotel on the Strip is going to be the Flamingo which is newly renovated and in the center of the strip. However, the best hotels for older adults would be Ceasear’s Palace or the Belligio. If you wanted it to be a romantic trip for them, then the Paris. Finally, if price was no object then the Aria, Manderian Oriental, or Vdara. These hotels are all on center strip.

When you book, go directly to the hotel website. Most Las Vegas hotels will price match and refund the difference if you find a lower price within a certain amount of time. You can also lower the cost by using coupons:

Incidently, I also answer questions about air travel. Again, go directly to the airline website. Most budget airlines don’t advertise on discount travel sites. Here are some budget airlines to concider:

James asks…

how much would a taxi cost from el cortez hotel to the las vegas strip?

i will be going to las vegas shortly and staying at the el cortez hotel. i hear it takes a long
time for the bus to the las vegas strip, so i was wondering what would a taxi cost from
the hotel to the strip. thank you y/apeople.

Administrator answers:

Round trip in taxi will cost more than your room rate. The Deuce is slow and crowded. One suggestion is to take the route #116 bus which you can catch at the downtown transportation center two blocks north of Fremont street (leaves on the 1/2 hour in the day). Because it goes down side streets the #116 is much faster than the Deuce.Purchase a 24 hour pass on the #116 and have some dollar bills so that you can upgrade if you want to return on the Deuce ($1 upgrade charge).
The #116 will go from downtown transit center to the point where it crosses Las Vegas Blvd between the Wynn and the Palazzo in 22-27 minutes. I would get off the bus there.
The Deuce doesn’t have a schedule, but it could take about 40-45 minutes to get to the same point. Depending on the time of day it might take a while until you can even get on the bus.
Since there is a crowd of people waiting at Neonopolis to get down to the strip, you might find people who are willing to share a cab. Unfortunately most of them will have bought 24 hour passes to come from the strip to downtown in the first place.
Sometime in March they are supposed to begin the Ace Gold Rapid Transit Bus which you will pick up by the Golden Nugget and Binion’s. .It will get you to the same point much faster. “Bus Rapid Transit” is sort of a cross between light rail and a regular bus. It is not very common in this country. It uses special guideways, and dozens of other features so that it is much faster than regular buses.
Some people enjoy the Deuce bus. They have a second floor with big windows so you can get a view of the casinos.

Paul asks…

How much does a Las Vegas hotel cost?

How much does a hotel in Las Vegas about 50-80 stories high cost
ok well what if i buy one thats already built. say a small one around the 20 story range and built up? also why is the one hotel only 4 million? and this is somethink ill do in about 5 yrs would you think the economic status of the US would preval.

Administrator answers:

In the neighborhood of $2B. The two most recent completed buildings were The Palazzo (Venetian) and Encore (Wynn) at $1.6B and $1.9B. They’re in the 50-60 story range.

Banana, Echelon is on hold. They stopped construction on it this last week because of the state of the US economy and the credit crunch. It’s only 12-13 floors up and there’s no time-table when they’ll resume. They only say, they hope to continue in 2009. It was never slated for a December opening, it has always been planed for a Q3/Q4 2010 opening. Looks like it’ll be well into 2011 before it’s done, at the earliest.

Maria asks…

Is the job market and economy in Las Vegas improving or is it getting worse?

I’m hoping to land a job in one of the major Las Vegas strip resorts for hotel management or anywhere else in Vegas besides the strip hotels. Will the job market improve anytime soon?

Administrator answers:

14% unemployment and growing daily. State, county and cities are laying off and furloughing employees. Casinos have cut hours by at least 8 hours. Jobs in the gaming industry are limited and few. You don’t get into hotel management without a degree like from UNLV Hotel Management. The expected job market improvement is at least two years ago according to UNLV.

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