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December 10, 2012

Lizzie asks…

is there a law in las vegas for housekeeping person to claim tips?

hi everyone
i need your help. my aunt works as a maid at a time-share hotel here in las vegas, but now her employer is making them open a envelope were guest leave them tips in front of a supervisor, then the supervisor counts the tips and reports it.
i know that you have to claim tips but why your employer have to count it for you.
is the a law that state that you have to give your tips and have them count by your employee and to be put with your pay-check?

Administrator answers:

It wouldn’t be a Las Vegas or Nevada law .. There is not income tax in Nevada.

Perhaps a law by the Fed Govt.

The only reason that an employer would have any interest in this is that they have to prove that you made at least minimum wage. If your aunt’s hourly rate is above minimum wage, then I would question this practice.

James asks…

What is the best hotel to stay at while in Las Vegas?

Will be in Las Vegas for the first time in September for two nights. What is the best hotel for under $100 a night???
Will be staying on a tuesday and wednesday night. Forgot to mention that.

Administrator answers:

Well basically all the decent strip hotels will be over $100 on the weekends ( thursday-Sat nights). Even the lousy ones like excalibur are ussualy $100 or more on Fridays and Sats.

If you are looking for a great deal, my suggestion would be to stay off strip at the Orleans. It is only about 1 mile off strip, and has a free shuttle. They are ussualy in $50-75 range, and the rooms are large, clean, and modern. The Hilton also has great deals sometimes, although they are way overpriced if a convention is in town. The good thing about the Hilton, is that it is connect to the Tram which can take you right to mid strip in 5-10 mins.

If you guys are not staying on a Thurs-Sat night, you can probably have a wide range of hotels to choose from on your budget.

Susan asks…

Does Treasure Island charge you if you wanna use their computer at the Business Center?

I ask becoz last time Mandalay Bay charged me $15 for the first 15 mins even though I was their guest. Other hotels that I’ve stayed at usually don’t charge us anything. Are all Las Vegas Hotels like that?

Administrator answers:

Most of the hotels charge for the use of computers, faxes, etc in their business centers. It’s convenient but expensive.

Thomas asks…

How to set up the Wii in the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada?

I am staying at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and i would like to set up to wii. But i put the wires and all corect but i can go into the Input Channel to play it. The Tv is an AOmni plasma and the remote is Lodge Net. Theres no input button to change it. Please Help!!

Administrator answers:

Usually hotel rooms try to prevent you from hooking up your own entertainment (so you have to buy the pay-per-view movies, and in some hotels, pay-per-view videogames), so the button wouldn’t be on the remote they provide. But if you look around on the TV itself, you may find the input button you’re looking for. If not, call the desk & see if you can get the manufacturers remote. Good luck.

Linda asks…

What hotel is the best bargain in Las Vegas for $100 a night?

I was thinking of spending a weekend in Las Vegas soon with my girlfriend. So I want to know what a cool hotel to stay is that is not too expensive. It should have decent rooms and a nice pool area. Is there something for around $100 per night?

Administrator answers:

For that amount, I would stay at the NYNY. It is a very cool hotel.

David asks…

How much does a taxi from Luxor Hotel to County Clerk’s office in Las Vegas, cost?

Hi, my fiance and I are getting married in Las Vegas, and are staying at the Luxor Hotel. We need to get the marriage licence from the County Clerk’s office, does anyone know how much a taxi there and back will cost?

Administrator answers:

About 20 but there is the bullt bus for less

Ken asks…

What are cities that you pass through on your way to Las Vegas?

If you are driving to Las Vegas are there any casino towns that have hotels and nightclubs that are nice to stay at?

Administrator answers:

Depends where you’re coming from, what roads you take…..

Betty asks…

What hotel is farther from the Las Vegas strip?

What hotel is farther from the Las Vegas strip: The Trump or the Hilton?

Administrator answers:

They’re about the same . . Not an issue . . Why could you not look at a map and see this for yourself?

Richard asks…

What Vegas hotel has women painted above the urinals in the men’s bathroom?

I was in Las Vegas this summer and went into a men’s bathroom and on the wall in front of the urinals were pictures of women looking down at your business. Some of the pics had women laughing, some with measures tapes, some with a surprised look on their face. I took a picture of it b/c it is so funny to see! Now, I can’t remember which hotel…

What Vegas hotel has that?

Administrator answers:

It’s the Las Vegas Hilton bathroom not too far from the main cashier’s cage. There are a number of bathrooms at Hilton but this is the only one with the photos of the women.

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