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December 12, 2012

David asks…

What hotel in Las Vegas should i go to that is fun for the whole family?

Okay so last time we went it was in Winter and it was at Circus Circus. It was fun, but we want to go to another hotel now in Las Vegas that will be fun for the whole family. There will be 2 adults, 2 children, and 1 teenager going. What hotels will be suitable and why? We are thinking of going to the hotels MGM Grand, Flamingo, or Mandalay Bay…. are any of those good?
okay thanks T…so out of those 3 hotels, what would u guys pick?

Administrator answers:

Whoa!!! Those three are our favorites!! Plus Monte Carlo is too. And the top reason WHY we pick these hotels is two words,LAZY RIVER. Ever since they closed down Wet N Wild,a waterpark on the strip, we go to these hotels. Okay. Let’s get down n dirty. MGM is kinda overrun by 20 somethings,college kids, and you can barely float in their lazy river because they stand in the pool n drink. 90% were very nice though, so its okay. Alright, next,the Flamingo.loved it. Has two waterslides,however, don’t think had a river,bput had those n waterfall, BUT rooms were super small. But nice. K. Monte Carlo, we just was there,and they have a small lazy river, a wave lagoon, n regular pool. Rooms were average. Mandalay bay,

Linda asks…

What is the Best Travel Agency for Wedding Group to Las Vegas?

I’m getting married in December in Las Vegas at the Excalibur. I don’t necessarily want to stay there though. Any advice for getting group rates for hotel rooms and maybe airfare? MGMMirageVacations has been slow to respond and Expedia doesn’t have group travel. Advice?

Administrator answers:

Check out the Las Vegas Wedding Authority – – I am sure they can help you with all of your Vegas needs if you are going to be in Las Vegas for a wedding.

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