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December 15, 2012

Chris asks…

What is the best hotel to stay at in Las Vegas, NV and why?

Im thinking about going to Las Vegas for about 3-5 nights for my 21st b-day. Can anyone tell me what is the best hotel and why they liked it? Also anything you did there that you recommend? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Best Hotels:

Mandalay Bay – very chic and modern, so fun for the young
crowd, has a great variety of places to eat and the casino
is very nice. Clubs are very high class as well. The only thing
bad about this hotel is the location – located farthest down on the

Venetian- it doesn’t get much better than this in Vegas. Club
Tao is amazing and mostly likely to run into atleast one celeb.
While visiting. The whole hotel has a unforgetabel atmosphere. Central location as well.

Caesars Palace- the diamond of Vegas. Caesars takes up nearly
two or three blocks of the strip because it is so massive. The guest
rooms and average, so I recommend getting a suite or deluxe
room. But the highest line of clubs are located with Caesars. Best
places to eat as well. You can shop at the beautiful Forum Shops
all afternoon and party all night at the various clubs.

Have fun!

Mark asks…

What exactly is in the Circus Circus hotel in las vegas?

Like arcades? Is there a arcade inside it? Im 13 and what can i do inside? And what can i do outside the hotel? Please give details its my first time going to las vegas.

Administrator answers:

I stayed there twice, almost 20 years ago; and it hasn’t changed much.

Your main place of interest will be the Adventuredome behind Circus Circus

An all day pass for their amusement park rides is $28.

The main floor of Circus Circus has three casinos which are basically one big casino, you’re not allowed in there unless you’re just walking through to get somewhere else.

The second level of Circus Circus has an arcade, carnival style games (like Whack A Mole) and a circus ring where they have circus acts every half hour or hour. I forget which.

The arcade is basically a casino for kids. The video games award you tickets you can trade in for different items.

That area of the strip is very very dead. Sahara across the street is closed; Fontainebleau across the street was just built but isn’t open either; and the three closest properties (Westward Ho, Frontier, Stardust) were demolished in 2007-2008 and nothing’s been built in their place due to the state of the economy.

John asks…

How much do hotel comforters cost?

I need to know how much hotel comforters, lamps, and large picture frames cost from hotels such as: The Mirage, MGM Grand, or any other big las Vegas hotels

Administrator answers:

Must of been one heck of a party

Donna asks…

When is the best time to arrive and leave for trip to Las Vegas?

For the best prices on hotel and flight which dates of the week are the best to arrive and depart for trip to Las Vegas?

I’m planning on a trip the first week of August for 3-4 nights.

Administrator answers:

I agree with Monday thru Thursday. August is generally a slow month due to the heat.

However, I also recommend checking the convention calendar just to be sure:

… You wouldn’t want to try booking a room at a hotel on the same days where 10,000 conventioners are expected. I always check for conventions before booking. Small conventions like 500 people are nothing but when they get into the thousands I’d avoid those specific hotels; and if a convention is huge I’d avoid that whole area. Like if 50,000 fishermen are going to be at Mandalay Bay I’d stay up north at Treasure Island, Venetian, or Stratosphere.

Sharon asks…

I am planning to celebrate my 30th b-day with a trip to las vegas?

I am planning to celebrate my 30th b-day with a trip to las vegas with my friends. Can anyone tell me where (website) can I find out what music events, shows, activities will be taking place around de 26 – 29 of july 2007?? Also, I am looking for a good deal traveling from mexico city to las vegas, and a dreamy hotel room. Any suggestions?
Wow, thank you everyone for your suggestions and comments, I didnt expect them so fast and so nice.
And yesss!!! everyone is invited to come along!! 30 years old, omg, should be a big and fun celebration!!

Administrator answers:

I love vegas! I’m turning 30 in Nov…take me with you! Lol
This site is super helpful:

Tips: for food try to eat off the strip at buffets-everything on the strip is so expensive (but sooo good).
But a ticket for the Duce not a rental car or a cab. It is a double decker bus that your ticket is good for 24 hrs (5$)! The drivers are hilarious and friendly. You jump on and off at all the stops any time of the day or night. A cab will cost you 10$ at minimum and renting a car is an option but traffic is nuts and you will spend more time looking for parking than is worth it.
Go to the Playboy club one night. Their dance club-moon -rocks! It is 40$ cover but if you look good they let you in for free :) Ask around for free passes to clubs/events they can be costly without passes. Walk with your girls and giggle and watch the free tickets come to you.
Never walk solo at night- it is not safe at all. And the city never sleeps so you can be out 24-7 drugs and drinking are everywhere so be street smart.
If you want free drinks any time of the day: Go into a casino and sit at a cheap maching and put in 1 dollar. Milk it…play slowly..wait..wait.. A waitress will come over and ask you if you want a drink. Order and it is free (minus a tip) so for 2$ a drink you can hop casinos and drink cheap all night before clubbing.
Visit old Vegas for gifts- they are dirt cheap- it is the last stop on the duce- go there your last day. The place is run down a bit, but you cannot beat the souvenier prices anywhere. Plus it is a cool older part of the strip.
Enjoy and be safe!!!!

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