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January 3, 2013

Sharon asks…

Good Las Vegas hotel to stay at for cheap?

I am going to las vegas for a competition and i need a hotel room for 2, with resturants in or nearby, something close to the las vegas convention center would be good since i am going to have to walk there. Safe area, Low price on room. Rooms with a kitchen, air conditioning, cable tv would be a plus.

Administrator answers:

The Embassy Suites Convention Center Las Vegas rates from $99/night (you can get cheaper) This is a good map of hotels surrounding the convention center.

But you could really stay anywhere you want to because the Las Vegas Monorail has a stop at the Las Vegas Convention Center. So as long as you are in a hotel that either has a monorail station in it or is near one, you don’t have to worry about being within walking distance. The monorail moves at like 60mph and has no traffic, so it can get from one end of the strip to the other in no time.

Richard asks…

I need to know some chinese restaurant in Las Vegas to host wedding reception?

What is chinese traditional restaurant in Las Vegas that has space for wedding dinner? Probably around 100 invitees. I am planning to have wedding dinner there but I don’t live there so I need some suggestions,

Administrator answers:

Here are four places to try.

P F Chang’s….for a chain restaurant, the is place gets very good reviews. They actually have two locations in las vegas, so they are very popular. Http://

Wing Lei is a really beautiful and opulant place which also has good food reveiws. Located within one of the wynn hotels, very lovely place. Http://

The Pearl is modern but plain…no frill decor. Their reviews are okay, but they are located within the mgm grand hotel so the location is very good. Http://

The Joyful House is an authentic chinese restaurant off the strip but with rave reviews on food and service. Http://

Lizzie asks…

when is the best time to check in your hotel in Las Vegas?

When is the best time to chek in your hotel in Las Vegas?

Administrator answers:

I always go straight to my hotel when I get to Vegas, usually around 9 am. I check my bags until check in which is at 3pm for most hotels.

I have asked if there are any room ready and if I was able to check in. About 50% of the time they said yes.

So at least ask you may get in early.

Note: if you are getting in at mid night they day before your reservation they will not let you check in that early, that would be considered the night before.

Good luck and have fun

Chris asks…

Best and Worst places to stay in Las Vegas?

My wife and I were thinking about planning a trip to Las Vegas. We would like to hear from people who have either stayed at few hotels/casinos…. or those who have found going back to the same place an enjoyable experience.

We are around 30 years old… not big gamblers, but will have drinks, go to shows, etc. We will also walk around… and probably get some free drinks at the slots at some point in time while there.

Administrator answers:

Hey there,

I’m not big on gambling either so I think I know what you might be looking for. If you’re just interested in scoring some free drinks, you can do that almost anywhere. I recommend Vdara at City Center right now. They have some really affordable prices and if you sign up to their e-mail newsletter, you could receive up to 30% off on your stay if you book 60 days or more ahead of your arrival. This is not only for Vdara by the way, but for many other MGM resorts including Aria, The Hotel, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand and Mirage. Vdara doesn’t have a casino though so if that’s going to be a problem I’d probably stay elsewhere.

If you don’t mind staying off the strip, I recommend M Resorts. It’s a high end casino and hotel with really decent prices. You’ll have to take a shuttle to Las Vegas though if you don’t have a rental. Rooms are very big and have a great view of the city.

If you don’t mind spending a bit extra, Bellagio is really one of the better places in town. Not just because of the rooms, restaurants and entertainment, but because of location. It’s literally in the middle of things and you can pretty much walk to anywhere from there.

For shows you should check out They have show deals on just about everything right now. I know Cirque shows are popular and on their site you can find seat upgrades, % off discounts on just about any Cirque show, except “O”. If you’re looking for humor I recommend Terry Fator from “America’s Got Talent”. His show gets better reviews than most in town.

Hope that helps.

Lisa asks…

How much money would it cost to drive from Chicago to Las Vegas and back to Chicago?

I live in Chicago and I want to drive to Las Vegas to visit a friend. I’m not very good at figuring out how much money I’m going to need for roadtrips.. So I need a little help. My car can do 20-25 miles per gallon, if that helps? How much would all of the gas expenses cost total there and back? Just give me an idea of how much I’ll need. I’m not counting food or hotels. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

For the cost of gas ($560), you can fly for a fraction of the price and be there after a couple of drinks.
You can get a web only fare on Southwest Airlines for about $300 round trip.

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