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January 5, 2013

Steven asks…

How can I find a responsible cat sitter in Las Vegas?

I would like to find a cat sitter in Las Vegas but there are so many scams out there I’m worried. People go as far as to make up references! So who can you trust?

I have 2 cats and really don’t want to take them to a “pet hotel.” They will just stick them in a wire cage for a week. Plus, my one cat is very sensitive and will get sick when he’s freaked out.

I’m worried I will hire someone and come home to an empty house.

Administrator answers:

I agree with the others to ask your vet or his/her technicians. Also, in Las Vegas they may be in the yellow pages under pet sitters. Call a few and find out prices, when they are available, if they live/work within a reasonable distance of your home, and ask if they can give you any references. Then call the references. The pet sitter should want to meet you and your cats prior to your trip, and get the lay of the land, where everything is, etc.

This is just me, but you sound a lot like me, what I would do first is a reverse search on their phone number (if it’s listed), find out the full name of the prospective pet sitter, google them w/Las Vegas NV (to see if they’ve ever been in the newspaper or anything), look them up on a people search and the county tax appraisal website to see if they own a home, where it is, and have they paid the taxes…you can kind of get a feel as to whether a person is reputable or not…I would also do this on the references to make sure they are who they say they are.

You need to find someone who is a good fit for you and your cats. Usually people who are pet sitters love animals.

Good luck.

Donald asks…

How is residential market in Las Vegas?

I am curious, aside from people who work for those casinos and hotels, is there anyone else who call Las Vegas home? Retirees?

And how is the rental market there?

Answers appreciated!

Administrator answers:

This article appeared in Jan2007

I agree that although real estate has slumped a bit, and the short term outlook is cautious (because if the current liquidity scare), the long term outlook for Las Vegas is good.

I believe that Las Vegas is the west coast’s version of Florida for retirees. No state income tax, low cost of housing (on a relative basis), and a destination city to lure friends and relatives to visit.

A lot of service industry jobs for sure — because of the casinos. But these service industry personal will need professionals (doctors, dentist, lawyers accountants) to support their needs.

The problem up until now has been a shortage of land. But the BLM is releasing some up for development.

If you are an investor, it might make some sense to purchase a previously used home, in which the present owner is in difficulty. If you get a good price today, and hold it for the longer term, you’ll do OK.

Just know that Las Vegas is a growing city with minor boom bust within the upward trend. Its built up fast now, it will slow down, and then it will play catch up again later.

Helen asks…

Is the job situation any better in Las Vegas?

I am moving to Las Vegas in November and I would like to know if the Job situation has gotten any better in the Las Vegas area. Are any of the hotels and the casinos hiring and are they accepting out of state people. Thanks, any information will be helpful.

Administrator answers:

Nope, it’s worse

Lisa asks…

VIP deals for gambling a certain amount of time and money?

I’m looking for VIP deals for Las Vegas hotels in which they give you free rooms and board, plus even a cash kickback, for gambling a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time. But I couldn’t find anything regarding this information. Could someone help me please? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Such information does not exist. No hotel in Vegas will give you free room and cash kick back just because you promise to gamble a certain amount of money. The way it works is that you gamble that money first using your Players Club Card, then you get comped and on your next trip, you might get your room comped or a free meal. But you have to gamble a lot to get that. And it’s the hotel that decides what to give you based on your level of play.

Charles asks…

When is the best time to go to Las Vegas and save lots of money?

I want to take my boyfriend to Las Vegas for his B-day (June 22) but I would like to save money in hotels and everything. When is the lowest season? We are driving so we just need a good hotel and save save and save. Is it possible???
I also want to keep the Vegas experience for him . We wanna stay somewhere close to erverything.

Administrator answers:

Vegas and saving are polar opposites!
I have lived here for almost 40 years and you do need
some $$$ to enjoy Vegas.
Vegas has changed over the years and even the cheapest Buffets are around $10.00.
Save as much as you can before you get here so you can truly enjoy yourself when you get here.

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