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January 10, 2013

Donald asks…

What are some cool hotel rooms in Las Vegas?

There’s a Barbie hotel room in the Palms, are there any other cool designed rooms in Las Vegas?

Administrator answers:

The theme rooms are all at the Palms and the prices are very high!

I like the rooms at the Wynn and the suites at RIO. Really comfy rooms with a nice view.

James asks…

Where can I find the best deals on a Las Vegas vocation?

My mom and I are trying to find the best deal on a Las Vegas trip. Where can we find the best deals on a hotel and our flight? We are looking to be on the strip.

Administrator answers:

You’re wanting to work in Vegas?

John asks…

which department do Las Vegas Imperial Palace hotel employees who wear blue polo shirts work in?

which department do Las Vegas Imperial Palace hotel employees who wear blue polo shirts work in?

Administrator answers:

If you see these people wondering around inside the entrance, they are probably not employees of the Imperial Palace at all. Time Share Agents typically hang out around high traffic areas like entrances and try to get people interested in tours.

Other then this you’ll probably have to be alittle more specific as to where you see these people and what you see them doing in order to answer your question acurately.

Ruth asks…

What is the car rental place at Planet Hollywood las vegas?

I was thinking about renting a car while vacationing in las vegas and will be staying at Planet hollywood. I’ve searched that there was either Avis or Hertz. Which one is it?
And do they also allow underage(22 yrs) to rent?
Is it directly inside the Planet hollywood hotel?
Would I have to return the keys/car everyday I return to the hotel and rent it again? Or can I return it when I am ready to?

Administrator answers:

There is a Hertz in PH. They will rent to someone 22, but there is an extra charge for any driver not yet 25 (min age to rent is 20). The counter is in the lobby. You keep the keys until you are ready to give up the car for good. You’d just park it in the hotel lot, not the rental lot.

I believe there may be an Avis in or near PH as well. Not sure of their requirements right off hand.

Lisa asks…

Is Memorial Weekend a good weekend to go to Las Vegas?

A group of us our planning a trip to Las Vegas. Initially we wanted to go May 28-30th, Memorial Weekend, but I heard that holiday/3-day weekends tend to be pricier than usual in Vegas. Do hotels/casinos/restaurants raise their prices during such weekends? If so, we’ll plan for the weekend before. I wouldn’t want to spend tons of dough on airline tix, lodging and then have to play at $25 limit tables all weekend.

Administrator answers:

Weekend rates are always higher than weekday rates, and holiday weekends tend to be even more expensive. But we went last year on Memorial Day weekend and the rates were cheaper than either of the weekends before or after. I don’t know if there were big events going on or what, but the rooms were several hundred dollars cheaper on Memorial Day weekend. I don’t think that’s typical though. Many of the hotels have rate calendars on their where you can see the lowest available rates on any given day. That might help you get an idea of the differences.

Richard asks…

What vacation companies fly from OKC to Las Vegas?

In the past I have used the vacation companies Allegiant Air and MLT Worry-free Vacations to book trips to Las Vegas from Oklahoma City. Now neither company flies from Oklahoma city to Vegas. Are there any other companies that will give me great deals on air and hotel packages that are easy to use?

Administrator answers:

Try this site. I already entered my discount code for you. See what prices you get when you enter your info. Worked great for me in the past.

Steven asks…

Where can I find a BEST and LARGEST liquor store in Las Vegas?

I am going to Las Vegas soon and don’t want to spend a lot of money on liquor at my hotel on the Strip. What is the best liquor store in Las Vegas with a large alcohol and wine selection.

Administrator answers:

Lees Discount Liquors is a chain in the Valley and have great prices.
I do not drink the hard stuff, but the prices seem to be decent. Wine, you can get some great bargains. Almost every shop has a close out section with some amazing prices. Since you will be here on a visit, you will not be disappointed. Beer is also the lowest at this place.
They rip you on chips, find another place.
Use zip code 89111 and search lee’s discount liquors.
Good luck

William asks…

How can someone between the ages of 18 and 21 check into a vegas hotel without an accompanying adult?

i’ll be going to las vegas with my friend. we are both aged 19. of course, we would like to be staying in a hotel on the strip unless it is totally out of the question? are there any suggestions as to which hotels in vegas allow people under the age of 21 but above 18 to check in without an accompanying adult? would parental/guardian consent be a feasible solution to my problem?

Administrator answers:

Just have a parent make the reservation for you ahead of time.

Thomas asks…

How many slot machines are in the city of Las Vegas?

There is the bet going on in my business class on which one has more slot machines; The city of Las Vegas or the State of Oklahoma? I got stuck with the assigment of finding out the answer but i simply cannot find any statistics. I was wondering if anyone could answer this question. A reference would be nice if possible.

Administrator answers:

Here are a few more stupid facts
Year first casino was licensed 1931
Current number of licensed gambling places in Las Vegas 1701
Approximate number of Las Vegas city residents 500,000
Approximate number of Clark County residents 1,500,000
Number of slot machines in the city 197,144
Annual visitors to Las Vegas, in millions 36.7
Percentage of visitors from Southern California 25
Percentage of visitors who say they come to Vegas mainly to gamble 5
Percent of visitors who end up gambling during their stay 87
Hours per day average visitor spends gambling 3.9
Annual state gaming revenue, in billions of dollars 9
Percent of Nevada’s general fund fed by gaming-tax revenue 43
Average gambling budget per trip, in dollars 559
Number of people moving to Las Vegas annually 60,000
Average monthly apartment rent, in dollars 631.22
Average price for an acre of land in the Valley, in thousands of dollars 161
Price for a prime acre of land on the Strip, in millions of dollars 11
Number of hotel rooms 124,270
Average number of pillowcases washed daily at MGM Grand 15,000
Average nightly room rate, in dollars 66
Average length of stay, in nights 3.7
Number of conventions hosted annually 3749
Average number of Vegas weddings per day 315
Number of local golf courses 37
Amount in miles of lighted neon tubing on the Strip and Downtown 15,000
Percentage of county’s population over 24 years old with college degree 13.8
Percentage of residents who claim to be religious 82.2
Percentage of population registered to vote 42.2
Percent of Nevada land owned by the federal government 87
Paved roads in Nevada, in miles 5429
Dirt or gravel roads in Nevada, in miles 33,010
Nevada’s population growth since 1990, in percentage 83.3
Nevada’s prison-population growth since 1990, in percentage 100.4
State’s nationwide rank in gold production 1
Cost of Nevada marriage license, in dollars 35
Average cost of filing for divorce in Nevada, in dollars 450

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