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January 16, 2013

Mary asks…

How can I apply for a hotel/restaurant job in Las Vegas?

Me and my husband are planning to move to las vegas in November, He already has an office over there.
I am looking for employment when I get there but all the online application forms obviously all ask for a social security number, which I do not have.
I have 15 years of experience in the hospitality industy and this is what i am looking to do when we get there.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it a case of just waiting till we get there?
Any info would be gratefully received

Administrator answers:

Why don’t you have a social security number? You will need one, (a legal one) to get a job here in Nevada.

William asks…

What advice can you offer on how to make a new year’s eve the best in Las Vegas?

My Girlfriend and I are going to be in Las Vegas from 30th Dec through 6th jan. Although this is not our 1st new year together or trip to vegas it is our 1st new year in Vegas.
Just wondered if anyone had any tips on where to be on the strip at new year. Maybe any other must knows that you can tell us to make sure that this new year is the best.
Where to get a nice meal ( not too Fancy or $$$) on new years day.

Administrator answers:

Good luck on the strip on NY. Like cattle. They close down the strip to traffic around 5PM and you can walk all around the street which feels great .. Then the casinos lock their doors and if you are not a guest at the hotel with a key you can’t get in. Think of using the restrooms after consuming all that liquor. Then as midnight nears the police will push everyone off the street and onto the sidewalks where you will be crammed in like sardines. Hold on to your purse and wallets and don’t be surprised if a drink or two gets spilled all over you. After the fireworks good luck in trying to get off the strip or back to your hotel if staying on the strip. It will take hours to get to where you want after wards.

Some advice … Try the Rio where you can see all the fireworks and not have to deal with the crowds on the strip. There you can have the fun without the hastle.

Ruth asks…

Has anyone used Priceline to book a nice hotel in Las Vegas?

I wanted to book a 5-star hotel in Las Vegas and from what I see most people get the Venetian trying to bid on a price. Is anyone familiar doing this? Also can I book an upgraded room or does priceline only confine to their standard rooms?

Administrator answers:

When I named my own price I went with the option of choosing a two star hotel or better and got placed at Terribles one time, the 2nd a Marriott on Paradise.

So choose a 5 star resort and the strip as your area and name your price your willing to pay per night before taxes. Check around prices and do a 30% discount. Name your price that 30% price off. Original price.

Steven asks…

Has anyone stayed at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas recently?

If you have stayed at the Riviera Hotel recently in Las Vegas, please tell me what to expect. The only reviews I can find are old. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

The Riviera has undergone an extensive rennovation in the last couple of years. Many if not all of the rooms now feature plump duvet type bedding and LCD tvs and new carpet. Most rooms now have clock radios with Ipod docking stations. There is brand new carpet throughout the casino and a really nice new Sportsbook.

Keep in mind it is an older property , so rooms may be smaller than these new suite-type mega hotels. The Riviera is NOT the Bellagio, nor the Wynn, nor the Venetian. However, if you are looking for a smaller atmosphere and less snooty wannabe crowds, the Riviera is a more down to earth place and easier to navigate. It is far from being a dive hotel that some travelers make it out to be.

Ken asks…

Where is the best place to stay in Las Vegas for single people who want to meet & gamble?

Traveling solo to Las Vegas soon, was wondering where the best place/hotel to stay at to find other eligible singles.

Administrator answers:

I’d say The Palms is the hands-down winner. Try ghost bar and rain for nightlife. The clubs are packed with singles having a blast and the gaming is top-notch. Dealers at The Palms are friendly and fun. All in all, it’s a great place to meet other singles and hang out or hook up!!

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